Ocean Lagoon Aqua Beach Towel


Meet your new generation, 100% recycled Ocean Lagoon Aqua Beach Towel. Undyed with vintage color and cabana strips, it’s light, absorbent and quick dry.

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    The colorful Ocean collection is consciously designed as a beach towel with the most vivid colors of ocean life and nature. Made using only the best recycled materials. As an environmentally friendly and sustainable beach towel, which impresses with its special design details, will make beach activities more enjoyable.

    The beach towel, produced in the dimensions of 100×180 cm (40”x70”), has a weight of 320 gr/m². You can easily carry it anywhere you want with its 100% recycled 35×19 cm special package.

    How is Ocean Beach Towel Produced?

    Sustainability standards have been observed during the production phase of this product, which has a very durable structure. Recycled Ocean beach towels are produced using 10 plastic bottles waste and 5 t-shirt leftover. This product contains 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled plastic. What gives the towel its color is the already dyed waste t-shirts. Thus, there is no need to carry out any dying process during the production phase of this product.

    Each towel in the brand’s collection is produced by saving 5000 liters of clean water. Therefore, it can be said that the product in question is sea-friendly. This towel, which has a very stylish appearance, also stands out with its solid structure. For this reason, it can be used comfortably for a long time.

    Does Ocean Beach Towel Have Water Absorbing Feature?

    The recycled Ocean beach towel offers a very comfortable use. The special and valuable fabric of the towel instantly absorbs and traps the water particles it comes into contact with. Just touch it gently on your skin. In addition, it stands out with its fast drying feature. It dries 50% faster than a traditional beach towel.

    Is Ocean Beach Towel Sand Resistant?

    The two sides of the Ocean beach towel are designed differently from each other. While one side of the towel is resistant to the adhesion of sands, the other side has a soft texture. Its soft texture gives sensitive skin the touch it deserves. In addition, its sand-free surface removes small particles and helps prevent substances from sticking to the skin.

    size Lenght(in.) Width(in.) Lenght(cm.) Width(cm.)
    OVERSIZE 70 40 180 100
    FIT SIZE 56 30 142 76
    LIGHT TOWEL 70 35 180 90

    Additional information

    Weight 620,00 g
    Dimensions 12,00 × 12,00 × 16,00 cm

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