Kaş Travel Guide

Kaş Travel Guide

Kaş is a district located in Antalya province of Turkey. There are countless historical beauties in this town, which is flocked by many tourists, especially in the summer months. As a result of the intense interest it receives, the Kaş region offers a wide range of activity opportunities to its guests. The district has hotel options and camping areas to suit the tastes of all visitors. Although Kaş is not a very large region, it is among the favorites of holidaymakers thanks to its cultural and natural riches. Visitors determining a route and preparing a to-do list before their Kaş trip ensures unforgettable experiences. You can make your holiday much more productive by reading this article before visiting Kaş.

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Make Travel Planning Before Going to Kaş

Anyone who wants to visit Kaş, one of Antalya's popular holiday regions, would benefit from doing detailed research on this district first. Getting an idea about the region and drawing the route of places to visit makes a much more enjoyable trip possible. You can take your expectations into consideration to create a Kaş travel guide for yourself. In addition to the climatic characteristics of the region, you can also take into account which dates it is more crowded or quieter. Before taking a trip to Kaş, it would be useful to take a look at the locations of historical and natural beauties on the map.


When Should You Go to Kaş?

People who create a Kaş travel plan should first determine the appropriate date for this trip. Kaş is located in Antalya. This province is located in the Mediterranean Region of our country. Due to the climatic characteristics of the region, temperatures rise to very high levels in summer. For this reason, many people prefer summer months to visit Kaş . On the other hand, individuals who are sensitive to heat can also visit the district in spring. Due to the temperate climate of the region, extremely low temperatures are not observed in Kaş even in winter. Since the town in question receives plenty of rainfall, it would not be right to say that this period is extremely suitable for a trip. Kaş is flooded with visitors, especially in summer.

Which Transportation Modes Can You Prefer When Going to Kaş?

While creating the Kaş travel route, after determining the travel dates, a decision must be made about which transportation method will be preferred. There are more than one transportation method that people can choose to travel to Kaş. One of the commonly preferred alternatives is road transportation. People can come to Kaş from all over Turkey with their personal vehicles and buses.

People who will travel by bus should first come to the bus station in the city center. From this point, you can easily reach the Kaş region via city public transportation and taxis. Since you will witness other beauties of Antalya during this journey, you can choose this alternative if you do not have any time constraints.

People who want to come to Kaş with their personal vehicles can easily reach anywhere in Antalya. There are also many companies providing car rental services in this region. Another frequently preferred alternative is air travel. Thanks to the airport located in Antalya, it is possible to reach Kaş by plane from many regions of Turkey. After arriving in Antalya, people can arrive in Kaş by choosing one of the services such as car rental, taxi or public transportation.

Where can you stay when you go to Kaş?

After determining the Kaş travel route, it is time to review accommodation alternatives. There are a variety of accommodation options that people can choose for their Kaş trip. There are many facilities in the region that have adopted different service concepts. Hotel stars, locations and facilities vary. At this point, people should make a choice by taking their priorities and expectations into consideration.

There are also many boutique hotels in Kaş. The authentic decorations of these facilities and the fact that they serve a smaller number of guests attract the attention of individuals who want to feel special. Another accommodation option that can be preferred for a Kaş trip is rental villas and apartments. It is possible for people to rent villas and apartments that offer different facilities for themselves. The fees for these residences are determined by taking certain factors into consideration. Some of those; These can be listed as pool, jacuzzi and number of rooms.

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What are the places to visit in Kaş?

When creating a Kaş travel map, you can easily notice that there are many places to visit and see. There are countless historical ruins and artifacts in the region. The town's cultural heritage, intertwined with nature , manages to fascinate holidaymakers. There are many places to visit during your trip to Kaş. We have put together some of these locations for you.

Kaş Theater

Kaş Theater is one of the works found in the ancient city of Phellos . There are many traces left from this ancient city in the region. However, the work that has preserved its integrity and attracted the most attention is undoubtedly the theater in question. The most important feature of this building is that it is the only theater in Anatolia designed and built facing the sea. The design features of the historical building from the Hellenistic period easily attract the attention of visitors. This theater has a very imposing appearance with a total capacity of 3000 people. The work, which was restored in 2008, was appreciated by people.


It can be said that Kalkan is another place that people who visit Kaş should not return without seeing. You may even consider updating your travel route as a Kaş Kalkan travel guide. There are many ruins from ancient times within the borders of this town. The Lycian Civilization was founded in the land where the town of Kalkan is located. It is known that many different communities lived in this region after the civilization in question. For this reason, the town is of great historical importance. Kalkan also manages to fascinate visitors with its natural beauties. If you are looking for 10 holiday routes for your nature holiday, you should definitely add this town to your list.  

Kaş Villages

There are many small villages in the region that will allow you to have a pleasant time. There are 33 villages in Kaş district . You can also add these locations to your list of places to visit in Kaş. You can taste local flavors and experience different cultural riches at the points you visit. You can visit these charming villages to get rid of the stress caused by the fast pace of the city by spending time in a completely natural environment.

Saklıkent Canyon

Saklıkent Canyon is another natural wonder that is only 64 km away from Kaş . Although transportation to this area may seem a bit difficult at first, the view you will encounter when you arrive at the canyon will instantly relieve you of the fatigue of the journey. On the other hand, you should consider that you may need special equipment to proceed in Saklıkent Canyon. You can rent different equipment, such as non-slip shoes, from businesses serving in the region and make your trip much safer. 

Meis Island

Our last suggestion that you can add to your Kaş travel notes is Meis Island. This lovely piece of land is included in the borders of Greece. It is possible to reach the island by boats departing from Kaş. Individuals who will visit Meis Island also have the opportunity to participate in a Kaş boat trip . It is extremely easy to reach this island, which is only 6 km away from the town. At this point, you can take unique landscape photos and spend time in touch with nature. In addition, you can have a delicious meal in the restaurants and cafes on the island. 

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What are the must-do things in Kaş?

This region is among the most popular tourist attractions in Antalya. The density of visitors in this town has made Kaş quite lively. In addition to the deep blue sea within the district borders, many cafes, bars and restaurants allow people to have a pleasant time. The climatic characteristics of Kaş make it possible to do various sports activities . This region is among the popular spots in Turkey for paragliding . If you enjoy adrenaline-filled sports, you can also visit Kaş.

Enjoy the Sea and Sun at Kaputaş Beach

Holidaymakers visiting this region can enjoy its natural beauties at Kaputaş Beach. The color of the sea here is exactly turquoise. You can spend your time peacefully by immersing yourself in the deep blue waters. You can go down to the beach via stairs with many steps. You can visit this location and immerse yourself in the golden sands. If you want to spend your time here in a more comfortable way, it would be beneficial to take one of the recycled beach towel models with you. These products are manufactured without harming the nature and dry in a very short time thanks to their functional structure. You can choose these products to avoid feeling uncomfortable while sunbathing or after getting out of the sea.

Be in Touch with Nature at Kaş Camping Area

Kaş region stands out with its green areas and other natural beauties as well as its sea. In this district, there are bungalow houses and many hotels located in nature. Individuals who want to spend time in a lush green environment can visit the camping areas in the district. People can stay at these points by taking their tents with them. On the other hand, there are also camping areas suitable for caravans in Kaş. You can spend pleasant and peaceful time with your loved ones in these spots intertwined with nature. 

Dive with Loggerheads & Fish

Caretta caretta hatchlings meet the sea every year at Patara Beach . This unique view fascinates especially animal lovers. Many volunteer teams work intensively in the region to protect the eggs of the mentioned creatures from external dangers. You can also join the team by visiting this place. In this way, you can both have a unique experience and contribute to the protection of the living rights of living creatures.

If you want to see not only the surface but also the deep parts of Kaş's deep blue waters, you can participate in diving activities in the region. You can dive into the depths of the sea with trained professionals and discover the world of Caretta carettas and colorful fish. You can experience this unique experience both alone and with your loved ones. In this way, you can make your holiday much more unforgettable.

Canoe Over the Sunken Ancient City of Simena in Kekova

Simena Ancient City is one of the historical ruins located in the Kaş region of Antalya. As a result of an earthquake that occurred in the past, the Ancient City of Simena was flooded. Touring with canoes in this region has become one of the most popular activities in the town today. During this trip, you can easily see the underwater ruins.

You can visit the entire ancient city in question by canoe. If you want to get more detailed information about this region, you can also join the daily tours. In this way, you can have an idea about the architectural features of the buildings in the Ancient City of Simena. This trip by canoe is very comfortable. This makes it possible for the activity in question to be done by individuals from different age groups.  

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