10 Sustainable Gift Suggestions for Your Lover

Sustainable Gift Suggestions for Your Loved Ones

Spoiling our loved ones is always exciting, deciding what he/she needs and surprising them with the perfect gift is always a joyful and sometimes even fun experience. As the gift-giving industry grows, with Birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Christmas always a time for celebration and presents, it is still important to think about the environment. Purchasing gifts from brands that create environmentally friendly products is the best way to ensure that you can gift your loved ones with the most thoughtful presents, while still thinking about the sustainability of the planet. There are tons of amazing gifts from brands that work hard to create products that do not negatively impact the environment. 

The gift-giving industry has thrived on the idea of giving for the sake of it, when a birthday comes around we are often left scratching our head and just buying the first items that we see from any one of the larger chain stores. Sustainable gift-giving is becoming the way of the future and there are a lot of different options and types of products that can be purchased for your loved ones. The following are just a few ideas that you could use to buy your loved one the most thoughtful sustainable gift! 

Bamboo Products


Bamboo Products

Bamboo products are becoming very popular and they are a great sustainable gift to buy! One bamboo product in particular that has grown in popularity is bamboo straws. These beautiful reusable straws take away the need to use disposable straws, which are incredibly bad for the environment and they are a great gift to give. Many brands are now selling bamboo straws, some even offering personalised names and messages on them. Many of these gifts also come with a nifty and stylish straw holder that can be placed in a handbag! 

Seed Pen

Seed pens are a great sustainable gift to give friends or family members! Made from recycled paper, the pen is fully functioning, working similar to any other type of pen product. Once the pen has been used up, it can then be planted in soil to grow a tree! Made from recycled products and with the chance to grow a new tree, this is a fantastic sustainable gift to consider purchasing! 

Sustainable Clothing

The fast fashion industry is a well-known contributor to landfills, with tons of clothing being discarded into these rubbish dumps each and every year. Instead of buying your loved ones a gift from a fast fashion brand, purchase something made sustainably. Sustainable clothing brands offer clothing that is not just made through sustainable processes and using sustainable material, but they also create things that are going to stand the test of time and be beautiful for years to come. When it comes to buying sustainable gifts for her, clothing is very often the best way to go and with tons of different brands joining the sustainable fashion movement, you will be surer to find the perfect gift! 

Solar-Powered Power bank

A solar-powered power bank is able to charge a number of different items without any electricity or even a battery, all it needs is a couple of hours in the sun and it can charge anything from your phone to even your laptop! These power banks are incredibly useful, and if you have a brother, boyfriend or even father who enjoys spending time outdoors, this may be the perfect sustainable present to gift them with! 

Tote Bag


Tote Bag

Tote bags can reduce the number of plastic bags that are purchased from shops and they offer a stylish alternative to many other plastic products! many sustainable brands have taken to producing these kinds of gifts, and there are also a wide variety of different styles that could be chosen to personalise the gift. Tote bags offer a sustainable gift that 

House Plants


House Plants

I think we all know a friend or have a family member that is obsessed with house plants, and they make a great sustainable gift for just about any person! House plants can range in size and there are many different types, from ones that need nurture and care for the more experienced house plant owners to those who perhaps would like a plant that does not need a lot of TLC and attention. House plants are a great sustainable gift to give friends and loved ones and the wide variety of different types of house plants ensures that there is something for just about everyone! 

Thermos for Coffee Lovers


Thermos for Coffee Lovers

Disposable coffees cups are very detrimental to the environment and a lot of energy is lost in making these items and consumption levels of these items are high. Every time you go to a coffee store and buy a disposable cup, you are contributing to the increasing levels of rubbish that land up in landfills, so one of the best ways to avoid this is through using a thermos! Thermos coffee cups are a great sustainable gift to give to family members and friends who enjoy indulging in a couple of coffees a day. 

Glass Pipette Sets

If you have friends or family in the science sector, gifting them with a set of glass pipettes could be the perfect present! Glass pipettes are glass tubes that are used to transfer liquids precisely. These kinds of sets come in various shapes and sizes, and some can even be personalised to suit your needs. Whether you are gifting an aspiring scientist or are hoping to find the perfect unique present to give your partner, a glass pipette set is a great sustainable gift to purchase for a loved one. 

Recycled Products


Recycled Products

If you do not have an exact idea of something that could be gifted to a friend or family member, purchasing anything that has been made using recycled products would be a good way to ensure you find the perfect gift while still remaining eco-friendly. There are many different kinds of recycled products, ranging from bath towels to stuffed animals, and there is sure to be an item that is perfect for your friends or family. 

What Should Be Considered When Buying Sustainable Gifts?

There are many different kinds of sustainable gifts out there and as brands become more aware of their impact on the environment, sustainable products are becoming more and more popular. While you are purchasing sustainable gifts it is still important to consider the person that you are buying for and only purchase an item that you are certain they need and will use. One of the biggest issues with receiving gifts is that often people do not use them and discard them without even trying them out. Make sure that the gifts you are purchasing have been done so with thought and intent to ensure that they are products that will be used by your friends and family for years to come. 

Another thing to consider when purchasing sustainable gifts is that you should also try to buy from smaller brands. This is a great way to support the growing industry and targeting smaller and unique stores that sell handmade and sustainable items is an amazing and far more thoughtful gift to give as opposed to going to the nearest chain store and purchasing any old item. 

Why Buying Sustainable Gifts Can Make a Difference

The gift-giving industry is one that has previously thrived on a fast-paced ideology, with less expensive gifts made from low-quality materials being the source for the majority of products sold. As the world changes and sustainability becomes a concept that industries are trying to implement within their products, supporting the brands and businesses that are trying to make the necessary changes can really make a difference. If we continue to support industries and businesses that do not abide by sustainable and eco-friendly practices, many brands may not be incentivised to make the necessary changes to move towards a more sustainable production process. 

By purchasing gifts that are sustainable and produced by brands that are trying their best to become more environmentally friendly, we can help to take a stand and force businesses to change the way they function. If everyone did this, large corporations would be forced to implement more sustainable practices and those brands that do make these changes would thrive. Although buying sustainable gifts may not seem like something that can make a world of difference, it really can help to improve the future of the planet and ensure that the resources we have today will be available for the generations to come! 

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