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Do you know that the first peshtemal produced would be 800 years old? In the Turkish hammams built in 13th century, peshtemals were being used. They are still in our lives and quite popular. With their unique composition and structure, traditional peshtemals are your best friends, complementing your relaxing bath experience with its soft to touch texture. Peshtemals are traditionally thinner, softer and lighter than a regular bath towel. They are extremely absorbent and quick dry for perfect functionality. They are also traditionally stylish. Get a beautiful, functional and soft to touch peshtemal and live a perfect bath experience that makes you feel even better.


There are different types of peshtemals. You have some choices, but why not having a recycled and organic blend peshtemal? By purchasing an organic blend, recycled peshtemal you can contribute the efforts to enable our children to feel the sense of bathing with clean water in the future. Reducing the clean water consumption to zero, you can protect our water sources and give back the nature what it gives you in the first hand. A premium quality and sustainably produced peshtemal can simply meet your needs while protecting the future of our planet. Offering you a unique experience of comfort in your bath experience, an organic blend, recycled peshtemal also enables you to dry responsibly!


Peshtemals are stylish and elegant. It is part of their tradition. Years ago, a design and production philosophy based on simplicity created the peshtemals and that is why they are not only the latest fashion products, but timeless as well. This is the secret of simplicity. If the style is as important as function for you, then you should choose an organic blend, recycled peshtemal with a simple, timeless design.

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