What Are Peshtemals? 

The Peshtemal originated from the Turkish Hammans over 800 years ago and is now a beloved and world-renowned product that is produced all over the world! These handy and uniquely styled items are similar to towels, but they are generally a lot thinner and tend to dry more quickly compared to other types of towels. The peshtemals are also generally lighter and the ones on offer from Green Petition weigh an astoundingly light 160 grams! The peshtemal is something that can be used as one of your Turkish peshtemal bath towels in a bathroom or even join you as you bask along a sandy coast. The Green Petition peshtemals even come with their own reusable bag to ensure that transporting it is easy and hassle-free!

What Kind of Materials are The Peshtemals Made Of?

The Peshtemal towels are made from a blend of different materials, with 50% being organic cotton and the other 50% being made up of recycled products. This combination of both recycled and new material ensures that each of the customers who purchase a peshtemal from Green Petition is receiving only the best of the best! The blended materials work perfectly together and offer customers a soft type of towel to use at home or even at the beach. 

While organic peshtemal material blend comprises 50% of the peshtemal, the remaining 50% is made up of two different types of recycled products. The first 25% is from using the remaining material that is leftover from one t-shirt. This leftover material is turned into coloured cotton yarn and makes up the vibrant and coloured portion of the peshtemal. We here at Green Petition believe in reusing what has already been made and so the colours that are used in each of the peshtemals on offer have been taken from the colour of the t-shirts. The last 25% of the peshtemal is from three used plastic bottles, which is turned into polyester yarn. The use of these recycled products goes a long way to reducing the amount of textile waste that makes its way to landfills and also saves a ton of freshwater! 

What Are The Benefits of Using Recycled Peshtemals?

When it comes to creating eco-friendly products, Green Petition is a brand that is dedicated to creating a more sustainable tomorrow. The materials, the process and the overall design of each of our peshtemal products have been specially formulated to create an environmentally-friendly product. The benefits of using recycled peshtemals is extraordinary and the textile industry is one that is a large contributor to the filling up of our landfills and uses hundreds of thousands of litres of freshwater throughout the creation process. The energy and raw materials that go into one single item of clothing is astronomical and simply wearing these items and then discarding them a few months later is not good for our planet or for the lives of future generations. This is why using and purchasing recycled peshtemal products is just one way that each of us can contribute to creating a better tomorrow. 

What are The Different Types Of Peshtemals?

The different Turkish peshtemal towel options available for purchase from Green Petition come in a wide variety of different colours. These different colours ensure that each of our customers will be able to find the perfect peshtemal product to suit their own home colour schemes. Each of the Peshtemals is also offered in a variety of different sizes, ranging from extra small to 2x extra large. These different sizes ensure that each one of the Green Petition customers is sure to find the perfect peshtemals to suit their needs and size. The measurements are provided for ones chest size, hip size and waist size to be sure that you are provided with all of the necessary information when making a purchase. 

Peshtemals are very versatile towels and they can be used for a number of different things, from the perfect beach towels to put in your beach bags to a stunning bath towel to place in your bathroom. With a wide range of different colour options to choose from, customers can be sure that they are purchasing a peshtemal that will suit their homes and be in style for years to come. One of the main ideologies surrounding the Green Petition brand is creating items that are designed to last, and this includes the style of the items as well! 

How Much Are The Peshtemals?

If you are in the market to buy a peshtemal, where better to purchase from than a brand like Green Petition? We here at Green Petition believe in designing products that are functional, eco-friendly and best of all, affordable. We try our absolute best to keep the prices of our products as low as possible to ensure that each and every one of our supporters gets the opportunity to enjoy one of the fabulous peshtemals on offer. The prices are offered to our customers in three different currencies; Turkish Lere, British Pounds and American Dollars. These different currencies ensure that you know exactly how much each of the peshtemals is in your own countries currency.