Climate Crisis: We Are All In The Same Boat

Climate Crisis: We Are All In The Same Boat

Climate Crisis: We Are All In The Same Boat

What is the Climate Crisis?

Global warming and climate change is inducing severe and detrimental effects, with the earth slowly becoming hotter as the ozone layer depletion leads to higher amounts of radiation being let through the atmosphere. The definition of the climate crisis refers to the

 severe effects that this ozone depletion has on the natural environment, as ecosystems change at a rapid and never seen before rate. The meaning of the climate crisis and the effects that this disaster will have on future generations is unprecedented, as this has never been experienced before. With increases in the production of greenhouse gasses, the gasses that lead to ozone depletion, climate change is happening faster than ever, and with no change, the planet will continue to heat up at unprecedented rates. 

What are the Causes of the Climate Crisis


What are the Causes of the Climate Crisis?

There are many causes that have led to an increase in climate change, though one of the most well-known reasons for these changes is greenhouse gasses. There are many different ways that greenhouse gasses are created and emitted, some of which occur naturally. The excessive burning of fossil fuels, increased number of livestock and the removal of trees are leading greenhouse gasses to accumulate to levels that have never been seen before, causing an excessive amount of heat to be trapped within the atmosphere. Without adapting the way that we produce energy, food and materials, the climate will continue to change, with the excessive heating up of the earth’s surface an inevitable result.  

What are the Effects of the Climate Crisis?

The climate crisis is caused due to a large number of greenhouse gasses being emitted into the air, destroying the ozone layer that protects us from large amounts of UV and sunlight from entering the atmosphere. The greenhouse gasses emitted stop heat from being released out into space, effectively trapping it and causing temperatures to rise. The effects that this has on the environment is catastrophic, with rising sea levels, rapid changes in ecosystems which lead to the extinction of animals and many more having a detrimental effect on the earth. 

How Can the Climate Crisis Be Prevented


How Can the Climate Crisis Be Prevented?

If you are reading this thinking ‘what can I do to help decrease the effects of the climate crisis’, there are many actions that you can take to help save the planet! 

5 things you can do to save the planet…

  • Recycle: Through recycling products that can be reused, you are helping to reduce the number of raw materials processed in certain industries. through reusing and recycling products, you can help to change the way that consumption habits impact the earth and the climate crisis. Saving materials and energy, recycling is a great way to ensure you are doing your part to help save the planet! 
  • Save water: As the climate crisis gets worse, access to things like water may become harder and harder. To ensure that you are helping to reduce the impacts of climate change, implement practices in your home and at work to reduce the amount of water consumed.
  • Educate others: Many do not have the resources to learn about the issues that plague our planet in today’s age, and if you are fortunate enough to be educated on ways that we can reduce climate change, spreading information and educating others on easy ways that they can help reduce their impact is a great way to help the planet. Educating others could mean helping your grandmother organise her recycling or even hosting classes down at your local school on ways that children can help reduce climate change, no matter how you implement these educational practices, just helping one person can help to save the planet. 
  • Buy from sustainable brands: Purchasing clothing, food and even technology from brands and businesses that have dedicated to using sustainable materials and methods ensure that you are supporting those who are trying their best to make a change. Purchasing items from sustainable brands can help these businesses to grow and potentially even become more popular than brands that are not using sustainable practices. 
  • Reduce the amount of electricity you use: The production of electricity, when produced in unsustainable ways, releases tons of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Coal power plants are one of the leading producers of greenhouse gasses, and as the population of the world grows, so does the need for electricity supply. Though decreasing the amount of electricity we use, it is possible to lower the number of cola plants needed, and potentially even stop needing them all together. as more sustainable methods of energy and electricity production are discovered and used, it is possible to reduce the production of greenhouse gasses. 

What Can We Change in Our Daily Lives to Decrease the Effects of the Climate Crisis?

The way that we function in the world and the choices that we make all impact how we add to or decrease climate change. Through making small changes to the way that we live our lives, it is possible to reduce climate change and the effects that this detrimental crisis has on the planet. By implementing the above strategies and concepts in our daily lives, each and every one of us can help to change the direction that the climate crisis is taking the world and help to ensure a better tomorrow for future generations. 

What Will Be the Climate Crisis in the Future?

If changes are not made now, the effects of the climate crisis on the world in the future will be detrimental, with more issues and effects of the crisis being seen all over the world! One of the most detrimental effects that will cause is the rising of the oceans, as ice caps melt into the ocean, the rising sea levels will be detrimental to areas all over the globe! This will be just one crisis that we would have to deal with in the future if things are not changed soon. The climate crisis in 2022 is looking only marginally better, but the effects are still set to run rampant in the future if more changes are not made in the years to come. 

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