We have principles we are committed to keep intact and develop constantly in our process. They simply constitute our design philosophy. Please, have a look at them and share our care about the basics as well as so-called small details.

A principle is etymologically defined as the “origin, source, beginning” as well as the "rule of conduct; axiom, basic assumption; elemental aspect of a craft or discipline".

A set of principles guide one all the way through from the first step to the last. This is why it is important to have principles and to keep them safe and alive on the road. For a responsible and sustainable manufacturing, principles are not only necessary but also indispensable.

Green Petition's recycled towels



Simple with purpose

Indeed, “simple is the best”. The very first aim of the design process is to grasp simplicity. It is hard, though. Adding a purpose to simplicity is what makes this principle to be achieved difficultly. But we can do it. In fact, we did it!

Sustainable with quality

Since both are indispensable for a better future, we had to and did find a way to reconcile the two. We could not sacrifice the one for the other; they have to go hand in hand. In Green Petition, we succeeded it. Proudly.


Aesthetic with functionality

While our simplicity principle is the source of elegant beauty of our products, purpose is the key for the existence of our mission. So, confidently dry yourself with our recycled beach towels and peshtemals.



We don’t waste. You and us, together, we don’t waste! Our products come with their own special reusable bags. Please, use them! They are produced from 100% recycled yarns as well. Recyled with zero waste, undyed without chemicals!


Do you know that we designed our hangtags with an additional function? Bookmarks! You can use our hangtags as bookmarks and participate our zero-waste policy. As Green Petition, we invite you to not only dry but also read responsibly!

FSC CERTIFIED cardboard boxes

FSC Certified

Our hangtags as well as our cardboard boxes used for shipping are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Be sure that they come from responsibly managed forests, protecting the water quality, preventing loss of natural forests and prohibiting any hazardous chemicals.

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