Introduction to Water Pollution 101

Introduction to Water Pollution 101

What is Water Pollution?

Water pollution refers to the contamination of water supply, usually due to human activities. The contamination of different sources, from dams to the ocean, has detrimental effects on the environment and ecosystems near where the contamination occurred. There are many  causes and effects of water pollution, and it is one of the most important environmental issues in today’s age. When considering what water pollution is, it is and the effects that it has on the environment, important to remember that all living creatures on the planet, including humans, need water to survive. The effects that this kind of pollution has on the environment has many consequences that are relayed through entire ecosystems, resulting in entire species either having to leave their ecosystems or dying off completely. Water pollution is a crisis that needs to be handled hastily, to ensure the continuation and sustainability of the planet for generations to come.

What are the Causes of Water Pollution?

There are many different types of water pollution and the causes behind how this pollution is formed, though human activities generally centre around each and every one of these different causes. From the releasing of human waste into the ocean to the leaking of chemicals into the dams that supply our water, there are many different causes that lead to water pollution. One of the biggest sources of water pollution is the release of industrial waste into oceans and dams, this waste then releases harmful and toxic chemicals into these bodies of water and contaminates them. One water has been contaminated, it is almost impossible to get it back to its natural state, especially if this water is in the ocean. 

What are the Effects of Water Pollution


What are the Effects of Water Pollution?

The consequences of water pollution can be seen in nearly every facet of the environment, from the effects that it has on the environment to the animals that it impacts. the following are a few different areas that are greatly impacted when water pollution occurs. 

Environmental Impacts

Water pollution effects on the environment are detrimental to entire ecosystems, and water becoming toxic and contaminated can impact all facets of an environment, from the plant life to the animals that live in it. We learn when we are younger, that every environment has a circle of life, from the smallest plants to the largest animals, and disrupting just one very basic part of this can lead entire ecosystems to become unlivable. 

Effects on Animals

The effects that water pollution has on animals is severe, not only because it impacts their water supply but also because it can lead to the removal of their food sources from their environments. As soon as plants cannot grow, herbivores move elsewhere and as soon as herbivores, leave, carnivores are also left without a supply of food. The distribution in the food chain can cause animals to go extinct, as their way of life is disrupted and ruined. 

Effects on Agriculture

When contaminated water comes into contact with soil, seeping into the ground, it destroys the fertility of the soil, leaving it dry and unable to grow crops. When it comes to agriculture, this means that farmers are losing the ability to grow the food that feeds an entire population. Desertification occurs as soil and plant life cannot grow, leaving once-fertile lands barren and dry. The effects that water pollution has on the environment is not just an issue for animals, but it greatly impacts the quality of our lives. Without agriculture, the production of food will start costing a lot more, with food prices soaring, making it almost impossible for even the average family to afford food. In order to ensure that food scarcity is not what future generations will have to deal with, the causes of water pollution need to be dealt with. 

What Are The Ways To Reduce Water Pollution


What Are The Ways To Reduce Water Pollution?

Water pollution solutions involve changing the standard practices that lead to the contamination of the water supply. Through correct waste management tactics and ensuring that chemicals are not released into dams, rivers and the ocean, water pollution can be a thing of the past! Through coming up with innovative ways that do not disrupt industries, brands and businesses can come up with new ways to ensure that the actions and things they do, do not result in water pollution. Teaching these practices to other companies going forward is a way that a more sustainable method of production can be achieved. 

Along with prevention in the releasing of chemicals and harmful substances, water pollution can also be helped by preventing the waste of fresh water. Wasting the water that we do have that is fresh and clean is another part of waste management that should be monitored. By decreasing the amount of water that we use, we can ensure that fresh water supplies do not diminish! 

What Can We Do in Our Daily Lives To Reduce Water Pollution?

If you are thinking about how to prevent water pollution in your day to day life, there are a variety of different things you can do! Facts about water pollution revolve around standard practices not being changed, and if you are able to help adapt your own companies standards, or even just your home, you are working towards helping reduce water pollution! One of the biggest things that you can do to ensure that you are working towards creating a world without water pollution, is buying from brands that have a proven track record in saving water and not polluting water supplies. Brands and businesses that partake in activities that centre around these different tactics are the best companies to support! 

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