Delmor Ochre Beach Towel


Meet your new generation, 100% recycled Delmor beach towel. Undyed with vintage color and cabana strips, it’s light, absorbent and quick dry.

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    Is The Delmor Ochre Beach Towel Eco-Friendly?

    The Delmor Ochre beach towel has been designed and created using 100% recycled materials and is eco-friendly. We here at Green petition are determined to create a more sustainable future and have dedicated our brand to creating and designing environmentally friendly products. the textile industry is one of the largest contributors to landfills and the clothes that are discarded into these dumpsites have taken a lot of natural resources and energy to make. it is for this reason that 70% of the material used to create the eco-friendly Delmor Ochre beach towel has come from discarded and used t-shirt material. The remaining 30% of the  Delmor Ochre beach towel is made from used plastic bottles that are turned into polyester yarn. The  recycled Delmor Ochre beach towel material is, therefore, an extremely eco-friendly and sustainable material that is helping to save tons of energy! Each of the towels that are designed by us and purchased by you also contributes to saving around 5000 litres of water! 

    What are The Features of The Delmor Ochre Beach Towel?

    • The sustainable Delmor Ochre beach towel is offered in a variety of sizes: The Delmor Ochre beach towel comes in many different sizes, ranging from extra small to 2x extra large. this variety in different sizes ensures that there is an option for just about everyone. The measurements on the sizing chart include chest size, waist size and hips size and the specifications are measured in inches. Be sure to measure yourself or the intended recipient before making a purchase to be sure you are buying a perfectly sized Delmor Ochre beach towel. 
    • It is light in weight: The Delmor Ochre beach towel is lightweight, making it easy to carry around and transport. Long gone are the days of overflowing beach bags and towels piled over shoulders as the lightweight Delmor Ochre beach towel even comes with its own reusable bag! 
    • It is quick to dry: Along with being lightweight, the Delmor Ochre beach towel is also very quick to dry and it takes around half the average time compared to other towels and materials. This quick-dry feature ensures that days spent at the beach and next to the pool do not end with having to lug heavy and damp towels home but rather light and already dried ones! 

    Is The Delmor Ochre Beach Towel a Good Quality Product?

    Yes, the Delmor Ochre beach towel is a product that has been designed using only the highest quality of materials. Just because the products designed and created by Green Petition have been developed using recycled materials does not mean that the quality of the products is ever compromised. 

    Both the design and materials used to make the Delmor Ochre beach towel have been created with quality and long-term use in mind. When purchasing a Green Petition Delmor Ochre beach towel, you can be sure that you are purchasing an item that will be a long-lasting addition to your beach bag.

    size Lenght(in.) Width(in.) Lenght(cm.) Width(cm.)
    OVERSIZE 70 40 180 100
    FIT SIZE 56 30 142 76
    LIGHT TOWEL 70 35 180 90

    Additional information

    Weight 620 g
    Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 cm

    Beige, Capri, Lime, Ochre, Tangerine


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