Hidden Natural Beaches in Turkey

Hidden Natural Beaches in Turkey

How Many of the Hidden Natural Beaches in Turkey Do You Know?

“Which is the most beautiful beach in Turkey?” When asked, one may be hesitant to choose among hundreds of beautiful beaches. We can say that we are lucky to live in a geography surrounded by seas on three sides and with natural riches. There are many beaches in our country that attract attention with their unique geographical structure. In this article, we will talk about the beaches in Turkey for those who want to enjoy the sea and nature. If you wish, you can easily create your route for a very enjoyable holiday experience by reading our article  10 Holiday Routes for Your Nature Holiday .

türkiye kumsalları

Ekincik Beach

Ekincik is one of the best beaches in Turkey. This long beach is located in one of the untouched bays of Muğla. We can say that Ekincik is one of the places that preserves its naturalness among the beaches in Turkey. When you turn your route here, you will encounter a magnificent beach hidden among the forests. There are 4 natural harbors on Ekincik beach. Some of these ports are suitable for swimming. If you prefer to walk with pleasure in a beautiful view after swimming in the sea, Ekincik is just for you. The sea water temperature in the region rises to 25 - 35 degrees during the summer months. Entrance to Ekincik Public Beach is free. In addition, there is also a municipal business where sun loungers can be rented at affordable prices. To reach this beach, all you have to do is take a minibus from Köyceğiz.

Dalyan kumsalı

Dalyan Beach

Muğla's Dalyan district is home to many of the beaches in Turkey. Iztuzu Beach has a very important place among the beaches in Turkey with its structure that preserves its natural beauty. Iztuzu Beach, which has a rare geographical structure, stretches between the mountain and the river mouth. There are no hotels or shops along the coastal route. The 5400 meter long beach is an ideal choice for those who want to have a holiday surrounded by nature. This beach hosts a unique view where green and blue meet. 

There are vehicles departing from Muğla and Dalyan city centers to Iztuzu Beach. You can reach Dalyan from Muğla in approximately 25 minutes. The beach in question was chosen as "Europe's best open space" by The Times newspaper . The beach has a structure that deserves this description. The beach also attracts attention with its ecological richness. This beach, which is among the beaches in Turkey, has an area where caretta caretta turtles lay their eggs. This place is also home to more than 180 species of birds. If you wish, you can read the article What is Sustainable Tourism with 6 articles in which we talk about the importance of protecting rare ecological areas such as Iztuzu ? You can read our article titled and increase your awareness.

Dalaman Beach

Muğla's Dalaman district is home to most of the beaches in Turkey. Sarçed (Sarıgerme) Beach is an area among the hidden natural beauties of Dalaman. Sarıgerme takes its name from the Sarısu and Germe branches of the Dalaman stream. This beach, located where the branches of the stream meet, has a wonderful nature. This is a blue flag beach. The golden sands of Sarıgerme Beach support the pleasant appearance of the region. Sarıgerme, which attracts attention with its unique appearance, is an ideal place for summer holidays. A light and cool wind blows in the region during the summer months. In this way, the beach is perfect for visitors who are overwhelmed by the extreme heat. Accommodation opportunities are also available at Sarıgerme Beach, where a certain fee must be paid for entrance.


Fethiye Beach

Fethiye beaches are also included in the list of beaches in Turkey. Fethiye has popular beaches such as Ölüdeniz and Kabak Bay. Paradise Bay, which deserves its name, is so beautiful that it can be counted among the wonderful beaches of Fethiye. Cennet Bay has a wonderful sandy beach located between the pine forest and the sea. There are no accommodation facilities or businesses here that would disrupt the natural appearance of the region. A campsite is available for accommodation only. 

To reach Paradise Bay, you need to take a long walk or choose the sea route. It is recommended that you wear sea shoes as the density of pebbles in the sand is high. Darboğaz is also among the unique beaches in Fethiye. To reach here, you need to walk a distance of 1 kilometer. But you can be sure that it will definitely be worth it.


Patara Beach

Patara Beach has a special place among the beaches in Turkey. This 18-kilometer-long beach resembles a hidden paradise with its white sands. Patara, one of the rare places in Turkey with a white sandy beach , has a geographical structure similar to the Maldives. Lilies on the sand give the beach a unique look. Patara is a coastline that attracts attention with its geographical structure. There are sand dunes in the middle parts of the beach. These hills give the beach a unique look. The dunes add a unique touch to the area's skyline, especially at sunset. 

Declared as a natural protected area, the beach preserves its untouched appearance. Since the wind intensity is high in the region, there is a wavy sea. If you like water sports, especially surfing, you can have a great time in Patara. Patara Beach is an area that attracts attention with its location. Patara Ancient City, one of the important centers of the Lycian civilization, is located a 1.5-kilometer walk from the beach. You can easily reach the beach by vehicles departing from Kalkan or by buses operating between Fethiye and Kaş. After getting off the bus in Ovacık, you can reach the beach on foot or by taxi.

Kale Beach

Kale Beach is located in Akçakoca district of Düzce. This beach is named after the Genoese Castle, which has survived from the Hellenistic period to the present day. Kale beach is located in a unique area where historical buildings and nature meet the sea. The beaches to the west and east of the castle have a blue flag. There are caves along the coast of one of these beaches. The area, also known as the seal reefs, is ideal for people interested in caving. The Genoese Castle located here was included  in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2013.

Finike Beach

If you want to spend time in a natural and peaceful place, away from the crowds, Finike is ideal for you. Finike is a unique region where groves meet the sea. There are many beaches here where you can enjoy your time. Located on the shores of a clean and clear sea, Gökliman Beach is located in Boldağ District. This is one of the blue flag beaches in Turkey. Gökliman Beach promises its visitors to spend time in a quiet and serene atmosphere. Gökliman also has an important place in terms of history. This place was used as a port during the Lycian Period. It is still possible to see historical ruins around the beach. You can choose Gökliman Beach with peace of mind to get away from the noise of the city and rest your mind.

Cirali Beach

Çıralı is a beach located in Kemer district of Antalya. The fact that both sides of the beach are surrounded by rocks ensures that the beach has a cool and warm weather. The sea of ​​Çıralı is stony and warm. The beach has a fine sand structure. The beach has managed to preserve its natural appearance to a large extent. There are tree houses and camping areas around the beach where you can have a family holiday. A certain fee is required to enter the beach. You can enter by purchasing your ticket from the ticket offices connected to the museum directorates. For long-term stay, you can get an entrance card. Transportation to Çıralı is extremely easy. You can reach this beach by taking Kumluca buses from Antalya city center. If you want to come with your private vehicle, you can reach Çıralı by following the Antalya-Kemer direction.


Belek Beach

Belek Beach in Antalya is one of the most preferred beaches in Turkey. Belek beach is located on the shores of a shallow sea. The sea is not very deep, making the beach ideal for families with children. Although the beach is located in an area close to the city center, its natural structure has been largely preserved. The sea has a fine sand structure, making swimming here easy. There are many hotels and accommodation facilities around the beach. Getting here is also quite an event. You can reach this beach by taking the buses from Antalya city center to Serik.


Anamur Beach

Anamur Cape Beach, among the sandy beaches of Turkey, is a place that attracts attention with its unique geography and unique appearance. Here it is possible to swim and have a pleasant time accompanied by a unique Mediterranean view. Although Anamur Burnu Beach has a small area, it offers the opportunity to watch a 360-degree panoramic sea view. The beach is located very close to the Anamurium Ancient City. The natural texture of this place has been largely preserved. To reach the beach, you need to park your car about 100 meters away and walk. Anamur Burnu Beach is located 8 kilometers away from the town center. To reach the beach, simply drive towards the Anemurium Ancient City on the D400 highway. Since there is no official beach management here, you do not need to pay any entrance fee.

Gazipasa Beach

While talking about beaches in Turkey, we should not forget Gazipaşa, a district of Antalya famous for its natural beauties. The beaches in Gazipaşa are generally located between the rocks. For this reason, the beaches in the region are among the natural spawning grounds of caretta carettas. The sea here is clear and deep blue. Banana Sea Beach is among the hidden beauties of Gazipaşa. Located on the shores of a shallow sea, the beach is an ideal place for families with children and those who cannot swim well. The natural beauties of the beach have been largely preserved. You can easily meet your food and beverage needs from the facilities around the beach. You do not have to pay any fee to enter Banana Sea Beach. You can use buses numbered GAL02 for transportation. These buses pass near the beach. You can also easily reach this beach by minibuses departing from Gazipaşa.

Tekirova Beach

Tekirova Beach, located in Kemer district of Antalya, is one of the rare natural beauties of the region. Tekirova has its own characteristic structure. The beach is located in an area surrounded by trees. If you want to spend time in a place where nature and the sea intertwine, you can choose Tekirova Beach. The sea here is very clear and calm. The water temperature is also 1-2 degrees higher than other places in the region. Tekirova beach has a length of 3.7 kilometers. This is a region that maintains its calm and peaceful nature despite its popularity. If you are interested in water sports, you can have a great time here and enjoy the activities to the fullest.

Demirtaş sahili

Demirtas Beach

If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday, Demirtaş Beach is an ideal option for you. The beach, which attracts attention with its serene structure, is located in Alanya. Although there are hotels and facilities around it, the beach has managed to preserve its natural appearance to a large extent. If you want to have a nice holiday with your family or loved ones, you can choose this place with peace of mind. Demirtaş beach is ideal for those who want to spend a quiet and peaceful day. The fact that the beach is located far from the center helps the region maintain its serenity. 

The beach has fine and golden sand. The beach is located in an area where caretta ceratta turtles frequently visit. If you're lucky, you may encounter cute sea turtles here. There are facilities such as lifeguard, shower and changing cabin at the beach. You do not have to pay any fee to enter the beach. The use of sun loungers and umbrellas is chargeable. Access to Demirtaş Beach is also very easy. For this, you can use the buses departing from Alanya. Bus and minibus services become more frequent during the summer season. If you want to enjoy the sea in a quiet, calm and peaceful place, you should definitely visit this beach.

Akyatan kumsalı

Akyatan Beach

Akyatan Lagoon is among the rare natural beauties of Adana. This is a region that attracts attention with its natural structure and unique appearance. This beach, which is among the beaches in Turkey, is located in a location where the lake and the sea are separated. This place is also home to Turkey's largest dunes. In 1955, the area was afforested to prevent the dune area from being destroyed by wind erosion. Thanks to this afforestation work, the beach has gained a magnificent appearance. In this forest area, there are Cyprus acacia, stone pine and cypress trees. Sand lilies can also be seen frequently on this beach. Akyatan Lagoon is one of the natural spawning grounds of green sea turtles. There are also over 250 species of birds found here. If you want to have a unique holiday among natural beauties, you should definitely visit here. Since there are no businesses around the beach, we recommend that you take all your needs with you before going to the beach.

Tuzla Beach

If you want to have a quiet holiday away from the city noise, you should definitely visit Karaburun. Karaburun is located 1.5 hours away from Izmir city center. If you prefer to use public transportation, you can easily reach Karaburun by taking the minibuses departing from Fahrettin Altay. Tuzla Beach, one of the beaches in Turkey, has a quiet structure because it is far from the city center and there are not many businesses around it. If you want to set up your tent and spend a peaceful time relaxing for a few days, Tuzla beach is ideal for you. 

There are some things you should pay attention to before coming here. The road down to the beach is quite bumpy. Unless you have an Off Road or 4×4 model vehicle, we recommend that you do not drive to the beach with your car . You can park your car on the main road and reach the beach after a short walk. There are no showers, toilets, cabins or eating and drinking areas around the beach. For this reason, it will be useful to bring the equipment you need with you when you come to the beach. The beach is located on the shores of a stony and deep sea. Thanks to this feature, the beach is also extremely suitable for professional swimmers.

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