Black Sea Travel Guide

Black Sea Travel Guide

What Do We Need to Know Before Going on a Green Paradise Black Sea Cruise?

The Black Sea is one of the richest regions of our country in terms of places to visit . This location, which contains almost all shades of green, is divided into three parts. The Western, Central and Eastern Black Sea Regions have rare beauties that compete with each other. For example, spots such as Rize and Artvin stand out with their world-famous plateaus, while the Western Black Sea Region is famous for its long beaches.

There is some information you need to know before traveling to the Black Sea Region, one of the most beautiful spots of our country. The first of this information is the places to visit in the region. But beforehand, you need to decide which method you will prefer for transportation during your travel.

While this location, surrounded by high mountains, brings beautiful views to holiday lovers, it raises some questions about transportation. For this reason, the places to visit on the Black Sea tour require preliminary research in terms of transportation.

What Should We Pay Attention to During a Black Sea Trip?

The Black Sea Region is very rich in terms of places to visit. Region; It is home to many natural beauties , from busy streets to high plateaus, from sweet lakes to waterfalls. The most important point to consider before going on holiday in this geography is the preparation of your luggage.

You can start preparing your suitcase by reading the tips that will save your life when traveling . Every traveler wants to find the products he needs during his trip at hand. For this reason, it is necessary to choose appropriate clothes, shoes, towels and swimsuits for the places to visit in the Black Sea. High-top shoes, especially suitable for plateau trips and nature walks, save lives. These products, whose soles are non-slip and have high grip, prevent wrist accidents.

When preparing a trip plan in the Black Sea, it should not be forgotten that there is sea in the region. Although the summer season is not as long as the Mediterranean, the Black Sea coast also hosts sea lovers during the hot seasons. Therefore, you must have a swimsuit and towel with you. Green Petition offers products in line with the spirit of the Black Sea with its range of recycled, nature-friendly towels.

Which Period of the Year Is the Most Preferred Black Sea Cruise?

Although the list of places to visit in the Black Sea is long , it is necessary to choose the right time for these trips. The region, which is a frequent destination for nature lovers with its unique climate characteristics, reveals magnificent beauties in spring and summer. Magnificent views await you in the region where the rains continue in small amounts, nature awakens and beautiful plants bloom.

You can take a city tour in the spring, while the weather is not yet warm. Visiting different architectural structures and tasting local dishes in restaurants will be the beginning of a comfortable holiday, without encountering problems such as sweating or feeling cold. On the other hand, the temperature of the Black Sea rises during the summer months. Thus, you have the opportunity to enjoy the sea, sand and sun .

What are the activities that can be done during a Black Sea cruise?

In this section of our article, we have compiled the activities missed by those who have not yet taken a Black Sea tour. There are many interesting activities you can do when you step into the region with a comprehensive program.

Black Sea; Since it is a region with high mountains, deep valleys and springs, the activities to be held here vary according to geographical shapes. It is possible to try many sports among the sea, mountains and forests. You can create unforgettable memories with these events that appeal especially to adventurous spirits. If you are ready, let's move on to the first activity!



When the Black Sea is mentioned, one of the first sports that comes to mind is rafting. An experience where you will feel the excitement to the fullest awaits you in the crystal clear waters descending from high mountains to deep valleys . Rafting is an activity that attracts holiday lovers and is enjoyed by everyone from 7 to 70. Flowing over the water safely with durable equipment gives participants an indescribable excitement.

There are many rafting spots in the Black Sea, where mountains and streams are abundant. But the most popular rafting establishments are gathered in the Eastern Black Sea foothills. Many businesses that provide this pleasure to travelers by providing reliable equipment support host visitors without harming the nature of the region.


One of the popular spots in Turkey for paragliding is the Black Sea Region. Especially Trabzon Uzungöl is one of the places to visit in the Black Sea region. The region is an area that takes paragliding pleasure to its peak. It becomes the center of attention of local and foreign tourists with its breathtaking view and lush green forests .

This activity, which lasts approximately 20 minutes and has an altitude of 750 meters, allows you to see the beauties that will be engraved in your memory from above. At the end of the parachute flights, which are usually held in the morning, landings are made at the lakeside. Apart from this point, certain points in Ordu and the Western Black Sea Region are also suitable for parachutes.



While talking about places to visit in the Black Sea, it is necessary to mention the opportunity to do ziplining. After enjoying the abundant oxygen in the magnificent plateaus, it is possible to take a bird's eye view of the view by soaring like an eagle from high points. Zipline, one of the most exciting activities to do on a Black Sea trip, is performed with the help of durable ropes. You can discover the beauties of the region by sliding on the steel ropes stretched from a high point to a low point . The Black Sea hosts many beauties waiting to be touched in terms of places to visit. Features: Zipline points in Rize are among these beauties.



Nature sports in the Black Sea are famous not only in our country but also in the world. After sports such as zipline and paragliding, trekking is another activity done in the region. Trekking tours are carried out in almost every part of the Black Sea. Especially in regions where plateaus are abundant, trekking tours are a must to meet the magnificent beauties.

When places to visit in the Black Sea region are listed, plateaus and mountain foothills stand out. You can take a magnificent nature walk, enjoying the greenery, at the foothills of the Northern Anatolian Mountains, which have an important place in the geography of the region.

Jeep Safari

When talking about places to visit in the Black Sea, it is impossible not to mention jeep safari tours. Safari, one of the most entertaining activities organized in the region, offers a brand new experience to nature sports enthusiasts  You can explore the mountains and valleys with jeep safari or ATV tours.

It is recommended that individuals who go to the Black Sea go on safari to enjoy the endless greenery using different routes. Additionally, excellent photos and videos can be taken during this adventurous activity. Many individuals who participate in the safari event discover the Black Sea culture more closely among the greenery.


One of the indispensable elements of Black Sea activities is canoeing. This event, which takes place especially in the Eastern Black Sea region, is held in the lakes of Artvin, which is considered a hidden treasure . Artvin, which is among the frequent destinations of nature lovers, attracts attention with its lakes protected as a national park. You can create unforgettable memories by canoeing in the region, which is a natural wonder with its vegetation and magnificent view.


Since the Black Sea region is rich in places to visit, it is also a favorite of camping enthusiasts. Moreover, it is possible to camp at almost every point in the region. While the beauty of the sea on the coast and the greenery of the mountains in the interior fascinate people, it is not difficult to find a suitable place for camping. Thousands of areas can be used for camping, from deep forests to river banks, from warm beaches to plateau hills . In particular, individuals who are environmentally sensitive and want to spend time in nature can choose this magnificent region for camping. A sheltered tent and a few items will be enough to relax and have fun.

Off Roading

While talking about places to visit in the Black Sea provinces, offroad activities should also be mentioned. Offroad cup races held every year are held not only in one province of the region but in many cities. Offroad tournaments, one leg of which is held in Trabzon and the other leg in Ordu, spread to every corner of the region. Offroad cup events organized by municipalities make a big impact in our country and around the world. Many individuals who go to the Black Sea to travel and have fun should definitely try offroad activities.

What are the places you would not want to erase from your memory during your Black Sea trip?

The Black Sea region makes a name for itself not only with its nature sports but also with its places to visit. Its climate characteristics and historical riches make the Black Sea Region a cultural mosaic . It is possible to find traces of different religions in the region, from Christianity to Islam. In addition, natural formations and landforms top the list of places to visit in the Black Sea.

In this part of our article, we have compiled the main places to visit in the region for those who want to make their Black Sea trip unforgettable. However, this natural wonder region, which combines green and blue, is worth visiting with almost every inch of its land.

Black Sea Plateaus

The Black Sea is famous for its plateaus as well as the places to visit on the coast. Moreover, the Black Sea plateaus spread to almost every part of the region, from east to west. The Black Sea plateaus are visited to fill your lungs with clean air and to see thousands of different plant species . It is possible to stay in the Black Sea plateaus for days with comfortable shoes, appropriate clothes and camping equipment. While the plateaus take away the stress of the city with their natural beauty, they delight the palate with their organic dishes.


Sümela Monastery

Sumela Monastery is at the top of the list of places to visit in the Black Sea. The building, also known as the Virgin Mary Monastery, is located in the Maçka district of Trabzon. Located within the borders of Altındere Village, the monastery was built on the steep cliffs of Karadağ overlooking the valley. This monastery, popularly known as the Virgin Mary, is approximately 300 meters high. The narrow and long stairs that take guests to the monastery open the doors to a magnificent view. Additionally, this Greek Orthodox monastery is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Tentative List .


This castle is at the 3rd place on the list of places to visit in the Black Sea. Zilkale is located within the borders of Çamlıhemşin district of Rize. The exact construction date of this building is unknown. The castle, thought to be built in the 14th or 15th century, was used until the end of the 1800s. Rising among the magnificent mountains of the Black Sea, Zilkale consists of 8 bastions and a watchtower. This fascinating structure is considered a first degree archaeological site.

The real name of this unique castle, whose view is like a postcard, is Zirkale. The historical structure, which shows that the region is a cultural mosaic, went through a comprehensive restoration process between 2008 and 2010. Zilkale, which increased its touristic appeal after this process, also hosts different artistic events.

Palovit Waterfall

One of the first locations that comes to mind when talking about the Black Sea is Palovit Waterfall. This magnificent structure is located within the Kaçkar Mountains National Park . The waterfall located in Rize, one of the cities with the highest flow rate in the Eastern Black Sea Region, hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. This natural structure, which comes to mind when it comes to places to visit in the Black Sea, refreshes the heart with its cool waters. This waterfall, flowing through dense forests, flows towards the stream bed from a height of approximately 15 meters.

Palovit Waterfall, which can be viewed from high points on rocky areas, reaches Zilkale by crossing the Stone Kemer Bridge. Palovit Waterfall flows by digging into the valley with its powerful waters. Then, it merges with Meşe Creek and is added to Fırtına Creek. There are many areas for picnics and camping on the road to Palovit Waterfall . It is necessary to stay with warm clothes, especially in this region where the nights are cold.


Borcka Karagöl

Borçka Karagöl is a magnificent lake formed by a landslide on a hill within the borders of Artvin. It is ideal for camping tourism with its rich plant diversity and forests . Borçka Karagöl is also used as a recreation area by the local people. The location, which contains every shade of green, is called a nature park. Located 27 kilometers away from the town center, Borçka Karagöl offers magnificent views to its visitors with the reflection of the surrounding trees on the water. You can add this region to the top of your list of places to visit in the Black Sea region, especially to spend time alone with nature, take magnificent photographs and enjoy nature. The region offers a unique opportunity to relax, away from the stress of daily life.

Fırtına deresi

Storm Creek

Fırtına Creek, one of the most aesthetic rivers of the Black Sea Region, flows into the Black Sea 2 kilometers west of Rize Ardeşen. The stream, which is approximately 68 kilometers long, passes through unique tea gardens. This natural wonder, known for its aesthetic arched bridges, also has tracks suitable for rafting. Moreover, the water is as rich inside as it is outside. Knowing this, nature lovers engage in sport angling in the river . Fırtına Creek, like other unique spots of the Black Sea, hosts thousands of tourists every year. As its name suggests, the region manages to be the center of rafting sport, where excitement and action are experienced at its peak.

Karaca Cave

Karaca cave is located in the Torul district of Gümüşhane, in the inner parts of the Black Sea Region . Gümüşhane, which has no coast to the sea, has an important place in the list of places to visit in the Black Sea. It is possible to see stalactites, stalagmites, drip stone shapes, columns, cave pearls and travertine steps inside the cave. It is known that this natural wonder cave has an atmosphere that is good for various respiratory diseases, especially asthma. Karaca Cave is approximately 17 kilometers away from the city center and is an easy point to reach. The cave, which is 1550 meters above sea level, was found by local residents in 1983. Then, it was opened to tourism as of 1996. Offering rare beauties in the world , Karaca Cave awaits its visitors with its surrounding recreational facilities.

Double Bridge

Double Bridge is one of the most interesting structures on the list of places to visit in the Black Sea. These bridges, located in the Arhavi district of Artvin, consist of two adjacent arches. Çifte Köprü is located on the Kamilet and Durğuna rivers. As a result of archaeological research, it was revealed that the bridge was built in the 18th century. There is no writing or sign on the bridges indicating their construction time.

These bridges over flowing rivers are positioned perpendicular to each other. The Double Bridge, which was restored and opened to tourism in 2002, is only suitable for pedestrian use. Çifte Köprü and the location around it are ideal especially for individuals who want to camp. In addition, the area around the bridge has magnificent views that would make magazine covers stand out. 

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