How to Maintain Personal Hygiene in Camp?

How to Maintain Personal Hygiene in Camp?

Personal care is a habit that individuals should never neglect, regardless of their environment or working conditions. Although personal hygiene in the home environment can be done in a very comfortable and careful way, it can become difficult during travel and vacations. After answering the question of what personal hygiene is, in this article, we will explain what needs to be done for personal hygiene, especially in camping conditions.

How to Maintain Personal Hygiene in Camping?

Camping is a very good idea to enjoy the unique nature and scenery, to enjoy the trees and the sky, and to relax. In addition to these advantages, camping also means going out of one's own comfort zone. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene in order not to catch diseases and not to encounter bad surprises that will spoil the joy of camping. The first thing to do for personal hygiene in camping is to set up the camping tent in areas that are as clean as possible. Wet and muddy areas, the edges of stagnant and turbid waters, areas without sunlight, and uneven terrain are not suitable for camping. On the other hand, there are also personal hygiene tools that nature enthusiasts must have with them before camping. These cleaning products, which have a wide range from soaps to creams, are the key to personal hygiene in camping. 

What should be considered when ensuring personal hygiene in camping?

We said that the first rule of personal care and cleanliness in camping is to choose the right area. Beyond that, the choice of camping bag is also very important in terms of hygiene. Many materials brought to the camp, from food to clothes, are kept in this bag. Therefore, it is important that the camping bag has body support and that the fabric is resistant to external factors. In this sense, especially bags that are not affected by moisture and can protect quickly are recommended. Choosing a good tent also allows you to camp in hygienic conditions. Tents protect you from wind, mud, dust and insects. After bringing all these environmental elements to the ideal level, it is necessary to pay attention to personal hygiene for self-care. Personal hygiene includes hand, foot and face hygiene.


Foot Hygiene

The prerequisite for enjoying camping is to have healthy feet. Because the feet bear all the burden both in camping and at every point of life. Therefore, individuals should take care to keep both themselves and nature clean while camping. Keeping feet clean and dry in camping helps to protect against fungus and other infections. In this sense, socks should be changed frequently, feet should be washed and new socks should be worn on dry feet. It is also very effective to lie barefoot for a while and rest your feet.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is also of great importance for personal hygiene and protection from germs in the campsite. Therefore, special attention should be paid to hand hygiene after lighting a fire, after sightseeing and hiking, before and after meals. Various personal cleaning materials specially produced for hand hygiene should definitely be included in the camping bag. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that these materials are always accessible. 

Tooth Cleaning

Another personal hygiene issue that can never be ignored in the campsite is teeth. Regardless of the conditions, a toothbrush and toothpaste must be included in the camping bag. You can choose mini oral care sets for this. Depending on your dental cleaning habits, you can add materials such as mouthwash and dental floss to these bags yourself. In addition, taking care to drink water and not overconsuming sweets, sweets and similar foods in the camp helps to protect dental health.

Hair Hygiene

When trying to maintain camp hygiene, hair should not be forgotten. Unfortunately, individuals with oily hair may have more difficulties during camping. In addition, when wind and natural factors are taken into consideration, dust, plant particles and various residues can accumulate in the hair. Therefore, washing and airing the hair during camping offers effective solutions.

Laundry Cleaning

Many activities in camp, such as lighting fires, cooking, sporting activities and even swimming, cause clothes to get dirty. Of course, it is extremely risky for personal hygiene to continue camping with dirty clothes. It is necessary to wash hands, face, feet and clothes when necessary. In addition, damp clothes cause many diseases, especially fungal infections. In summary; choosing clothes that are easy to wash and dry quickly is essential for camp hygiene. Now that we have answered the question "How to do personal cleaning in camp?", let's move on to the materials used in cleaning.

What are the personal hygiene products you should take with you to camp?

Soaps are at the top of personal cleaning tools in camping. A natural and high quality soap offers a comfortable cleaning for both clothes, hair and body. On the other hand, it is necessary to choose natural shampoos in order not to harm living things in nature with chemical products. In addition, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towels, toilet paper, plenty of garbage bags, a shovel for toilet needs and a first aid kit should also be included in the camping equipment. In order not to harm nature, especially wet wipes, paper towels and toilet paper waste should be collected in garbage bags.

What You Need to Know About Toileting in Camp

The need for a toilet is one of the biggest problems in camping. In order not to harm both nature and health, certain rules must be followed. The place to be used as a toilet in the camp should be chosen at least 50 - 60 meters away from the campsite. In addition, the wind factor is also an important factor to be considered at this stage. In order to meet the need for a toilet in hygienic conditions in the camp, materials such as toilet paper, disinfectant, cologne and most importantly soap should definitely be included in the hygiene bag.

What You Need to Know About the Need for a Shower in Camp

Some campsites have toilets and shower cabins. However, things get a little more difficult in campsites without such facilities. Especially during long stays, the need for a shower increases. Unfortunately, the best solution in places where there is no shower cabin is to wipe the body with a wet wipe. On the other hand, a body fiber or sponge can also function as a wet wipe. In camps near the sea and rivers, swimming is an alternative to showering. As well as clothes, textiles used in camps should be chosen correctly and kept clean. It is necessary to choose the right towel to dry off after a shower. Green Petition is one of the leading brands in our country that produces recycled towels with high sensitivity to nature. Camping with products that will protect nature while sleeping in its bosom is undoubtedly a loyal attitude. You can choose the brand's towels made from recycled fabrics to show this attitude. You can also find an answer to the question How to Wash Towels in Camping?

Although personal cleaning practices require meticulousness, a camping vacation is an ideal option for relaxing and meeting with nature. To get new travel ideas for camping, you can check out our article 10 Holiday Routes for Your Nature Vacation.

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