Calm Candy Bath Towel


Calm Candy Bath Towel has many fantastic qualities that ensure it would be a great welcome to your beach memories.
Calm Candy Bath Towel is undyed with a vintage color and cabana strips, it’s light, absorbent and quick dry.

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A very special gift for your loved ones. You can buy your personalized embroidered towel with its own special bag for only 4$ extra.
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    What Materials is The Calm Candy Towel Made Of?

    When purchasing the eco-friendly Calm Candy towel, you can be sure that you are receiving a product that has been made using only recycled materials. With 60% of the bath towel being made from coloured yarn from the leftover materials of around five t-shirts. These products are acquired from reliable sources and customers can be certain that they are receiving only the best material. The remaining 40% of the towel is made from using ten consumed plastic bottles, which are turned into coloured cotton yarn through a recycling process.

    What are The Features of The Calm Candy Towel?

    The following are just a few of the standard features you can expect from your Calm Candy towel.

    • Quick to Dry: The Calm Candy towel is quick to dry, and once it has absorbed the water from your body, it will be back to being dry in around half the time compared to other towel products. There is nothing worse than stepping out of a warm shower only to be met with a towel that is still damp, and with this product, you can be sure this never happens! 
    • Size: The Calm Candy towel is available in one practical size that is perfect for any bathroom space, measuring 100×180 cm. This size is just right to store in your bathroom while still being big enough to cover your body snuggly after taking a bath or shower. 

    How Absorbent is The Calm Candy Towel?

    The Calm Candy towel has been developed with improved absorbency powers, more effectively absorbing water and ensuring that you are dried when using it as quickly as possible! The soft material that the towel is made from has been specifically formulated with suction powers, meaning that water is more easily absorbed off of surfaces! Having a warm and plush sustainable Calm Candy towel to wrap around yourself after stepping out of the bath or shower offers users a luxurious feel and experience.

    In Which Areas Can Calm Candy Towels be Used?

    The recycled Calm Candy towel is ideal for home use and would be a great addition to any bathroom space. This new Green Petition towel has been made with more absorbency power than previous products, as these older models were mostly developed for use when drying off after swimming at the beach or in your pool. With improved-absorbency power, the Calm Candy towel is the epitome of luxury and will give any person who uses it the feel of plush and soft material. When you step out of the bath or shower, there is no better way to dry yourself off than with the Calm Candy towel.

    size Lenght(in.) Width(in.) Lenght(cm.) Width(cm.)
    OVERSIZE 70 40 180 100
    FIT SIZE 56 30 142 76
    LIGHT TOWEL 70 35 180 90

    Additional information

    Weight 400 g
    Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 cm


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