Britain Travel Guide

Britain Travel Guide

Where to Go When You Travel to Britain?

Britain is a beautiful and expansive country, with many different regions and places suited to a wide variety of holidaymakers who venture out to this beautiful region! When you travel to Britain, it is important to consider which regions you want to travel to and see as this can make or break the type of holiday and experiences you have. The following are just a few of the different regions to consider seeing when you travel to Britain.


As one of the most renowned and stunning cities in the world, London is a prime destination to consider visiting for a lot of holidaymakers! With stunning city views, lots of attractions, and many different pubs and restaurants to visit, there are many reasons why London should definitely be a location to visit when in Britain! If you are a lover of history and museums, there are tons of different spots that you can plan to see and visit when in this city as well as many natural wonders to see! Whether you are travelling on your own or are venturing to this city with your family, London should definitely be considered a prime spot to visit when you travel to Britain!



Edinburg is another fantastic spot to consider visiting when planning a trip to Britain, and the beautiful old town and new town will have you gazing in wonder! The beautiful architecture in and around this beautiful city is a wonder to behold, and the sprawling university grounds are another thing that should not be missed out on when venturing to this part of the world. The winding old streets and cosy small pubs and restaurants provide an old-world charm that is rarely seen anywhere else in the world! When you travel to Britain, Edinburgh is a definite must-visit city!



Manchester is a spectacular city to visit when in Britain, and the youthful charm and exciting nightlife and restaurant scene make it one of the best spots to visit! Along with exciting nightlife, there are tons of different museums that outline the history of this region, and as it was one of the centre cities when it came to industrialization, you will be enthralled by all of the exciting things that this beautiful city has to offer! Another exciting thing to do when in Manchester is visit the famous Football club, and whether you are a fan or not of the team, it is still an exciting activity to visit the grounds and the museum, and who knows, maybe a visit will inspire you to follow the team!



Known to be Scotland’s cultural capital, travelling to Glasgow can be a fun and exciting experience! When you travel to Britain and want the full experience of seeing and doing a few of the most exciting things, Glasgow has many different activities and sights that are definitely worth visiting! The gallery of modern art in Glasgow is one of the most visited museums in Scotland and it is a great place to visit if you are travelling on your own or with friends. As a hip and modern region, with lots of students living in and around the city, it has a fun and vibrant nightlife scene to suit any kind of traveller and whether you are looking for a night out on the town or drinks after dinner, you are sure to have a great time!



Belfast is a city that effortlessly combines old with new, with stunning restaurants and trendy neighbourhoods gently mixing with the brilliant traditional architecture! With so many different places and monuments to visit and different sightseeing opportunities littered throughout the city, Belfast is quickly becoming a vacation destination for those who travel to Britain!

What is The Climate and Weather of Britain?

Britain is known to be a country with cold and rainy weather throughout most of the year, so you should plan to experience these types of weather conditions when visiting this country. Using a Britain travel guide to identify the best sorts of attractions and the best time of year to visit and see these different places will ensure that you have planned the best kinds of activities for the type of weather during this time.

What is The Hottest /Coldest Month in Britain?

Britain is a country in the Northern hemisphere and therefore they experience their winter months in November, December and January while the summer months are around June, July and August. Britain is a country that is known for its notoriously cold winters, and if you visit over this period you will more than likely get to see lots of snow in and around the various cities. The coldest month to visit this country is usually February, though both January and December are known for their bitingly cold conditions. If you are after a white Christmas, Britain would definitely be the place to visit over this time! If you are hoping to visit this country in the warmth of summer, the best time to visit is during July, when the hottest temperatures are recorded. No matter what you are hoping to do and see, when you travel to Britain, be sure to do some research on the best time of year for you to do and see everything on your itinerary!

What are The Top Things to Do When You Travel to Britain?

When travelling to Britain, you may be interested in knowing what the best kinds of attractions to ensure you see are! The following is a short list and brief description of some of the best attractions to ensure you see when you travel to Britain!


London Eye

If you are looking for the opportunity to see and experience central London from the sky, the London Eye is one of the best experiences around! Those who travel to Britain and go one a ride on this Ferris wheel will have 360-degree views of central London, allowing you to see the city in a new and exciting way! Whether you are visiting in summer or in winter, a trip on the London Eye is a fantastic way to see more of the city in a short amount of time and it is a fun ride for you, your family or your friends to enjoy!



As one of the greatest mysteries of the world, a visit to the mythical Stonehenge is a great way to experience one of the wonders of the world and see a bit of the English countryside! The symmetry of the rocks and their design has been one of the wonders of the world for centuries since no one knows when or how the rocks were put into their seemingly symmetry lines. Venturing down to Stonehenge and seeing these formations for yourself would be a great adventure to enjoy when you travel to Britain!


Westminster Abbey

As a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most visited monuments in the country, when you travel to Britain you should definitely include a stop at Westminster Abbey! The mediaeval and gothic style church is spectacular to behold, and the beautiful architecture is sure to make your jaw drop in amazement. Not only is the church still an active place of worship but the museum holds many different artefacts that have been collected over hundreds of years. When you travel to Britain, be sure that you include a stop at Westminster Abbey on your itinerary!


Big Ben

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site to be sure that you see when you travel to Britain is Big Ben. The massive clock tower has been an important symbol for the monarchy since it was first rung in 1859, and the people of London would sync their clocks and watches according to it. The beautiful tall structure is definitely a spot that should be visited when you travel to Britain!


Buckingham Palace

One of the most famous attractions in not just Britain, but all of Europe, is Buckingham Palace! As monarchs are not a common ruling system in the world, travellers are often fascinated by the grandeur of the palace and the history that it holds! The spectacular grounds and beautiful architecture are a wonder to enjoy, with many travelling from all over the world just to get a peek into the life of the famous royal family! Who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to spot the queen?

How Many Days in Britain is Enough?

Britain is a large country that has tons of different things that you can do and see when visiting, so it is therefore important to consider the length of your stay! How long you decide to stay may depend on a few different factors, like the number of different cities that you want to see and the attractions that you are looking to visit! It is recommended that you carve out at least three days to spend in the bigger cities and one day for those smaller different towns that you are hoping to visit! Spending enough time in a city or town is important, and creating a plan on the different things that you want to see and deciding on when you want to see them will help you to better plan your vacation!

What do You need to Know About Britain Before You Go?

Britain is a large country with many different cities, towns and sights that you may be hoping to see. With so much to do, before leaving for your trip it is always a good idea to create a holiday plan that will ensure you do not leave a city or area without having seen and done all that you wanted to! Being organised is a big part of planning any sort of holiday or vacation, and the last thing you want is to return home without having seen and done all that you wanted to. Creating a holiday plan that outlines what you are going to do and see When you travel to Britain is a great way to ensure that you see and experience everything that you wanted to while on holiday in this beautiful country!

Sustainable Tourism in Britain

When it comes to sustainable tourism when you travel to Britain, it is important that you are aware of britain travel rules and england travel guidelines. This country has been dedicated to making travel and tourism within cities all over the region more sustainable and green to ensure that the different sites and prominent locations will be popular places to visit for years to come! Sustainability and sustainable product development within the travel and tourism sector have aimed to reach a zero-carbon initiative by 2050, ensuring that travel within the country is as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. When you travel to Britain, try and take public transport like trains or buses as these are fun and more ecological and easy to venture around the city!

What are The Most Famous Local Foods to Try When You Travel to Britain?

Travelling to a new country is fun for a lot of reasons, you get to see and experience new things, meet new kinds of people and try lots of new and interesting foods! The food culture in Britain is one that draws in thousands of people each and every year, and it is important that you know a few of the best traditional dishes that you should try! One of the most common and probably the most famous dishes to try when in Britain is Fish and chips! The crispy battered fish and fried chips have been a staple of British food culture for years, and enduring one of these dishes at any of the local pubs around Britain is a must-do when visiting this country!

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