Certified by Green Petition A.Ş. License No:1118994

There are totals of 2048 of this product and It was produced in Bursa-Turkey in MAY 2024 with Order No. 2023-LOT-II Approved by the Global Recycling Standard (GRS) with transaction certificate number CUT-03255786/CUT-03292024




MAY 2024



803208 - RECYCLING FACILITY - Fabrics to Fibers
Location : Corlu – Tekirdag / Turkey.

803208 - YARN MILL - Fibers to Yarn

Location : Corlu – Tekirdag / Turkey.

834514 - APPAREL FACILITY - Yarn to Towels

Location : Demirtas – Bursa / Turkey.


Location : Demirtas – Bursa / Turkey.

Transaction 2 End

Final destination for CUT-02238873

Green Petition Warehouse

100% Recycled Materials for a Sustainable Future

At the heart of our sustainable manufacturing lies the use of 100% recycled materials. We take a bold step by incorporating 70% recycled cotton, sourced from the remnants of five t-shirts, ensuring that no extra chemicals or dyes are introduced during the process. The colors of our products naturally evolve from the hues of the leftover fabrics, resulting in unique, eco-friendly designs.

Undyed and Chemical-Free Products

Our beach towels and peshtemals embrace their natural beauty. By remaining undyed and chemical-free, we let the inherent colors of leftover materials shine through. This commitment not only contributes to the uniqueness of each product but also ensures a chemical-free and environmentally friendly production process.

At Green Petition, we invite you to be a part of a sustainable revolution. Every purchase supports our mission to create a greener, cleaner future. Join us in making a difference—one towel at a time.


Zero Waste Philosophy

To minimize our carbon footprint, Green Petition adopts a zero-waste philosophy. We utilize what is conventionally considered waste as a valuable ingredient in our product manufacturing. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond words, and we take every step with great care to leave minimal environmental impact.

Certified by Global Recycle Standard (GRS)

Our dedication to sustainability is not just a promise; it's a certified commitment. Green Petition is proud to be a Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified company. This international standard validates our adherence to third-party certification for recycled content, chain of custody, environmental practices, and chemical restrictions.

Social and Ecological Responsibility

As a company, we believe in giving back to society and the environment. Green Petition is
proud to donate 10% of its profits to DenizTemiz TURMEPA is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection of marine life and the environment. Committed to promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about the importance of preserving
our oceans, TURMEPA has been at the forefront of environmental initiatives.

Transparent Certification for Your Peace of Mind

We understand the importance of transparency in the production process. Green Petition undergoes regular monitoring, testing for certification, ensuring that our customers have full
access to information about the products they purchase. We are committed to openness and
accountability in every aspect of our business.

Our Facility

Demirtaş Dumlupınar OSB 2. Derman Caddesi, Kasımpatı Sokak No: 25/2A, 16110 Osmangazi/Bursa, Türkiye

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