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Eco-friendly towel products are now part of our daily live. We use them frequently both for they are reaching higher quality standards day by day and of course, for a conscious and responsible shopping experience. By choosing a useful and elegant yet sustainable and eco-friendly products, we are trying to give the least damage to our lovely planet in our consumptions.


In Green Petition, this is exactly what we offer to our customers: A perfect experience of drying with our beach and bath towels and peshtemals as well as a responsible, sustainable chain of production and consumption. Only by increasing the use of recycled and organic products, we can achieve to stop climate crisis at our doors. As there are many other risk factors about environment awaiting our children in the future, we must be more and more careful in our consumptions.


Recycling is an important step in our efforts to protect our future and planet. By using the materials traditionally recognized as waste, such as plastic bottles or left-over fabrics, we produce beach and bath towels and peshtemals, and we do not only clean our environment but also turn them into useful products. This is our mission. With our zero-waste policy, we also save thousands of litters of clean water thanks to newly developed, eco-friendly production approaches.


Day by day, we are observing that recycled and eco-friendly products are becoming more and more useful and elegant. In our beach and bath towels and peshtemals, we never compromise both those qualities while offering you a responsible and sustainable purchase. For us, all green products must as high quality and elegant as the others, so you live through a perfect textile experience by making a responsible choice. Following all the novelties in the sector, our aim is to reach you the highest quality and most fashionable towel products while preserving our lovely planet.

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