10 Holiday Routes for Your Nature Vacation

10 Holiday Routes for Your Nature Vacation

Turkey's Hidden Natural Wonders

If you are one of those who dream of having a vacation in touch with nature, you are very lucky. Because in our country, which is almost a corner of paradise with its geographical and historical richness, the number of places to have a nature vacation is quite high. These destinations, which are Turkey's preserved natural wonders, attract local and foreign visitors every year thanks to their fascinating atmosphere. Sometimes the blue embraces the green and sometimes the mountains take your breath away with their majestic structures, nature vacation destinations are priceless pearls of our country. Let's take a look at nature vacation suggestions that you can consider on your next trip.

Milas Lake Bafa

Southeast of the Büyük Menderes river delta, surrounded by the Menteşe Mountains, lies Bafa, the largest lake in the Aegean. The word means "water country" in the ancient language of the region. Lake Bafa, which has a coastal length of 50 kilometers with a deepest point of 21 meters, has the appearance of a small inland sea thanks to the waves hitting the shore. Located in the Söke Plain, this place is rich in archaeological artifacts as well as natural beauties. Monastery and church ruins stand out on 3 tiny islands in the lake. When you come here, you can have a pleasant day by participating in the tours organized by the boats working in dolmus mode.

Faralya Village

Faralya Village, also known as Uzunyurt, is an earthly paradise watching the sea from 440 meters above. You can reach Kabak Bay at the end of a half-hour walk from Faralya, which is 10 km from Ölüdeniz and 25 km from Fethiye. Butterfly Valley, where rare tiger butterflies fly, is also an hour's walk away. There are different accommodation opportunities in this village where tourism is economically important. Here, in addition to tree houses and bungalows, there are also camping areas where you can set up your own tent. History springs from the slopes of Faralya, which leans its back against the red pine forests of Mount Baba. 

Mugla Akyaka

When you descend the winding roads of the Sakartepe pass and reach that dreamy holiday oasis, Akyaka, hidden among the unique bays of the Gulf of Gökova, welcomes you first. Akyaka is one of Turkey's few "cittaslow" calm towns, where boutique hotels built according to traditional architecture offer an exceptional accommodation experience. It is also home to the famous kitesurfing beach, welcoming local and foreign extreme sports enthusiasts almost all year round. One of the natural beauties that Akyaka offers to its visitors is the Azmak River. You can spend a pleasant day by observing the local bird species on the banks of the lush green river passing through this region.

Fethiye Knight Island

Located very close to the mainland in Fethiye, Şövalye Island takes your nature vacation experience to the next level thanks to its beauty and peaceful atmosphere. This hidden paradise, which you can visit by boats departing from Calis Beach in Foça Neighborhood, is also known as the only island with settlements in Fethiye. Named after the brave Knights of Rhodes who lived in the region in the 15th century, the island has historical castle ruins, old cisterns and mosaics. There are also accommodation facilities and restaurants among the 70 buildings clustered on one side of Knight Island. By choosing this tranquil island where there are no motorized vehicles for your nature vacation, you can ensure that your soul rests with your body. On the beaches surrounding the island, you can enjoy the clear waters and the sun to the fullest.

Adrasan Bay

At a point that has been the subject of legends and crowns the beauty of the Mediterranean, Adrasan Bay embraces you with its untouched nature and deep blue sea. Adrasan, which fascinates those who see it with its 2-kilometer coastline at the foot of Mount Musa, is 95 kilometers from Antalya city center. The nature vacation you will spend in Adrasan Bay, which has been under protection for many years as it is a protected area, allows you to have an unforgettable experience. In this fairy tale land, far away from the stress and chaos of city life, you can wake up to the chirping of birds and enjoy swimming in a clear sea.

Marmaris Bördübet

Bördübet bay is home to countless bird species. This location, which harbors many natural beauties, allows you to experience unforgettable moments with your loved ones. As soon as you reach Bördübet, where you will witness the love of green and blue, you will find yourself among the singing birds accompanied by a sparkling sea, pine trees and clean air. In Bördübet, which resembles a small rainforest, you have a good chance of encountering wild animals such as rabbits, squirrels and foxes. Here, the sea runs deep into the forest through a 600-meter-long canal. The dense pine forests keep Bördübet quite cool even in summer. 

Kabak Bay

One of the centers of attraction on the Lycian Way, Kabak Bay's landscape surrounded by hillsides is breathtaking. At the end of the canyon-like valley in this region, which has a rare geological structure, there is a beach where you can enjoy the trio of nature, hammock and sea. Surrounded by high rocks, rivers and the sea, many endemic plant and animal species live in this region. At a height of 300 meters, waterfalls formed by cascading springs offer a fascinating view to those who watch. By following the world-famous Lycian route here, you can take plenty of walks under the local carob, juniper, sandalwood and pine trees. From time to time, you can also add a little sense of adventure to your walk by climbing the rocks.

Yazılı Canyon

Yazılı Canyon, located 20 km away from Isparta's Sütçüler district, covers an area of 600 hectares. In this region, which stands out as an excellent alternative to sea, sand and sun holidays, it is a unique experience to explore the canyon descending 400 meters into the heart of nature. On the side walls of this geographical structure are Byzantine altars, places of worship and inscriptions. Declared in 1989 as a nature park, the valley's wildlife and rich vegetation are a sight to behold. Yazılı Canyon, through which the historical King's Road passes, has archaeological ruins as well as recreational areas. At the entrance of this geographical structure, there are giant rock blocks and the Göksu Stream flowing along the walking path. 

Gideros Bay

When you arrive in Cide, at the western end of Kastamonu, you are mesmerized by the postcard-perfect view of Gideros on the shores of the Black Sea. The name of this bay comes from Kytoros, which belonged to the Genoese who once lived here. There are still Genoese cannons in Gideros, where it is said that pirates used to hide in the past. Gideros Bay, which has a rare beauty, can be visited by people who want to spend a quiet, calm and nature-free vacation. In the bay, where there are many different accommodation options, you can spend your time swimming in the cool waters of the Black Sea or taking boat trips. On the other hand, you can also taste the famous Kastamonu flavors and unique dishes made with fresh fish in local restaurants.

Keep in Mind When Going on a Nature Vacation

A vacation in nature allows you to leave all the stress of everyday life behind and relax. For this reason, the less you take with you on your trip, the better. This way, you can spend all your time exploring the surrounding beauty and witnessing the beauty of nature. In addition, you can take your camera with you to immortalize the unique beauty and memories of the scenic holiday destinations. If you plan to take long walks, you may also want to consider outdoor clothing and shoes that are sweat-proof, easy to carry and functional. Since you will probably spend time in the summer and outdoors, taking a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen with you will make your time much more comfortable. You can have a unique experience by going on a nature vacation.

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