What Are the Most Essential Materials for Cleaning?

What Are the Most Essential Materials for Cleaning?

One of the unchanging routines in every home is cleaning. Today's brands have created a separate cleaning product for almost every area and item. But there are also basic materials that never change. If you do not choose the right cleaning materials, cleaning tricks will not be efficient enough. The list of the most basic cleaning supplies that you can add according to your needs can be shaped as follows:


Cleaning anywhere, no matter how rough or detailed, is unthinkable without a cloth. Microfiber cloth is one of the most efficient types of cloth for cleaning. You may prefer a separate cloth for glass surfaces.
Bleach: When you think of cleaning, bleach comes to mind before normal water. Since it is a powerful and effective material, it is possible to see bleach in the leading role of all kinds of cleaning. However, you should be very careful when using it.

Vileda & Mop:

To complete floor cleaning easily and effectively, you need to use a vileda or mop. You should be sensitive when choosing this cleaning tool, which is also popularly called "mop". You should be sure of the cleaning power of the cloth part.

Multipurpose Cleaning Detergent:

Also known as general cleaning detergent or surface cleaner, you can clean almost anywhere with this liquid material. Multi-purpose types that can be used on floors, countertops, sinks, glass, stoves and many other places are advantageous. If you wish, you can buy a separate cleaning product for each of these surfaces and perform a more precise cleaning.

Oil, Lime, Rust Remover:

Oil accumulated around the stove, lime accumulated around the faucet and rust on metal objects are difficult to clean with normal detergents. You need to use chemical-containing materials for these. You can consider single or multi-functional alternatives such as grease remover, lime and rust remover.

How Should I Plan Before Starting Cleaning?

As in every job, planning in cleaning facilitates your progress, increases your efficiency and speeds you up. This is why planning comes first in cleaning tips. In the first stage of the plan, you should try to create the largest possible space for yourself. You can go through the items in the house and sell the ones you haven't used in the last year, give them to those in need or store them somewhere. Once you have gotten rid of redundant items, you should also gather decorative objects such as vases and trinkets in a safe place. You can also throw the covers, curtains, duvet covers and quilts on your tables and coffee tables into the washing machine to create space for yourself and start cleaning from the laundry. Removing carpets is also one of the cleaning tips for the floor.

One of the cleaning tips in the planning process is to create a room-by-room cleaning plan and a list of needs. It is more efficient to do these two tasks at the same time. You should take a pen and paper with you, visit the rooms one by one and think about how you will proceed in each room. While planning, you should ask yourself questions like "How is the easiest way to clean this room?". At this point, the missing materials will also come to your mind, so you can write them on your list without forgetting. Then you should quickly pick up the missing materials. You should also remember to order the rooms in your planning. You should think well about where to start and where to finish.

One of the cleaning tips is to leave places that get dirty very quickly, such as the bathroom, for last. Thus, the detailed cleaning you will do becomes easier in the light of practical information.

What are the Tips You Need for Deep Corner House Cleaning?

Even if you clean your home regularly, there may be some points that you cannot always reach. However, if you have routines such as "holiday cleaning" or "spring cleaning", you need to clean from corner to corner. At this point, you should know the cleaning facilities and do not miss cleaning tips. So, how to do deep corner house cleaning?

How to Clean the Built-in Oven and Cooktop?

The built-in oven and hob get dirty quickly due to the accumulation of grease and this dirt is extremely stubborn. You can use a degreaser during the cleaning process, but it is also possible to prepare your own detergent without getting involved in chemicals. Making a mixture at home is one of the most useful cleaning tips given by experienced women. The ingredients you need for the built-in oven and hob are baking soda, vinegar and warm water. Mix these ingredients, put them in a spray bottle and spray the areas where grease has accumulated. In a short time, the fat layers soften and you can easily clean them.

How to Have Hygienic Worktops


The worktop is one of the most active areas of a kitchen. Therefore, it should always remain hygienic. The materials you can use to clean your countertop are most likely available in your home. Combine white vinegar, olive oil and water, spray it on the counter and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. After this process, which is one of the cleaning tips for the countertop, your countertop will both look clean and hygienic.

How Can You Remove Limescale from Shower Heads?

Even the cleanest tap water will have some limescale in it. This lime shows itself in a short time, especially on shower heads that are used intensively. The limescale creates a dirty appearance and the function of the shower head is lost. Cleaning tips for shower heads are not without vinegar. To solve this problem, fill a bag with vinegar and wrap it around the shower head. After 1 hour, your shower head will be as good as new. You can also use this method on fountains.

What are the Cleaning Methods for Sparkling Bathtubs?

Bathtubs lose their sparkle because they are constantly damp and exposed to chalky water. One of the easy cleaning tips for bathtubs is to use powdered laundry detergent. Although there are various cleaning products that can be used for this area, the most practical one is powdered laundry detergent. If you sprinkle some powdered detergent on the stained areas, rub and then rinse, your bathtub will regain its shine.

What Can You Do to Maintain the Hygiene of Your Pillows?

Even if you use your pillows with covers, you can see that they turn yellow over time. You can prepare a special mixture of cleaning materials at home for this situation, which can cause hygiene problems. Mix half a cup of borax, one cup of bleach, one cup each of washing machine powder and dishwasher powder and add hot water. With these cleaning tips, she'll always have hygienic pillows.

How to Make Cabinet Cleaning Easier?

One of the most surprising practical cleaning tips is that vegetable oil can also be used as a cleaning agent. One of the most effective mixtures that can be used for cabinet cleaning consists of vegetable oil and powdered laundry detergent. Mix 1 spoon of oil and 2 spoons of detergent, rub this mixture on the surface of the cabinet. Use a small brush, such as a toothbrush, to scrub the surface and then wipe off the residue with a cloth.

What's the Easy Way to Get Rid of Stinky Towels?

Towels are constantly getting wet due to their function. When a fabric that can hold water stays wet, it creates a stench. For this reason, you can get stench even from your cleanest towels. Mix half a glass of water with three glasses of vinegar and put it in the microwave. Add baking soda to the heated mixture for about a minute and let it melt. Thanks to this miraculous mixture, you can get rid of the stench on your towels.

What Can You Do To Make Your Windows Like Mirrors?

To achieve mirror-like windows, you must first choose your cloth correctly. Microfiber cloths that absorb liquid, do not scratch the glass and do not leave lint are ideal for this job. But you can also use newspaper sheets as a glass cloth in emergencies. If you don't get the desired performance from glass wiping detergents, try alternatives such as Arabic soap or dishwashing detergent. These materials, which provide deep cleaning due to their structure, can make your windows shine like a mirror.

How to Keep Your Drains Smelling Fresh?

Drains are a constant passageway for debris and sewage. No matter how clean you keep the area around the drain, you can't stop the odor coming from deep inside the pipe. For this, you should take another look at the drain cleaning tips. Sink opener products clean the drain pipes, but they may not perform as well as you expect in terms of odor. What you need to do is sprinkle some baking soda in the drain and pour half a tea glass of vinegar on it. The baking soda interacts with the vinegar and swells. After a few minutes, pour boiling water down the drain and both the pipes will be cleaned and the bad odors will disappear. You can do the same with lemon juice and baking soda.

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