10 Ideas You Can Make With Recycling

10 Ideas You Can Make With Recycling

What are some easy recycling ideas you can do at home?

There is a lot we can do before our world turns into a giant pile of garbage. The first way to stop these ever-increasing piles is to recycle so as not to produce waste. Take a look again at all the items you use and think their life is over. In fact, they don't want to leave their warm homes either. Because there are many more uses for them! At this point, you can create spaces where you can utilize any item or consumer product before throwing it away. Do you know that even a toilet paper roll can be used thousands of times thanks to recycling ideas? If you are wondering what can be made from recycling, it is time to unleash your creativity! Actually, we have been doing this since school life. Many people have had a technology and design course in primary and secondary school. Go back a bit and revive your creative ideas. This creativity and love of nature is exactly what we need right now. Because by minimizing the amount of waste from your home, you can save money while protecting the earth. To answer the question of what can be made from recycling, we have found practical recycling ideas that we think you will be interested in.


Storage for Legumes and Spices

Storing legumes and spices is not always easy. Legumes in particular, with their many varieties and different sizes, may not be suitable for every container and storage style. However, you can find recycling ideas to solve this problem. Instead of buying separate containers for all the legumes and spices, you can use leftover tomato paste jars. Moreover, glass jars extend the shelf life of foods by preventing them from getting air. At the same time, legumes that do not come into contact with plastic storage containers preserve their nutritional value and health. Glass jars have an important place among recycling ideas. Because these products can be used thousands of times for every desired area. Thanks to the hygienic and healthy structure of glass, it is enough to find a suitable usage area after cleaning. You can use large tomato paste jars for legumes and small pickle jars for spices. You can also store root spices in mini sauce jars to prevent them from drying out. 

Recycled Flower Pots

Houseplants are an extremely effective and lovely way to live sustainably. But before turning your home into a flower garden, you need to prepare the environment. How? Of course, we're not talking about buying new vases and pots. If you are wondering what can be recycled for flowers, don't throw the finished drink bottles in the trash! Because these materials, which are extremely difficult to decompose in nature, can turn into cute flower pots at home. You only need to cut the bottom part of the bottle to make a 15-20 cm high flower pot. Then you can paint and decorate them as you wish and plant your flowers in these handmade pots.

Cup Candles

Kitchens produce bags of garbage every day. But don't you think there are pieces in this garbage that can be used again and again? Especially the cups that end up in the trash because their sets are broken or their patterns are damaged! Porcelain cups, which are very popular among kitchen recycling ideas, can complement the decoration in many areas of the house. Yes, these products can be very useful not only for drinking, but also for decorating and even lighting the home. If you like rustic or English decorating styles, you can use recycling ideas to decorate your home. In particular, you can use classic style cups with lots of patterns as candle holders. You can even have a lot of fun by making the candle yourself. All you need is beeswax, wick, dye, essential oil and a small sauce pan. After melting the wax in the saucepan, you can mix it with some dye and oil and pour it into the cup where you placed the wick. After a short time, your cup candle will be frozen and ready to use. You can even use leftover candles that do not burn instead of beeswax.

Tin Pencil Holders

If you are wondering what can be made from recycling, we have a new storage and storage idea for you. Do you know that you can turn tin cans of tomato paste and canned food into long-lasting household items? Moreover, it is extremely easy to make. You just need to carefully remove the lid of the can and paint and decorate the can as you wish. You can even use patterned tapes, straw ropes, pompom ribbons. After making a design that reflects your style, you can use it as a pencil holder on your desk. You can also design a spoon holder by decorating a few tins in the same way and mounting them together. We have no doubt that you will enjoy this design work!

Baskets from Old Suitcases

Is it time to say goodbye to your suitcase, your most faithful companion on long journeys with you? Don't make a hasty decision. Because we have found some very stylish recycling ideas that can be made from suitcases. Instead of throwing away your old suitcase, especially the hard ones, you can prepare a magnificent pavilion for your pawed friend. All you need to do is to separate one half of the suitcase and attach four furniture legs to the outside of the other half. Then place a soft cushion and a blanket inside to create a new living space for your pet. 

Furniture Designs from Crates

Beverage and vegetable crates have been used in many areas other than their intended use since the past. If you are wondering what can be made from recycling, you can give up buying new furniture after visualizing it in your mind. Because wooden furniture, which is indispensable for bohemian and rustic style, can also be made at home with these crates. Crates, which are an important material for wood recycling ideas, can be used as a trinket basket by attaching a few wheels. At the same time, a few crates can be haphazardly mounted together and turned into a stylish bookcase. In the same way, you can also use it as a coffee table by attaching wheels to several crates mounted together with the open parts facing to the side.

Lanterns from tin cans

Tin cans are often used for recycling ideas. These durable wastes, which are often preferred for storage and storage, can even be turned into a stylish garden or balcony lantern. And these lanterns are as fun as they are easy to make! Simply smooth the edges of the cans and decorate them by painting them as you wish. Then you need to cut a small hole in one side to thread a string through. Simply hang the can on a small nail and place a candle inside. You can even make a few more of these small and cute lanterns to create a peaceful balcony decoration.

Lighting with Glass Bottles

The simplest answer to the question of what can be made from recycling is reusable glass bottles and jars. In fact, these products, which are kept in many homes in case they are needed, can turn into a stylish and useful accessory. Glass and lighting, which are indispensable for rustic and industrial decoration, come together with these bottles. You can use them in the most beautiful corner of your home by placing LED lamps or candles of appropriate sizes inside the glass bottles you have accumulated. You can even turn them into a chandelier by placing them on an iron frame. 

Recycling Ideas with Tree Branches

Tree branches are a must-have material for creative recycling ideas. Because your shopping route for these fun ideas is a peaceful nature walk. Glue thick dry branches of equal size vertically side by side and place a round glass on top. Now you have a stylish and elegant coffee table like no other! You can also create a natural and unique photo corner by haphazardly connecting the ends of these branches with wicker ropes.

Bookshelf made from old cardboard boxes

One of the simplest answers to the question of what can be made from recycling is to make use of ready-made cardboard boxes. Because these products are suitable options for creating storage spaces with their inherent hard and smooth structure. In particular, you can design a modern bookcase by stacking the cardboard packaging of the products you buy instead of throwing them away.

Organizer from Toilet Paper Rolls

If you are looking for recycling ideas that can be done at home, you can review the most used and renewed products. For example, how about recycling toilet paper rolls instead of throwing them away? Moreover, these recycling ideas can turn into a family activity that is as fun as it is easy. Because the rolls can be used to make fun puppets for the kids, as well as an organizer to collect junk. Simply glue the rolls together on their sides and place them in a suitable drawer or box. In this way, you can store your cables without getting tangled.

Coasters from Buttons

Clothes have the shortest lifespan and wear out the fastest. But instead of throwing them away, you can use them to make bags or organizers. How about turning their buttons into fun coasters? If you're looking for creative recycling ideas, think twice before throwing away your colored drops! Because you can design a unique coaster by gluing buttons onto a small round cardboard with silicone.

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