For those planning a trip to Cyprus: Cyprus Travel Guide

For those planning a trip to Cyprus: Cyprus Travel Guide

What You Should Know Before Traveling to Cyprus?

You have had a tiring year and it is finally time for vacation. You want to choose one of the most suitable places to enjoy the sea and the sun to the fullest. At this point, Cyprus is an ideal holiday address. In this unique region, which has become a center of attraction with its accommodation facilities as well as its historical and natural beauties, you can relieve the tiredness of the year to your heart's content. Cyprus sightseeing places have advantages that will meet everyone's expectations. At the same time, it offers unlimited entertainment with fun opportunities for all age groups. Of course, as in every vacation, we can say that there are some details you should keep in mind before going here. To help you with this, we have listed travel tips and things you need to know before going to Cyprus:

As a Turkish citizen, you can enter Cyprus with your ID, but do not forget to take your passport valid for at least 3 months.
It is important not to get your passport stamped when entering Cyprus. Because Greece does not accept passports processed in this way. If you do not pay attention to this issue, you may have to pay for your possible Greek vacation in the future.
The currency of Northern Cyprus is TL. In Southern Cyprus, the euro is used.
Since 3-input sockets are used in Cyprus, it is useful to have an adapter with you.
Since the country has been under the control of the British state for many years, traffic flows on the left.

One of the things you need to know on your Cyprus vacation is the working hours applied here. In summer and winter, the opening and closing hours of many places, from government institutions to shops, change. If you make your plans taking this into account, you will not have any problems during your vacation.

What are the Must-See Cities in Cyprus?

Cyprus is a place where different civilizations such as Hittite, Egyptian, Phoenician, Roman, Ottoman and British ruled throughout history. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to see the traces of the past in the historical texture of the island. Since it is an island country, Cyprus also has its own unique culture and features. We have prepared the places you can see under the title of Cyprus cities to visit. Thus, you can have pleasant experiences by using the information we have provided as a guide.



Kyrenia is high on the list of places to visit in Cyprus. This city is home to famous cafes, restaurants and tourist attractions around the marina. The symbolic buildings of the city are Kyrenia Castle and the 18th century Bellapais Monastery. Apart from this, Saint Hilarion Church with its close location to the Beşparmak Mountains and the Blue Mansion, which is the subject of legends, are among the important points to be seen in the city. If you want to cool off in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, you can choose Alagadi, Acapulco and Diana beaches.


Nicosia is the most populous city in Cyprus and a center of culture, industry, trade and transportation. The local people in the city make their living from tourism and hand weaving. Among the places you should visit in Nicosia; Kyrenia Gate, the Venetian Column built in the 15th century, Büyük Han, St. Nicholas Church and Selimiye Mosque with its gothic architecture. In addition, you should definitely visit Uzun Yol Street, which attracts attention with its souvenir shops and restaurants.


Lefke, a town overlooking Güzelyurt Bay, is 60 km from the city center. In 2015, Lefke, which became a member of the international association of municipalities known as Cittaslow, is one of the frequent destinations for those who want to spend a quiet and calm holiday. The livelihood of the people; olives, citrus fruits, dates, strawberries and grapes. You can experience these unique flavors during your visit to Lefke. Among the buildings worth visiting in the region are Lefke Aqueduct, Vuni Palace, Soli Ancient City and Historical Ottoman Mansions. You can also take the opportunity to see the Piri Reis Mosque and Osman Pasha Tomb while you are in Lefke.


Karpass Peninsula

The peninsula is located on the northeastern tip of Cyprus and has always attracted those seeking seclusion from civilization. Karpaz is home to many monasteries. The most famous of these is the Apostolos Andreas Monastery. Other points worth seeing on this peninsula include the ancient city of Karpasi and the national park around Dipkarpaz. To enjoy the sea and the sun, you can visit Altinkum beach, one of the most special spots in Cyprus. Altinkum, which is about 15 km from Dipkarpaz village and 3700 m long, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus. It is also known as the breeding place of Caretta caretta and Chelonia myndas sea turtles.


Güzelyurt is located in the northwest of the island of Cyprus. The main source of livelihood of the people in the region, which stands out with its fertile soils, is the cultivation of fruits such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, melons and watermelons. Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus is located in this region. Among the historical places to see in the district; Soli Theater, St. Mamas Monastery and Pigades Temple stand out.

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What are the Activities You Can Do During Your Cyprus Vacation?

Cyprus vacation stands out not only with the abundance of places to visit but also with the variety of activities that can be done. Fun and adventurous activities where you will have new experiences with your friends or family will help you make your trip much more enjoyable. If you are a history and nature lover, you can take photos of ancient cities and historical buildings. Cyprus is also a region where nature and landscape photographers can capture immortal moments.

Scuba diving to explore the depths of the sea and paragliding to embark on new adventures in the sky are ideal activities. You can also enjoy the surrounding deep blue bays by participating in boat and yacht tours. Golf is one of the sports that come to mind when it comes to Cyprus. Thanks to the golf courses in the region, you can have a pleasant time every day of the year. For adrenaline enthusiasts, paintball is one of the most remarkable activities. You can play this game in different centers in Nicosia and spend pleasant hours in crowded groups.

Cyprus is a region that appeals to vacationers with all kinds of expectations. You can forget how time passes in the region, which hosts many activity options from sports to casino games. Cyprus offers alternatives suitable for every budget with different hotel options. In addition, thanks to the facilities that adopt a sustainable tourism policy that cares about nature and the environment, the beauties on the island are passed on to future generations and help protect the environment.

During the holiday, you can give the necessary importance to both nature and yourself with the products you prefer while relieving the tiredness of the year. You can choose products such as towels and loincloths from Green Petition, which manufactures in line with the principles of sustainability, to use while sitting on the beach or when you get out of the sea. While the models offered by the brand support your elegance, they also provide high comfort by drying quickly thanks to their organic structure. In addition, by using these recycled products, you can demonstrate an environmentalist approach and set an example to your environment.

What is Cyprus Nightlife Like?

During your Cyprus vacation, you can participate in the animation activities in the hotel you stay in and evaluate live music alternatives. For a more fun and lively nightlife, you can choose venues with DJ performances. Thanks to the variety of nightclubs and bars, it is not difficult to find addresses that include music genres that appeal to your home.

The first places that come to mind when it comes to Cyprus nightlife are Nicosia and Güzelyurt. You can enjoy the entertainment in popular venues in these regions until the early hours of the morning. You can try these clubs, each serving with a different concept, during your Cyprus vacation and experience special moments.

How can you get around in Cyprus?

When coming to the island for Cyprus vacation, you can choose air or sea transportation. For Cyprus transportation by sea, ferries depart from Mersin and Alanya to Kyrenia Port. This way, you can get to Cyprus from Mersin in about 4 hours. For a fast and comfortable flight, you can use the flights landing at Ercan Airport in Nicosia. It is possible to reach the island by plane from many cities in Turkey. The average transportation times from the airports of major cities to Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus are as follows:

Ankara: 60 minutes
Istanbul: 1 hour 30 minutes (non-stop)
Izmir 1 hour 20 minutes (non-stop)

Flights may vary depending on the season and intensity. Taking this into account when planning your vacation will make it easier for you to find a flight that suits you. It is also worth adding: You can take a taxi, use public transportation or rent a car to get to the city center from both the airport and the port. In other words, from the moment you arrive on the island, it is extremely easy to reach the Cyprus resorts.

When Is The Best Season For Your Cyprus Vacation?

Cyprus is a region where four-season temperatures are suitable for vacation. In this way, you can choose this island for vacation in any season you wish. For most of the year, the sea water temperature is around 20 degrees. In this way, you can get the chance to enjoy the sea and the sun in all seasons. But if you do not like high temperatures, July and August may not be the best time for your Cyprus vacation.


What are the Local Flavors of Cyprus?

Cyprus hosts a rich culinary culture with the help of its rich variety of olive trees and citrus fruits. In this way, you will have the chance to taste delicious local foods during your holiday. Halloumi cheese is one of the most well-known flavors of Cyprus. Cyprus meatballs add a very unique touch to this classic flavor with its recipe with plenty of minced meat and potatoes. You can also find a list of other flavors unique to the region below.

Molehiya: It is a main dish cooked with chicken and red meat from herbs specific to the region. It is served with rice and pickles.
Piruhi: It is an Ottoman flavor unique to Cyprus. A similar version is also made in the Black Sea Region. It can be defined as a type of ravioli prepared with tulum cheese, walnuts and butter.
Kolakas Kolakas, known as Cyprus potato, is cooked with or without meat. It is a popular flavor in Mediterranean countries. Another name is gölevez.
Pilavuna: It is a type of pastry consumed for breakfast. It contains halloumi and curd inside and sesame seeds outside. Gum drops are also used in some recipes.
Halloumi Pastry: It is a kind of pancake with halloumi cheese inside. It is made from a thin hand rolled dough. After the pastry is fried in a pan, honey is poured over it and it is ready to be served.
Mücendra Pilaf: It is a pleasant flavor that combines onion, rice and green lentils. It is one of the most consumed pilafs in Cyprus.
Cretan Style Çullama: It is a pastry prepared with chicken meat and puff pastry. It is served warm or hot.
Kleftiko: It is a dish made of capricorn or lamb meat flavored with potatoes and onions.
Peach Kebab: One of the most well-known dishes. It is made by wrapping minced meat consisting of a mixture of parsley, onion, beef and lamb in a lamb shirt. According to legend, it was invented by a man named Şef Ali and over time it came to be known as peach kebab.

In addition to these delicious dishes, you can also try different types of desserts on this Mediterranean island. Among these, walnut jam is preferred for breakfast. Cyprus dessert stands out with its special syrup, cream and seasonal fruits. The dessert called Paluze is also known as grape pudding. Lemon and cherry flavored varieties are also made.

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