Ireland Travel Guide

Ireland Travel Guide

Where Is Ireland?

The beautiful island nation of Ireland is located on the most western side of Europe and it is this continent’s second-largest island! The North Channel sits in between Ireland and Great Britain, separating these two landmasses! The island sits in the Atlantic Ocean, making this region quite cold, particularly during the winter months of the year. This beautiful country is separated into two, with Northern Ireland making up the northernmost parts of the region.

This beautiful nation has spectacular natural wonders along with a history and culture that makes it one of 10 must-see places in our world! When you travel to this island, it is important that you create an itinerary of all the must-see places to see and enjoy as this will ensure you do not miss any of the most beautiful and historic sites that this country has to offer. For the adventure of a lifetime, consider travelling to Ireland in 2022!


What Does Irish Culture Include?

One of the many reasons why this beautiful country sees tons of visitors each year is because of the beautiful and unique Irish culture. The language, music history and even art form part of this old culture and offer visitors the chance to explore Irish heritage like they would have never been able to experience before!

One of the most beautiful parts of Irish culture is the stories and fables to come from this region. Whether you are hoping to explore how the leprechaun ventures to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or the drinking songs that are passed down from generation to generation, learning about the history of the beautiful country through these different fables is exciting for travellers of all ages!

How to Travel to Ireland?

As Ireland is a country that sits off the coast of Great Britain, there are various ways that you can travel to and from this beautiful region when you travel to Ireland. If you are looking to travel to Ireland by boat, there are numerous ferry and crossing options to consider! Whether you are hoping to cross over from the United Kingdom or are travelling to France and then crossing at that port, there are different options for travellers to consider. Crossing with the ferry is a great option as it allows travellers to enjoy a more scenic trip and also ensures that they can see more of the beautiful channel! Travelling along the ferries is so easy, you could even add in a 6 day trip to Iceland using the same form of transportation!

One of the most affordable options for travellers is to travel to Ireland by coach! These bus services connect with the ferries and offer travellers the chance to get from London or even France to Ireland. Due to the fact that crossing the channel to get to Ireland is so popular, many bus services offer all-inclusive tickets to get you to where you need to be in Ireland easily and quickly! Along with coach services, you can also easily travel to Ireland by train and ferry services are used for this travel option as well! When looking at the various different options, be sure that your Ireland travel documents are all in order to avoid disappointment!

What’s the Climate Like in Ireland?

When you travel to Ireland, it is important to consider the time of year that you are going and what type of weather you are hoping to experience on your trip. Ireland is located in the northern hemisphere and therefore it experiences its winter months in December, January and February while the summer months are experienced in June, July and August. It is recommended that travellers visit this beautiful country over the spring and summer months as this is the driest season of the year and the longer daylight hours mean more time for exploring! Though the summer and spring months are known to be the best time to visit this beautiful country, the winter months also offer beautiful scenery and since the temperatures do not get excessively cold, it is still possible to get some amazing sightseeing done!


Where to Stay When You Travel to Ireland?

There are many different regions around this country that would make the ideal destination when you travel to Ireland! From the beautiful old streets of the city of Dublin to the rolling hills of Killarney, the best destination for your trip is entirely dependent on what you are hoping to do and what you want to see! For those nature lovers who are hoping to experience the beautiful countryside that is offered when you travel to Ireland, you should not miss the chance to visit the Aran Islands. These beautiful islands sit off of the western coast of Ireland and they are easily accessible by boat. The untouched landscapes and beautiful countryside allow travellers to experience the natural beauty of this stunning country!

If a visit to a city is more what you are after, you cannot go wrong with a visit to Ireland’s largest city, Dublin! From roaming through the ancient streets to enjoying the culture and cuisine of the region, Dublin has tons to offer those who venture to this vibrant city! If you have anything more than an 8 day trip to Ireland, make sure you see at least three different towns or cities when planning your trip!

What to Eat When You Travel to Ireland?

One of the most amazing things to enjoy when you travel to Ireland is the Celsius cuisine that one can find when they venture to this beautiful country! Irish food is unique because much of it sticks to the old ingredients and methods of cooking, ensuring that you get a traditional experience when it comes to the cuisines that you try! This indulgent food is some of the most delicious in the world, and with new modern touches to older dishes, you are sure to find many different dishes that make your mouth water!

One of the most common types of Irish food is the traditional Irish stew, which is made from a bunch of different traditional ingredients that are all combined in a succulent and delicious broth! If you are after something less hearty than a stew, you would need to be sure to try the famous soda bread! Soda bread is a traditional Irish food, with many families having passed down the recipe for generations! The delicious bread is packed with flavour, ensuring that any traveller would enjoy a slice!


Where Are the Places to Visit When You Travel to Ireland?

Dublin Castle

In the heart of the city of Dublin, travellers will find the beautiful old Dublin Castle, which has been the centre of politics in the country for the last 700 years! Packed with the history of the region, a visit to this spectacular castle will ensure that travellers enjoy a bit of history on their vacation, learning all about the country and the politics of the region over hundreds of years! Many Ireland travel packages will include a stop and tour of the stunning castle, though you can also join in on a sightseeing experience booked on your own!

Trinity College ve Old Library

When you travel to Ireland and visit the beautiful city of Dublin, you may want to consider adding a stop to visit the Trinity College ve Old Library! The cobblestone streets and 18th-century architecture are spectacular to enjoy, and roaming through the streets of the university will make you feel as if you have taken a step back in time! The library itself is also amazing, with the chance for visitors to see some of the 200,000 books in the library!

Grafton Street

If shopping is what you are after when you travel to Ireland, you will have to make sure that you make a stop to experience the famous Grafton Street! As one of the two main shopping streets in Dublin, there are tons of opportunities for travellers to fill up their suitcases or even buy some souvenirs to take home to loved ones! Taking a stroll along this street during the early evening will expose travellers to different cultural entertainment, from musicians to even mimes!

Stephen Green Park

For the perfect place to stop while sightseeing in Dublin and a perfect spot to enjoy a warm sunny day or even a picnic when you travel to Ireland be sure to stop by Stephen Green Park! This beautiful park, located in the centre of Dublin, is packed with beautiful trees and many different areas where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors! When it comes to sustainable tourism, visiting the parks and green spaces of a town or city is a great way to enjoy all that the natural world has to offer when travelling!

Temple Bar

If you are hoping to enjoy a night out on the town when you travel to Ireland, visiting the Temple Bar District in Dublin is a must! This district is packed with different bars and nightclubs that host live music and even famous DJs, ensuring a fun night out when you travel to Ireland! For the best night out with the locals, add in a night out when planning your vacation itinerary!

Phoenix Park

This large urban park has been located in the city of Dublin since the 1600s, originally a hunting park, you can still enjoy deer sights within the reserve today! Phoenix Park is one of the largest enclosed park spaces in all of Europe and offers the perfect spot to enjoy some fresh air when visiting the vibrant city of Dublin!

What Are the Activities That Can be Done When You Travel to Ireland?

When you travel to Ireland, travel tips for vacation freaks include having an idea of what you want to do on your vacation! Determining a basic itinerary and having a few stops that you know you want to make will ensure that you see and do all that you were hoping to! The following is a list of a few activities that can be done when you travel to Ireland.


See the Cliffs of Moher

Along the spectacular West Clare Coast sits one of the most popular tourist attractions to visit when you travel to Dublin. The rugged cliffs are an amazing sight, and show off the beauty of the natural world! Sitting along the cliffs and enjoying the beauty of the rolling hills and sheer cliff face is an exciting addition to your itinerary and should not be missed when you travel to Ireland!

Hike to Powerscourt Falls

For those who are up for an adventure and hike to enjoy some of the Irish countryside, a hike to Powerscourt Falls would be a wonderful addition to include when planning your holiday itinerary in Ireland! The three-kilometre long hike leads hikers along a beautiful path all the way up to the spectacular falls!


Visit the Guinness Storehouse

One of the best things to do when you travel to Ireland is to get a true taste for Guinness! Visiting the Guinness storehouse, which is located in Dublin, will ensure you are able to see exactly how this famous drink is made and maybe get in a few taste tests while you are at it! Enjoy all that this fun activity has to offer when you travel to Ireland and include a stop at the Guinness warehouse on your trip!

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