For a vacation in touch with nature: Camping Vacation

For a vacation in touch with nature: Camping Vacation

Camping, one of the vacation options in touch with nature, offers a great opportunity for those who want to spend a few peaceful days. Those who are tired of city life and want to be alone with themselves often find the solution in buying a small tent and getting away. As such, camping vacations have become one of the most popular outdoor sports of recent years. Moreover, camping is one of the clean vacation options for those who want to protect the environment and leave a sustainable world.

What is a Camping Vacation?

Camping vacation, which is the dream of many people, refers to a few-day stay in nature with sleeping bags and tents. Tents, which can be set up anywhere suitable for settlement, are the main equipment of this free vacation model. Camping in the forest, by the river, in parks or in private areas facilitates our understanding of nature and brings us a little closer to the real way of life. However, one of the basic principles of camping should be to leave no waste behind and not to harm nature. At this stage, it is necessary to get to know the environmental conditions well in order to have a nature-conscious camping vacation.

How to go on a camping vacation?

Camping vacations are made with sleeping bags, tents, hammocks or caravans. A tent can be set up in any place that meets the conditions suitable for the need for rest during a pleasant journey. Camping is often done in areas intertwined with nature such as forests, lakesides and mountains. This free holiday model gives people the opportunity to realize their starting point. Most people who dream of a peaceful and relaxing vacation are curious about the intricacies of camping. The first thing you need to know for a vacation where you will feel free is, of course, to respect nature and living creatures. This is the first teaching of camping trainings that most people who want to spend time alone in nature apply for. What can be done on a camping vacation is as important as what cannot be done. For an eco-friendly vacation, it is necessary not to harm plants and other living things. The way to do this is to integrate with nature instead of adapting the accommodation area to yourself.

What are the Types of Camping Vacations?

Although the camping holiday is identified with tents and sleeping bags, it can be done in many ways with different equipment. When choosing a camping model, the first consideration is how much the vacationer wants to be in touch with nature. There are many types of camping vacations according to the number of people, equipment adequacy, space conditions and comfort expectations. The common point that does not change in each of them is to respect the living life. 

Holiday Camp

Vacation camps are among the long-term accommodation options that coincide with the summer months. This holiday model, also referred to as summer camp, is organized by companies or municipalities. The camps, which are special for certain age groups, give vacationers the opportunity to spend time away from technology and in touch with nature. Campers who have the opportunity to have fun and socialize with their peers can get to know nature and its living life closely. It is possible to say that holiday camps are often organized by the sea or in national parks.

Tent Camp

Of course, tents are one of the indispensable equipment for a camping vacation. Vacationers who want to stay wherever they want can integrate with nature thanks to tents. Consisting of iron rods and fabric, the tent helps campers spend the night protected from environmental conditions. Many triangular, tunnel and dome style tents create a safe resting area against weather conditions. Campers with sufficient knowledge of nature can safely pitch their tents anywhere. However, for those who do not want to look for a suitable place, tent camping vacation spots are a good alternative.

Caravan Camping

Caravan vacations are undoubtedly the dream of many people who are tired of the noise and crowds of city life. Caravans, which are defined as a miniature house with a bed, armchairs, toilet and kitchen, give you the opportunity to stay at any time of the journey. A caravan camping vacation allows you to spend a night in touch with nature after a pleasant journey. The mornings illuminated by the sounds of birds are the perfect time to start your journey again.

Glamping Camp

Glamping is a new generation camping model that combines the words glamourous and camping. If you don't want to waste time setting up tents and researching environmental conditions, a glamping camping vacation is for you! Glamping gives you the opportunity to spend time in touch with nature while not being away from shopping and technology. From this point of view, it would not be wrong to say that the glamping model is a different type of hotel management. Glamping camp combines the spirit of escape and the struggle for survival in natural conditions with luxurious conditions.

Bungalow Camp

Bungalows are the center of attention for everyone who dreams of an isolated vacation in touch with nature. Bungalow hotels, which have gained popularity especially in recent years, manage to be the key to spending peaceful times away from the crowd. Camping holiday homes are among the favorites of travelers with their miniature structures and windows opening to lush green landscapes. Bungalow houses are among the camping models that combine luxury conditions and nature.

Hammock Camping

Hammock camping, as the name suggests, is a type of outdoor accommodation. A hammock camping vacation eliminates the hassle of pitching a tent. The camping hammock is set up on two strong trees with a certain spacing. Hammocks, which are set up in just a few minutes, allow you to spend the night safely, regardless of the ground. Hammocks eliminate the need to adapt to hard, wet and uneven ground conditions. Moreover, hammock camping is also suitable for those who want to spend time in nature but are afraid of animals. Since there is no need for installation equipment such as stakes, nails and hammers, you can avoid the risk of polluting nature by choosing this model.

Collective Fun Camps

Camping is a free vacation model that you can do alone or with your loved ones. When entertainment activities are added to this, camping opens the doors to an unforgettable vacation. Fun camps are tours where activities and sports competitions are organized for all ages. This holiday model, also known as youth or summer camp, is realized in many regions of Turkey. Fun camps can be organized within the borders of a certain region or covering many cities.

Survival Camp

Survival camping, called Survival, is suitable for those who want to feel the adrenaline and escape to the bone. Survival camping is based on meeting accommodation, heating and nutrition needs entirely from nature. Survival camping, which is carried out with various survival methods, of course requires expertise and awareness of nature. Adapting to changing natural conditions and not harming wildlife are among the main principles of this escape camp. Before going on a survival camp, remember that you need to train in fire-making, shelter-building, food-finding and protection.

What is the General Equipment List for a Camping Vacation?

Camping is a peaceful form of accommodation in harmony with nature. However, in order to have a safe and enjoyable time during the vacation, it is necessary to create a list of materials beforehand. The necessary materials for a camping vacation should be provided before you set off on your journey. Indispensable equipment meets many needs, from finding directions in nature to keeping warm. We have listed what you need to buy for a camping vacation so that you can leave yourself in the lap of nature in peace:

A tent that is resistant to natural conditions and suitable for the number of people
Sleeping bag with synthetic filling against heat loss at night
Backpack that can hold all the necessities to walk in a balanced way
Gas camping stove for cooking food without harming the environment
Canned food, ready-to-eat meals, quick-cooked foods against nutritional shortages
Navigational head torches and spare batteries
Protected clothing suitable for seasonal conditions and temperature values
Quality compass for navigation
First aid kit against accident risks
Whistle against the risk of getting lost
Auxiliary equipment such as pocketknives, matches and lighters

While spending safe time in wildlife, it is important not to overlook the need for cleaning. You should not forget to take cleaning supplies such as soap, wet wipes, toilet paper and towels with you. For a completely sustainable vacation, you can get your towels from Green Petition. You can have a clean and eco-friendly camping vacation with these towels whose raw materials are waste fabrics and plastic.

What Should First-Time Campers Know?

Almost everyone who dreams of a vacation away from the crowds and noise of the city prepares to take a step into camping. Those who want to have a pleasant time alone or with their loved ones should pay attention to a few points in their first camping experience. The tent is one of the first things you need for a camping vacation. It is important that the tent you buy is resistant to water and wind. On hot days, a tent that reflects the sun's rays and is breathable will help you feel comfortable and spacious. If you are going camping with your loved ones, you need to get a large tent that everyone can fit in. Tents with windows allow you to take a look at the surroundings without going outside. When preparing for your first camping experience, you should not forget to check your bag several times. In particular, you should make sure that your navigation tools and first aid equipment are complete. It is also important to choose useful models among the stoves and kitchen utensils specially designed to meet your nutritional needs easily and safely. It is recommended that you go on the journey with an experienced person to adapt easily to natural conditions and feel safe. However, if you think you can overcome this challenging journey alone, you can choose specially designated holiday campsites.

What are the Things to Consider When Going on a Camping Vacation?

There are a few things to consider for a safe and comfortable camping vacation. Especially if you want to stay outside the campgrounds, you should have detailed information about nature and wildlife. Our first recommendation is to choose a suitable accommodation place and not to leave waste in order not to disturb the true owners of nature.

We have listed below a few things you should pay attention to from site selection to collection:
Quick access to water is extremely important. However, you should also consider the risk of flooding. For this reason, do not camp right next to the water.
Do not forget to give clear information to your relatives about the area where you will camp.
It is dangerous to hide in a tent or under a tree on rainy days. You can take shelter in a cave you have discovered before or in your car to protect yourself from lightning.
Make sure your tent is sturdy in case of stormy weather. You should stay away from under trees in case branches break and fall.
Take ready-to-eat food with you to meet your nutritional needs. You should never consume unfamiliar plants and mushrooms.
Finally, remember to act in harmony with your friends for a pleasant camping experience. Go on collective trips and do not skip communication, especially to avoid risks such as loss and injury. This way, you can strengthen your relationships with your loved ones and enjoy nature at the same time.

When to go on a camping vacation?

We know that camping cannot be fit into a certain time interval for those who enjoy being in touch with nature. The most suitable time is determined according to the camping information of the vacationers. For example, if you are going to realize your first camping experience, the summer months are the safe time period. You will not encounter harsh weather conditions during this period. You can also move easily and safely in nature. However, if you are an experienced camper and want to challenge nature and push your limits, you can choose to camp in the fall or winter months.

Where are the Most Popular Campsites in Turkey?

A camping vacation offers you a great opportunity to witness natural beauties up close and listen to yourself. You can camp on the beach, in the forest, in the foothills, by the lake and in many other places. Turkey offers great camping routes to vacationers with its geographical diversity. Every year, many local and foreign tourists go on a camping vacation in different regions to freely explore Turkey's natural and historical beauties. Antalya, Artvin, Balıkesir and Muğla are the most recommended destinations for camping vacations.

Cirali - Antalya

Far from the noise and crowds, Çıralı is a peaceful vacation option. The best way to enjoy nature in this town of Kemer, Antalya is of course through camping. Çıralı, full of trees as far as the eye can see, has a suitable infrastructure for bungalow, tent and caravan camping. In many of the private camping areas in the region, tent, food and beverage and cleaning needs are also met.

Olympos - Antalya

Olympos is one of the most suitable regions for camping vacations. One of the favorite holiday resorts of Antalya, the region offers rich camping options such as tents, chalets, bungalows and caravans. Paid and free campsites, which are also very close to the beach, open the doors to an unforgettable fun in the summer months.

Adrasan - Antalya

Another one of the camping holiday regions of Antalya is Adrasan. The region, which is full of step-by-step campsites, is an extremely suitable option for enjoying nature. This paradise on earth is 2 km away from Kumluca. Adrasan, which is 8 km away from Olympos, is full of campers in the summer months with its clean sea and peaceful atmosphere.

Karagöl - Artvin

Of course, the Black Sea is among the first choices of those who want to go on a trip full of adrenaline and fun. Artvin, one of the Black Sea camping holiday destinations, embraces its guests with its lush green landscapes and clean air. Karagöl is located 25-27 km from Borçka district. This landslide set lake, which looks like a heart from a bird's eye view, is surrounded by trees as far as the eye can see. There are paid places for a safe and fun camping in Karagöl.

Erdek - Balıkesir

Erdek is one of the favorite holiday resorts of Balıkesir with its turquoise waters and clean air, which makes it look like exotic islands. This region is very suitable for those who plan to have a camping vacation intertwined with the sea and the forest. There are many paid and free areas in Erdek for tent and caravan camping. Here you can wake up in the morning with the sounds of birds and the smell of the forest. After a pleasant day, you can socialize around the campfire in the evening.

Butterfly Valley, Fethiye

Butterfly Valley is one of the most popular natural and touristic places that are full of people at all times of the year. The town, which is famous for its magnificent view and the sea with every shade of blue, attracts a lot of attention for camping holidays. There is a paid camping area in the region with hotel quality. Here you can easily reach your basic needs while enjoying nature with glamping, bungalow and tent camping options.

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