Izmir Guide: Places to Visit

Izmir Guide: Places to Visit

Izmir is among the world's leading holiday destinations with its historical and natural beauties. This city, which has hosted many states throughout history, still appears as the meeting point of different cultures today. Izmir also attracts attention with its easily accessible location and modern structure. The city is one of the most preferred holiday regions. Turkey's colorful window opening to the west is located in the Aegean Region. Izmir, the second largest city of the Aegean; It is adjacent to the provinces of Balıkesir, Manisa and Aydın. This city has 30 districts with unique beauties.

Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean, attracts the attention of holidaymakers, especially during the summer season, thanks to its natural and historical beauties. This city, which stands out with its modern streets, sea and clean air, is also a large metropolis. Izmir appeals to people who embrace different holiday approaches with its historical places and natural beauties. This being the case, everyone who dreams of a fun and peaceful holiday first wants to make a list of places to visit in this city. Places to visit in Izmir allow visitors to experience unique moments. 

What are the must-visit places in Izmir?

If you are dreaming of a peaceful holiday where you can travel a lot, Izmir may be the ideal destination for you. There are many locations here that you can add to your travel route to have a fun and enjoyable time. While making a list of places to visit in Izmir, a few districts that you should not miss stand out at this point. People with different holiday ideas can find the peace and entertainment they are looking for in the districts of Izmir. The main districts to visit in Izmir are Çeşme, Konak and Urla. 



Çeşme is located among the historical districts of Izmir. A large part of the district's borders is washed by the turquoise waters of the Aegean. The neighbor of this region is Urla. This district, whose history dates back to the 7th century BC , was among the important centers of trade in the past. In Çeşme, which has hosted many states; There are structures such as caravanserais, castles, churches and museums. The 500-year-old Çeşme Castle and Erythrai Ancient City are among the places that can be visited for a cultural and peaceful trip.

The beaches of the district, which has a coastline of 29 kilometers , are one of the biggest reasons why the region stands out. Especially Ilıca Beach is among the favorite places of all holidaymakers with its white sands and shallow sea. You can spread your Green Petition towel on the warm sands of Ilıca and enjoy the sun and the sea. On the way back, you can taste the famous Çeşme kumru.


Alaçatı is one of the first places that come to mind when Izmir is mentioned. This place makes a name for itself with its clean air and postcard-worthy streets. Alaçatı, one of the places to visit in Izmir, is also known for its white stone walls. The peaceful streets of Alaçatı make it possible for you to experience unforgettable moments with your loved ones. This small neighborhood, located in Çeşme, is a frequent destination for surfers as it receives wind 365 days a year. 

When you visit the region, you can see many cultural heritages up close. After a delicious Alaçatı breakfast with local foods, you can take a journey towards Ayios Konstantinos Church. In the evening, you can spend time in the bars and restaurants in the area. If you want to witness the reawakening of nature, you can time your holiday in March and attend the Herb Festival in the region 


Alsancak is one of the must-visit neighborhoods of Izmir. This region, which is affiliated with Konak district, attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. Alsancak District, which becomes colorful with festivals, stands out with its promenade. Kordon, where fish restaurants and bars are located, stretches along the coast. Another indispensable meeting center for holidaymakers is Sevgi Yolu. This street, adorned with palm trees on both sides, also hosts bookstores and jewelers. After walking on the beach accompanied by the clean sea air, you can visit  the Atatürk Museum House .



Urla, where natural and historical beauties form a perfect mosaic, is at the top of the list of places to visit in Izmir. This district, one of the popular holiday destinations, is a paradise on earth with its crystal clear sea and quiet streets. Urla, located on a small peninsula, is frequently visited by those who dream of a peaceful holiday. This old port city is appreciated by those who want to relax alone and have a peaceful time with the family. 

Another spot you can visit when you visit the region is Demircili Bay. This small bay, where every shade of green and blue comes together, attracts the attention of nature lovers with its crystal clear sea. Malgaca Springs and Güvendik Hill are among the notable places of the district. You can visit the Ancient City of Clazomenai to take a cultural break while you spend time in the region . You can visit Art Street to socialize and discover new tastes.


Kordon is one of the streets that come to mind when Izmir is mentioned. The history of this street, which has become the meeting point of Izmir residents, dates back to the 1850s. Kordon, a center that remains lively at all times of the year, is located in Alsancak District. Located between Cumhuriyet Square and Izmir Port, this location is extremely suitable for those who want to enjoy the Aegean air while lying on the lush green grass. After walking along the promenade, you can spend time in the cafes and shops located in the area. 

What are the historical buildings you can visit in Izmir?

Almost everyone who searches for places to visit in Izmir adds historical buildings to their route. The best way to get to know the history and culture of the region closely is to witness the traces left by countless states over time. There are many ancient cities and historical buildings in Izmir. This region can be called the meeting point of civilizations. Izmir attracts the attention of those planning  a cultural trip with its historical places to visit .

Konak Square

Konak, considered the center of the city, is a district containing cultural heritage. The Clock Tower, Waterside Mosque and First Bullet Monument are located in Konak Square. This region is flooded with tourists in every season. There are many activities that can be done in this square, which is one of the places to visit in Izmir. You can watch the sparkling view of the Clock Tower in the evenings and relieve the tiredness of the day with Turkish coffee. You should not forget to feed the pigeons of this huge square with your loved ones. 

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Clock tower

Thanks to its historical buildings, Izmir has won the appreciation of those who like to make cultural trips. The Clock Tower is quite striking. This structure, rising towards the sky with its magnificent architecture, dates back to World War II. It was built on the 25th anniversary of Abdulhamid's accession to the throne. It has a height of 25 meters. It is decorated with white marbles and cut stones. The tower has North African motifs on its columns , and diamond slices stand out on its walls. The clock of the tower is a gift from German Emperor Wilhelm II. 

Yalı Mosque

Many of the places to visit in Izmir are listed in Konak Square. Yalı Mosque contains interesting architectural elements. This mosque, which stands out with its miniature structure , is known for its tiled walls and turquoise arches. The mosque, built by the Kâtipzades in 1755, has an octagonal architecture. The building, which has one minaret and a dome, stands out with its Kütahya tile walls. This mosque almost resembles a museum. Opposite this historical building, which stands out with its dazzling appearance, is the Clock Tower.

Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar

Almost everyone who comes to Konak Square visits Kemeraltı Bazaar to get to know the history and culture of this place. In the bazaar, which contains different traces of the past; tiles, ceramics, wood carvings and woven products. The historical importance of the bazaar has been confirmed thanks to the Roman Bath discovered in 2016 as a result of archaeological excavations . The bazaar, which is completely closed to motor vehicles, is spread over a large area between Mezarlıkbaşı and Konak Square.

Kızlarağası Inn

One of the places to visit in Izmir is Kızlarağası Inn. The building, which dates back to 1744, has a monumental feature. The inn, which has various elements of Ottoman architecture, was built by Hacı Beşir Ağa . The inn, which was one of the important trade centers of Izmir in the past, has souvenir shops and a tea garden. The historical building in Konak is among the places that should be visited by those planning a cultural trip. 

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What are the Natural Beauties You Should See in Izmir?

For a peaceful and fun-filled holiday, it is useful to research places to visit in Izmir in advance. You can choose to prepare a list to enjoy this city, which combines nature and history into a perfect mosaic. It is possible to rest your soul by adding nature tours to cultural excursions. There are countless natural places to visit in Izmir. You can witness unique views in this city, which brings together every shade of green and blue. If you want to go on a peaceful trip, you can visit the untouched small villages of Izmir. It is recommended that you add nature parks and valleys to your list for long walks with your loved ones. 


In this neighborhood of Ödemiş, there is Gölcük Lake, which was formed as a result of tectonic movements. The neighborhood, which is remembered with its centuries-old trees and pine forests, is one of the untouched beauties of Izmir. Gölcük, one of the favorites of those who want to get away from city life and find peace, makes a name for itself with its clean air. The neighborhood, which has become a frequent destination for campers , is located on a cute and peaceful plateau. 

It is also possible to take day trips and picnics in the region, which has every shade of green. Gölcük Lake, identified with the neighborhood, is located right in the middle of this charming plateau. This geographical structure, which has a depth of approximately 5 meters, is located 1100 meters above the sea . The region, which has a very high altitude, is also close to Bozdağ, one of the important ski resorts of the Aegean. The lake, which sometimes freezes in winter, is frequently visited by holidaymakers in spring and summer. 


Bozdağ, the heaven on earth for Aegean skiers, is among the frequent destinations of those who want to have a holiday surrounded by nature. Bozdağ, one of the places to visit in Izmir, is a neighborhood of Ödemiş district. Neighborhood with an altitude of 1135 meters; It is covered with centuries-old oak, pine and plane trees. This region, which hosts the most beautiful views of nature in spring and summer, is covered with a snow-white blanket in winter. Famous for its ski resort, Bozdağ is among the indispensable points of winter tourism in the Aegean. The region, which is suitable for nature sports such as mountaineering and skiing , fascinates all visitors with its clean air. 

Homer Valley

If you are dreaming of a peaceful holiday surrounded by nature, you should definitely add Homer Valley to your list of places to visit in Izmir. Offering a view covered with greenery, this location is located within the borders of Bornova district. Homer Valley; It has been a frequent destination for travelers, historians, literary figures and artists from past to present. This natural wonder took its name from the Greek poet Homer. The cave where the artist lived is located in the heart of the valley. This small and narrow cave is located at a point that overlooks the view of the entire valley. The valley, which is 7 km long, has 18 ponds and 103 bird species . 

Nebiler Valley and Waterfall

Nebiler Valley and Waterfall stand out among the places to visit in Izmir. Those who dream of a peaceful stroll surrounded by nature often visit Nebiler Waterfall. This natural beauty in Dikili district is also known as Aşıklar Waterfall. The waterfall, which is the subject of many legends, hosts unique views. This place is among the favorites of individuals who are nature lovers. The Crying Cave is located on the road leading to the source of the waterfall and is surrounded by different plant species. The cave, with tear-like drops on it, has an extremely impressive appearance.

Karagöl Nature Park

Karagöl Nature Park is among the natural heritages in Izmir. The park, which contains every shade of green, is a frequent destination for those who want to have peaceful family walks and picnics. Located 850 meters above the sea, the park is connected to Menemen. Bicycle and safari tours are organized so that people can travel around the lake. The nature park, which also includes caravan and camping areas, has become the subject of legends with its untouched nature. 

Karagöl is known as Lake Tantalus in mythology. According to legend, Tantalus, the only mortal who managed to sit at the table of the gods, was thrown into a crevice on the mountain. It is believed that Karagöl was formed as a result of this rift turning into a lake. Entrance to this park, which has become a frequent destination for both nature and literature lovers during the summer months, is paid.

In Which Months of the Year Should You Visit Izmir?

Izmir is famous for its touristic and historical places. The pearl of the Aegean, which is flooded with tourists at all times of the year, has a Mediterranean climate. People who want to have a pleasant summer holiday here generally prefer the period between May and September . At this point, it should not be forgotten that the temperature in the region is extremely high during the summer months. Those who want to visit Izmir to the fullest without being affected by the summer heat can choose the spring months. 

What Do You Need to Know Before Going to Izmir?

There are a few points that people who prepare a list of places to visit in Izmir should pay attention to. These make it possible for you to have a much more enjoyable holiday experience. Elements you can consider are listed as follows: 

  • The designer of the Eiffel Tower in Izmir has two separate works. By visiting Basmane Train Station and Konak Pier, you can examine the elements of French architecture and also shop.
  • Izmir has a 40-kilometer uninterrupted bicycle path. If you are dreaming of a nature-friendly holiday, you can travel on bicycles.  
  • Bostanlı Market Place is one of the spots you can visit during your holiday. You can buy organic certified products here. After completing your shopping, you can visit the bars and restaurants in Bostanlı. 
  • Izmir is also a very rich city in terms of festivals and fairs . This is where the jazz, puppet and grass festivals held in March come out. The Balkan Festival, held in September, makes it possible for people to bid farewell to the summer with enthusiasm. 

Summer holidays are very enjoyable in this city, which has 629 km of coastline. You can use recycled towels to feel comfortable and protect nature while spending time on the beaches of the Aegean. Loincloths and towels produced by Green Petition also stand out with their stylish designs. These products help you protect nature while reflecting your style. 

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