Morocco Travel Guide

Morocco Travel Guide

Where Are The Places to Visit When You Travel to Morocco?

When you travel to Morocco, you will be spoiled for choice with all the activities and sights that you are able to experience and see! With so much to do, it is important to know a few of the top places to visit when you travel to Morocco, which is why we have composed a list of a few of these different sights! The following are just a few of the must-visit spots to include on your holiday itinerary when you travel to Morocco!


When you travel to Morocco, a stop to see the beautiful city of Marrakesh would ensure you have the very best holiday and get to see some of the most amazing sights that this beautiful country has to offer! From the ancient part of the city to the beautiful winding streets of the new districts, Marrakesh has so much to offer those who decide to take a trip to this vibrant city! Marrakesh is also known as ‘The Red City’ thanks to its vibrantly coloured buildings that were designed and built using red clay. Along with having a beautiful city to explore, the outer regions of Marrakesh include the Atlas Mountains, which is a popular destination for those who visit in winter!


To see and experience how the modern world has impacted the beautiful country of Morocco, it would be a great idea to visit the main port city of Casablanca! As this city is home to the main International Airport of Morocco, travellers would more than likely start off their trip in this part of the country. The bustling city centre has a modern appeal like nothing else in the religion, and it makes the perfect first stop on your Moroccan adventure!


For those who are hoping to travel to Morocco to get some much needed time relaxing under the warm African sun, a trip to the resort city of Agadir on the coast of Morocco would be a great destination to include in your travels! Agadir has many amazing attractions and the modern feel of the resort-styled regions of the city makes it the perfect destination for those hoping to enjoy the modern feel of this beautiful country! When you travel to Morocco, considering a stop to see the spectacular city of Agadir would definitely be a highlight to add to your trip!


How to Travel to Morocco?

The easiest way to reach Morocco would be to fly into one of the main international airports. The most common airport to receive international flights and the one that the majority of airlines fly into is Casablanca Airport (CMN). From here, you can connect to various local flights that can take you all over the country! Morocco is also home to one of the biggest international ports in Africa, and there are ferries that come from different European countries! This ferry ride offers a great chance to experience something unique and can take travellers across the beautiful Mediterranean Sea! With so many different options of how you can travel to Morocco, it is a great destination to visit if you are thinking of taking a trip!

When to Go to Morocco?

Unlike travel in Europe and other destinations across the globe, it is best to avoid the high summer temperatures, as the regions around Morocco can reach scorching and uncomfortable temperatures over this period. When you travel to Morocco, it is recommended that visitors consider a trip in autumn, which falls in late September or early October, or in spring, which falls in late March or early April, as the warm temperatures during these time periods offer the perfect weather to enjoy the many sightseeing opportunities available! Remember to follow the travel tips for vacation freaks when planning a trip to any new location, and take the advice of the locals about the weather when planning a trip!

Where to Stay in Morocco?

There are a variety of different places to stay when you travel to Morocco, and the areas that you decide to visit depend entirely on what you are hoping to see and do. For a more cosmopolitan experience where you can enjoy one of Morocco’s most vibrant cities, a trip to see Casablanca would be right up your alley! The beautiful streets combine the old with the new in a perfect mix, ensuring you feel the touch of Morocco along with all of the best modern amenities anyone could ask for! If you are after something that is a bit more traditional and in line with the culture and history of this spectacular country, Marrakesh has stunning ancient sites and access to the old part of the city that has been preserved for travellers and locals to enjoy! No matter what type of trip you are after when you travel to Morocco, travellers will be spoilt for choice with the sights and activities that are offered!


What to Do in Morocco?

From a 7 day Morocco itinerary to those who decide to visit the region for months, there are some things that you cannot miss when you travel to Morocco! To ensure that you do not miss out on any of the most amazing experiences, getting a few Morocco travel books to highlight the best things to do is a great way to plan your trip!

Walk in the Sahara Desert

As Morocco is a country located in the Sahara Desert, one of the most amazing activities to enjoy when you venture to this vibrant country is to go into the desert and enjoy any of the amazing activities offered! From riding camels to sandboarding down some of the world’s highest dunes, there is tons to do when you venture into this remote region! History is also an important aspect to learn about and understand, and with a guided tour of this vast region, you can learn how generations have survived using the desert in unique ways! As one of the 10 must-see places in our world, do not miss out on the chance to explore a small part of this beautiful landscape.

Use a Moroccan Bath

Any travel guide for Morocco would include that you should use a Moroccan bath, also known as a Moroccan hammam, at least once on your trip! A Moroccan bath is a public steam room where the people within a town go to clean themselves! This is actually considered to be a social event for men, women, and children or collectively joining together and using the public facilities. While this was traditionally something that was done a long time ago, it holds great cultural significance within the country! Travellers should feel free to join in and enjoy any of the public facilities within the city that they are visiting! This is a great way to meet the locals and enjoy a traditional Moroccan experience. This is also a great way to promote sustainable tourism while you are visiting this beautiful region!


See the Blue City Chefchaouen

A city located in the mountains, Chefchaouen offers spectacular views with uniquely designed and coloured architecture that can be seen throughout the entire city! No one is exactly sure why the city was painted blue, but the unique design and colour of the houses and buildings in this city has earned it the name “The Blue City”! This spectacular city is great to visit and experience for yourself, and along with being able to view the unique architecture, there are tons more to see and do!

What to Eat in Morocco?

Part of truly experiencing a country or a city is getting to experience the food culture and taste all of the unique flavours and types of food that are native to a specific region. By using a Morocco travel map, travellers can carve out all of the best foodie destinations to be sure that they include when they travel to Morocco! The delicious cuisine that is native to the regions of Morocco is rich in flavour, and spice is a large part of the food culture!

What are the Cultural Riches of Morocco?

Whether you are planning a 5 day Morocco itinerary or are hoping to spend a bit more time exploring this beautiful nation, enjoying the rich culture and history of Morocco! Whether you’re enjoying the food or exploring any of the many beautiful sights, ensuring that you follow all of the Morocco travel guidelines is extremely important. This works to preserve the heritage and cultural significance of the regions that you visit, and with Morocco having many old and even ancient sites, this is an important thing to consider throughout your trip!


What to Wear in Morocco?

When it comes to the best travel tips for Morocco, it is important to consider the clothing you pack in your suitcase when you venture to this sublime and beautiful country. Your Morocco travel outfits need to take the weather and time of year you are venturing to this beautiful country as this is an important part of having a comfortable experience. Morocco is known for the scorching summer weather, and being a region that is located near the Sahara Desert, the temperatures can be extremely high. Wearing clothing that is cool and covers you appropriately will ensure that you do not get too hot or burn while you are out sightseeing.

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