15 Little-Known European Cities You Can Visit Without Getting Lost In The Crowds

15 Little-Known European Cities You Can Visit Without Getting Lost In The Crowds

15 Little-Known European Cities You Can Visit Without Getting Lost in The Crowds

Everyone dreams of being able to experience the perfect European getaway and find the perfect European cities to enjoy, from the shores of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea to the peaks of the highest mountains, there is so much to do and see on this expansive and breathtaking continent! Many who want to experience a stunning European city vacation want to do so without the hustle and bustle of crowded streets and packed restaurants, hoping to enjoy the more traditional and quieter side of this beautiful region. The following are 15 European cities that you can visit without having to contend with hundreds of thousands of other tourists! 

Arnarstapi and Hellnar, Iceland

If you are looking for a small and quiet region to enjoy when visiting Iceland, the small fishing villages of Arnarstapi and Hellnar offer a small-town charm while still providing many different things to do and see! Arnarstapi sits at the foot of Mt. Stapafell while Hellnar is another village that is located a bit further away meaning that there are many different hiking spots and small villages to explore when venturing to this region. These beautiful and picturesque villages have locals that welcome visitors and show them the way of life within these smaller northern regions, and you may even be lucky enough to enjoy some traditional food, and even learn how the locals prepare it! If you are looking to avoid crowded European cities in the hopes of enjoying something that is smaller, quieter and far less crowded, then the villages of Arnarstapi and Hellnar may be the perfect vacation destination for you! 

Sperlonga, Italy

Sperlonga, Italy

The Italian coast has so much to offer, and many travellers venture to this beautiful region to enjoy the peace and serenity that can be found in the smaller towns compared to larger European cities. Sperlonga is a beautiful coastal town sitting on one of the most idyllic landscapes, with the vibrant blue water and hilly mountainside where you will find the main buildings of this quiet town. Due to its size and the distance from other Italian cities, Sperlonga is a European city that is often overlooked when travellers are looking for the perfect holiday destination. It is therefore a quieter spot to enjoy and many families and couples enjoy getting away from the thick of the city to enjoy a few quiet days exploring this beautiful town and the coast that it sits on! 

Folegandros, Greece

Greece is one of the top destinations and is filled with tons of different European cities and islands that are simply breathtaking. One of the smaller islands in Greece is Folegandros and it forms the southern part of the region. With spectacular beaches, a typical and traditional Greek town that is free for tourists to explore, it is a great place to come if you are looking to escape the crowds that often accompany the larger European cities in the summertime! The small island has many similarities to Santorini and is located a bit further North, between Santorini and Paros. This beautiful island offers traditional Greek charm and with the surface area being only 32 square kilometres, you will be able to explore and experience the entire island, minus the crowds that are often seen in other regions of Greece! 

Clonakilty, Ireland

Clonakilty, Ireland

The small town of Clonakilty is a town that is located in County Cork in Ireland and it offers tons for travellers to do and experience. With the limited size of the town and its location being a bit more off the Grid than other European cities, there are barely any tourists within the small town, ensuring that you can enjoy all the sights and experiences without hoards of crowds! Located near to the ocean, this town offers travellers the chance to enjoy the Irish countryside while also enjoying a stroll or two along the beautiful beaches! 

Kladská, Czech Republic

Located in the densely forested region in the Czech Republic is the small and beautiful town of Kladská. If you are hoping to find one of the most beautiful European cities, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature, then Kladská may be the perfect holiday destination for you to enjoy! With many different trails and regions to explore, the small town is popular with locals and is considered to be one of the most beautiful hidden gems of the Czech republic! Because of its size, there are not many people that can visit at one time, ensuring that there are no crowds at any point in the year, leaving you and your family, friends or loved ones to enjoy the beauty of the forest! 

Marvão, Portugal

Marvão, Portugal

With a population of around 3000 people living in this beautiful small town, Marvão, Portugal offers spectacular sights and crowdless fun that you can enjoy! The small town looks and feels as if you have taken a step back in time and the beauty of the old-world architecture is truly a marvel all on its own! 

Koguva, Estonia

If you are looking to enjoy an ancient village that has been around for centuries, then Koguva, Estonia is the place for you! This famous fishing village has a museum that outlines the history of this beautiful place and the small village is definitely worth exploring, you may even be able to pick up a souvenir or two! While the town is small, the true beauty is found in the natural surroundings and the beautiful views of the oceans and surrounding forests make this spot one to add to your bucket list if you are looking for small European cities! Due to its size, you are sure to be one of only a few tourists visiting the region! 

Lastovo, Croatia

If you are looking to explore the beautiful country of Croatia, but are hoping to enjoy a summer vacation that is free of crowds, you will definitely want to venture to one of the least known European cities, Lastovo! This tiny slice of paradise is very traditional, with no sandy beaches, only one hotel and day trips are hard because a ferry takes around three hours from the major port cities. The beauty of this region and the fact that there are no crowds, even during the peak summer months, make this one of the most beautiful European cities to visit if you are wanting to escape the crowds and enjoy an idyllic retreat! The beautiful ocean and different hiking trails ensure that there is tons to do and see when visiting this idyllic town! 

The Faroe Islands

If you are into sustainable development, then you will be happy to hear that this small island nation off the coast of Denmark creates nearly 50% of the total power used through sustainable methods! Along with being able to explore and experience how they are able to so effectively use sustainable sources to power their town, the beauty of these islands is not rivalled with many other places! The rolling green hills and majestic cliffs offer up amazing hiking opportunities for travellers to enjoy while they are visiting these islands. To enjoy one of the least known European cities, be sure to include a trip to the spectacular Faroe Islands! 

Viscri, Romania

If you are a person with an interest in history and the folktales about Transylvania, then you will have to be sure to plan a trip to the beautiful town of Viscri. This village reflects old-world Transylvania, with small houses, cobblestone streets and animals walking through the roads. There are many historic places that travellers can visit and explore when in Viscri, some of which have been around for hundreds of years! The rolling green hills surrounding the town can also be explored, ensuring that there are many different areas to explore. When it comes to small European cities with a bit of history and unique flair, Viscri is one of our top destinations! 

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor is a beautiful city in Montenegro that sits on the idyllic coastline of the country. The charming oceanfront town is complete with winding old streets, beautifully coloured and traditional homes and a spectacular view of the crystal clear water. With stunning views as far as the eye can see and many different things to do and see, it's not hard to see why Kotor is considered one of the most beautiful European cities! Due to the size of the town, the capacity for visitors is low and many do not venture all the way out to this town for a day trip. This makes it the perfect Montengeran town to explore and visit if you are looking for a summertime paradise without the hassle of dealing with the crowds! 

Lavenham, England

The stunning and idyllic Mediaeval village of Lavenham in England offers travellers the chance to enjoy a typically British town. The beautiful homes look as if you have taken a step back in time to mediaeval days and the traditional elements within this town are a wonder to explore. When it comes to small European cities where you can enjoy a more traditional experience, Lavenham offers it all! For those Harry Potter fans, you will be interested to know that the streets of this small town were used from scenes in the movies as Godric's Hollow! 

Fontainebleau, France

When it comes to European cities that are smaller and less crowded, Fontainebleau in France is right up there on the list! This beautiful spot offers a bit of Parisian flair without having to contend with hundreds of thousands of visitors! With vivid historical castles and different monuments littered throughout the town, there are many different things that travellers can look forward to if they decide to visit! With beautiful surroundings and opulence that is not usually seen within smaller towns, it is no wonder why this is considered to be one of the most beautiful European cities for travellers who are looking to escape the crowds! 

Appenzell, Switzerland

Appenzell, Switzerland

Sitting below the spectacular Alpstein mountains is one of the most breathtaking European cities! Appenzell offers many of the same things that you would expect to find in a traditional Swiss town, from the beautiful architecture to magnificent views of the green surroundings! Whether you are looking to venture to the region in winter and enjoy the chance to test your skiing and snowboarding skills or are looking for an adventurous hike up the mountain during the warmer months, there are tons of things to do and see when visiting Appenzell! 

Cuenca, Spain

Cuenca is a beautiful Spanish town that is located in the mountains of east-central Spain. When it comes to beautiful European cities, Cuenca really is one of the most spectacular! The mediaeval buildings and historic town streets make it a beautiful spot to visit and explore! This town is most well known for the buildings that look as if they have been built into the cliff, seeming to defy gravity by staying up! This mixed in with the old Spanish charm of the centre of the town ensures that it is a beloved destination for those hoping for a less crowded spot to spend their holiday! 

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