Canakkale Travel Guide

Canakkale Travel Guide

Çanakkale promises a unique experience for everyone with its natural beauties and rich cultural heritage. Hosting important studies in the field of sustainable tourism, Çanakkale is one of the favorite destinations for nature lovers. It offers unforgettable views to its guests as it has managed to preserve its cultural heritage and natural beauties. Thanks to the special geography of the city, you can take a unique journey in time by visiting the historical monuments in the region while having a sea, sand and sun holiday. Smelling full of history, Çanakkale is a unique city where you can accumulate unforgettable memories.

Thanks to its mild climate and favorable geographical conditions, Çanakkale offers countless activities for people. You can go sightseeing here and choose from various activity options, especially diving and windsurfing. Çanakkale also manages to appeal to different palates with its rich cuisine. The local delicacies you can experience during your trip make it possible to have a feast. The easy accessibility of the region ensures that thousands of local and foreign tourists visit Çanakkale every year. The well-developed urban transportation network allows you to reach everywhere you want to see in a short time.

What Are the Places You Must See in Çanakkale?

Before you set your travel route to Çanakkale, let us tell you that there are many places you can include in your travel plan. The city's rich history and magnificent geography allow you to have a cultural vacation in touch with nature. The cultural heritage of the region fascinates vacationers who visit the city. There are many interesting places to visit and see in the city. These points help you gain a rich cultural experience. By reviewing the travel tips we have prepared for you, you can prepare to have a fascinating experience with the natural and historical beauties of Çanakkale.

aynalı çarşı

Aynalı Bazaar

One of your first stops after arriving in Çanakkale should be Aynalı Bazaar. Aynalı Bazaar, which is located in the city center and has become the symbol of the city, has even found its place in folk songs. This place ranks first on the list of places to visit in Çanakkale. Built in 1890, the bazaar was destroyed during World War One and was not used for a long time. In 1967, it was restored and gained its present appearance.

There is no clear information about why the name of the bazaar is "mirrored". Some say that the name of this spot is Aynalı Bazaar because horse glasses called mirrors were sold in the bazaar in the past. Others point to the presence of mirrors on both sides at the entrance of the bazaar as the source of the name. This miniature bazaar, a place reeking of history, is frequently visited during touristic trips. The area consisting of shops selling souvenirs is a place worth seeing.


Among the places to visit in the center of Çanakkale, Kordon is located after the Aynalı Bazaar. Since the bazaar and this place are very close to each other, you can easily visit both places. After Aynalı Bazaar, you can go to Kordon and take a walk along the road. While walking along the coastline, you can breathe in the fragrant smell of the sea and relax. Kordon, which is different in spring and summer, fascinates vacationers.

During your walk, you will come across dozens of cafes and restaurants along the coastline. You can relax by sitting in a place of your choice and enjoy the magnificent view of Gallipoli. Kordon is one of the unique locations you can choose to watch the sunset. Instead of cafes and restaurants, you can sit on the benches on the coastline and witness the beauties of Çanakkale up close.


Dardanelles Martyrs' Monument

Among the places to visit in Çanakkale is of course the Martyrs' Monument. Built in memory of 253,000 Turkish soldiers who lost their lives in World War I, the monument is a symbol of the epic. This monument, which is a 40 - 45 meter high monument at the junction of the Aegean Sea and Marmara Sea, was built at the request of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk himself. The Dardanelles Martyrs' Monument was built in such a way that everyone passing through the Bosphorus can see it.

Sitting on four large columns, the monument symbolizes the solid foundations on which the Turkish nation stands. When the monument is viewed from a distance, the letter "M" of the word Mehmetçik can be seen. The ceiling of the monument is decorated with the Turkish flag in mosaic style. The Martyrs' Monument, which has a great historical value, is one of the first places to visit in Çanakkale. Every year on March 18, it attracts great attention from visitors who want to commemorate their ancestors with gratitude.

Seyit Corporal Monument

Seyit Onbaşı Monument, thanks to its cultural meaning, manages to print its name on the list of places to visit in Çanakkale. It is located in Rumeli Mecidiye Bastion. It was built to commemorate Seyit Onbaşı, who heroically resisted the allied armada trying to reach Istanbul by crossing the Bosphorus. With the help of Ali from Niğdeli, Koca Seyit carried a 276 kg shell on his back, fired it 3 times and hit the battleship Ocean by targeting the ship's steering gear. This move influenced the fate of the war. The monument in the name of Seyit Onbaşı symbolizes the gratitude to him and all the Mehmetçiks.

Çanakkale is a city that has witnessed how Turkey defended its lands. In this sense, the value of the city is quite great. Çanakkale is a great choice if you want to see cultural and historical values up close. If you like historical excursions, you can also visit Parion Ancient City, which is among the places to visit in Çanakkale Biga.

What Are the Must-Do Activities in Canakkale?

There are many different activity options you can do to make the most of your days in Çanakkale. Çanakkale, which has been home to different civilizations from 3000 BC to the present day, offers numerous activities with its natural beauties as well as its cultural heritage. Trekking, windsurfing, boat tours and festivals are just a few of these activities. You should definitely try to plan your Çanakkale vacation with your family, loved ones or alone for at least a few days. In this way, you can visit the places to visit in Çanakkale and do the unique activities of the region.

Most of the places to visit in Çanakkale Assos consist of magnificent bays and beaches. The region is especially ideal for those who are new to scuba diving. There is a school in the district where you can take diving lessons. Daily dives are organized here. Assos is extremely suitable for diving. You can spend a unique day by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the region. Places to visit and activities to do in Çanakkale are not limited to this. You can find some of the activities you should definitely do while you are in the city below.

See the Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse symbolizes a legendary story dating back 3200 years, born in Troy, a city near the Dardanelles. This war, mentioned by Homer in the Iliad Epic, is known as the first clash between East and West and brings with it many rumors. The Trojan Horse, which has an important place in Greek mythology, is among the critical elements of a great story.

The city of Troy, which was besieged by the Achaeans for 9 years, was conquered thanks to the idea of Odysseus, a commander famous for his intelligence. The Trojan Horse is extremely important for this story of conquest. Odysseus built a very large horse and hid his strongest soldiers inside this structure. The rest of the soldiers pretend to retreat that day. Only one soldier remains on the horse. The Trojans take the horse inside and talk to the soldier. The Achaean soldier makes hateful remarks against the commander and says that Athena supports the Trojans. The Trojans, confident of victory, get drunk that night and the soldiers get off the horse and capture the city.

The Trojan Horse, the only living symbol of this story that is the subject of movies, awaits its visitors in Çanakkale. The Trojan Horse, one of the most popular tourist destinations, is perfect for those who enjoy mythological legends and cultural travel. Located in Morabbin Park in the center of Çanakkale, you should definitely see this structure while visiting the city.

Tasting at Suvla Winery

The factory, also known as Suvla Winery, has been open to visitors since 2009. The facility started production in 2009 with the restoration and transformation of an old textile factory. This factory, which is among the places to visit in Çanakkale, serves in Eceabat. It is a modern winery that produces in a large and closed area. It is also known as an oil mill with a natural products processing center and a traditional stone mill. The aim is to produce the best and highest quality wine possible. The factory utilizes the latest technological developments and works hard to produce chateau quality wine.

Suvla Wine Factory is not only a place where production takes place. There is also a concept store here. Therefore, you can visit the factory's store and buy any of the wines produced with great care. It is also possible to have a tasting before buying wine. You can take a short break in Suvla Wine Factory and sit in the restaurant here. During your break, you can spend pleasant hours by drinking any of the carefully served wines.

How can you get to Çanakkale?

Çanakkale, the subject of legends, has an important place for tourism with its historical texture and unique nature. You can follow the traces of civilizations before Christ, as well as have a wonderful sea, sand and sun holiday here. People who want to spend their holidays in Çanakkale may also wonder how to get here. Whether you are coming from near or far, there are multiple options you can choose to reach Çanakkale. You can choose the one that best suits you and your budget among these options.

Thanks to Çanakkale Airport located in the city, you can choose air transportation with peace of mind. Since this type of transportation offers a short journey, visitors who do not want to compromise on their comfort can go to the airport in their city and board the Çanakkale flight. It is also possible to reach the region by bus or private vehicle. Your transportation process also varies depending on the city you come from. For example; Someone who wants to come to Çanakkale from Istanbul can choose sea buses. You can reach Çanakkale by taking one of the sea buses operating between Yenikapı and Bandırma. Those who will come to the city from the European Side of Istanbul by private vehicle can reach Gelibolu and Eceabat by using the Tekirdağ road. Those who want to come to Çanakkale from the Anatolian Side of Istanbul can follow the route of Izmit, Bursa and Bandırma.

There are ferry and motorboat options for holidaymakers coming from Gallipoli. You can go to Lapseki and Çardak by taking a ferry from Gallipoli. You can also cross the Bosphorus via Eceabat by taking a ferry. Another alternative is to go further south and go to Kilitbahir. You can use the vehicles here and come directly to the center of Çanakkale.

To reach Çanakkale, holidaymakers from Izmir should set out from Menemen and proceed in the direction of Aliağa and Dikili. After arriving in Ayvalık, heading towards Edremit; It should pass through Akçay, Altınoluk, Ayvacık and Ezine regions. After Ezine, it is possible to reach the center of Çanakkale. People from Ankara should reach Bandırma by following Eskişehir and Bursa highways. These people can reach the city after following the Lapseki route.

How can you get around within Çanakkale?

Holidaymakers who learn the places to visit in Çanakkale and create their routes may think that they will have problems with urban transportation. However, since Çanakkale is an active region, it is also highly developed in terms of urban transportation. There are minibuses and buses that provide urban public transportation in Çanakkale. These public transportation vehicles are charged with transportation cards. The places to visit in the city are not too far from each other. The region has many transportation lines that make sightseeing easy. If you need to change lines for a place you need to go to by bus, you can also benefit from transfer discounts.

You can easily reach bus and minibus stops from almost anywhere in the city. The frequency of trips of these vehicles is determined as every 15 minutes on average. Since urban transportation is extremely active, you can get anywhere you want to go quickly. It is possible to go to places to visit in Çanakkale effortlessly by using public transportation. As an alternative to municipal buses and minibuses, you can also choose taxis for urban transportation.

What to Eat in Çanakkale?

Çanakkale has favorable lands and a historical past dating back to before Christ. This temperate region, which has hosted many civilizations, is also very rich in cuisine thanks to all these features. Thanks to the city's location on the coastline, seafood dishes come to the fore at this point. In addition to seafood, appetizers and light meals also add color to the regional cuisine. We can list the foods you should definitely try when you go to Çanakkale as follows:

Ezine Cheese: Ezine cheese, whose fame has spread beyond the city and become an important flavor of Turkish cuisine, is a food that you should definitely experience on site. The cheese obtained by combining goat, cow and sheep milk has a unique consistency.

Cheese Halva: Standing out among the riches of Çanakkale cuisine, cheese halva is one of the foods you should definitely try. It is a dessert usually eaten on the spot in the streets of Çanakkale. If you wish, you can have this food packaged and take it home and to your loved ones.

Oğmaç Soup: This local delicacy, which is indispensable for the winter months, has a traditional recipe. It stands out with its satisfying and beneficial structure. On top of the soup cooked in a very short time; Add black pepper, chili pepper and dried mint. This food, which you can always find in soup shops, has become synonymous with the region.

Tumbi: Tumbi, which impresses with its practical preparation, is among the appetizer flavors of Çanakkale. Made with eggplant, tomato, göce and parsley, tumbi is an indispensable dish at tea time.

Metez: Found in the cuisine of many regions, metez is made with cheese instead of minced meat in Çanakkale. It has a unique taste among pastry foods.

Salted Sardine: Known for being a challenging dish, salted sardine is one of the flavors you should definitely experience in Çanakkale. This food, which attracts attention with its unique cooking technique, is made by keeping sardines in salt for weeks.

Black-Eyed Pea Meatballs: Black-eyed pea meatballs, which resemble pancakes in appearance, are one of the wonderful flavors of Çanakkale. This meatball is extremely rich in greens; It is obtained by blending black-eyed peas, tomatoes, eggs, flour, onion and some special spices. You can often come across this food in places to visit in Çanakkale.

You can take into account the suggestions we have shared to have a pleasant dinner with your loved ones. It is possible to taste the local dishes of the region both at the tourist spots in the districts and in the city center. While visiting the places to visit in Çanakkale, you can take a break from your trip in restaurants and eateries and experience the special tastes of the city.


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