What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion refers to the process of changing the way that the fashion industry works, normalising processes that reduce the number of materials made from new natural resources and making the way that new materials are made more ecological. The fashion industry is one that has contributed greatly to the increasing need for landfill and natural resources. The entire industry currently works around the idea of wearing what is currently in style and then discarding it for a new type of fashion as soon as the season is done. Sustainable fashion involves recreating this notion of one season wear and also changing the types of materials that are used to create and design fashion items. Moving the industry towards being more environmentally friendly reduces the amount of waste produced and decreases the rate at which landfills are filled. Though landfills are a large contributor to why the fast fashion industry is detrimental to the environment, there are many other factors that are also affected through these processes, and the use of excessive amounts of water and natural resources is another that is determinantal to the environment. 

What Is the Purpose of Sustainable Fashion?

The purpose of sustainable fashion is to change the way the industry thinks about the materials used to produce the clothes, handbags and other items that we purchase from fashion brands and businesses and always look at improving the way that things are made. By changing the way that these items are produced and the materials that are used to produce them, we can make a big difference in the way that the industry works. As one of the leading contributors to landfills, sustainable fashion is a way that we can greatly reduce our own carbon footprints and the emissions that land up in landfills. 

Landfills are one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, with gasses like methane being released from these landfills, leading to an increase in global warming. Sustainable fashion meaning concentrates on developing ways that we can help to reduce the amount of clothing that lands up in landfills and also decrease the number of natural resources that are used to create these products. Through sustainable fashion processes, we can create a far better and more sustainable future for the next generation! 

Why Is Sustainable Fashion Important


Why Is Sustainable Fashion Important?

Sustainable fashion facts prove that the fashion industry is a leading contributor to global warming and the increasing of harmful gasses that are released into the atmosphere. Along with producing a number of harmful gasses that are released into the air, polluting the environment and increasing the rate of global warming, it takes a lot of natural energy and resources to constantly create new clothing. The amount of water that is used to create new items is astronomical, with hundreds of thousands of litres of fresh water being used every day to produce new fashion items. Sustainable fashion is incredibly important as it can help to reduce the number of emissions that are released into the air, help to reduce the amount of waste that lands up in landfills and decrease the natural resources need in this production process. An increase in sustainable fashion trends can lead to a decrease in sustainable waste production, which ultimately can help to make a better and happier tomorrow for future generations. 

Ecological Dimension of the Fashion Industry


Ecological Dimension of the Fashion Industry

The effects that the fashion industry has on the environment are monumental. By introducing an ecological purpose to this broad industry, ecologists can help to reduce the effects in a number of different ways. Through the production of fewer resources, less use of water and fewer items to fill up landfills, the industry can work to become a zero-waste platform from which other brands and businesses can follow on. The ecological dimensions of the fashion industry and the direct correlation that it has on the negative impacts on the environment should not be underestimated. Contributions and changes made will directly influence the environment and help to make sure that there is a better tomorrow for the future generations to come. 

What Are Some Ways to Add Sustainable Fashion to Our Lives?

Check What Materials Your Purchased Product Contains

Check What Materials Your Purchased Product Contains

Though there are many different types of materials that can be reduced and reused to create new things, some materials are not able to be recycled using standard processes. When purchasing new items from a store, it is important that you check exactly what materials the item is made from as this will provide you with the knowledge you need to correctly recycle the material after you no longer wear it. 

Buy Less and Better


Buy Less and Better

Fast fashion is an industry that has unfortunately grown over the years as expensive items become more and more unattainable for the less wealthy. By making a concerted effort to buy fewer items that are of higher quality, ones that you will be able to wear for much longer, you are helping to reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills. This process also works to reduce the amount of natrual resources needed to create clothing, with fewer things needing to be produced.

Invest in Sustainable Brands

Brands that are working towards creating a more sustainable future are who we should be supporting and buying from. This not only impacts our own footprint but it can go a long way in making a statement to brands who do not follow ecological practices in designing sustainable fashion. If enough people go against the grain and only support the brands that produce sustainable fashion items, those brands and businesses that don’t will be forced to do the same. By making a small change in who we support and buy from, we can make a big difference! 


What are the Examples of Sustainable Fashion Concepts of Brands?

A brand that has identified a niche in the sustainable fashion market and implemented ways to reduce the number of emissions and natural resources used are us here at Green Petition! We are a brand that has put a focus on identifying elements within the fashion industry that need to change and have created a production process that highlights these factors! Not only do we include recycled materials in each and every one of our products and designed packaging that can be resued, but we have also made a concerted effort to decrease the amount of water that is used in the production of these products. 

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Our Commitment to Sustainability and Green Living. This is not only about us. This is about all of us, about our responsibility towards the planet. As to our part, we simply produce beach towels and peshtemals. This is what we do. For you to DRY RESPONSIBLY! Our commitment is to produce the highest quality and elegant beach towels and peshtemals with the least possible damage our planet. From the very first beginning of our supply process to packaging and post-purchase services, we work hard to ensure an eco-friendly and smooth experience for you. We know that it is not easy but necessary!

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