Places to Visit in Fethiye, Gift of Nature

Places to Visit in Fethiye, Gift of Nature

What are the places to visit in Fethiye?

Fethiye, one of the distinguished districts of Muğla, hosts many local and foreign tourists throughout the year. The region, which is flooded with visitors especially in the summer months, is among the favorites of holidaymakers thanks to its bays and beaches. You can have a unique holiday experience by visiting this unique region , which stands out with its natural and historical beauties, with your loved ones. We have compiled for you the places to visit in Muğla Fethiye. 

Kelebekler vadisi

butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley, one of the places to visit in Fethiye, is located in Ölüdeniz town. This region is surrounded by 350-meter steep cliffs. This geographical structure protects the valley like a castle. Butterfly Valley, which is somewhat distant from the outside world, is less affected by environmental pollution. Acting sensitively by businesses in the region helps protect natural life. 

Thus, more than 80 species of butterflies living in the valley and endemic plants growing on the foothills of Babadağ continue to live their lives peacefully. Butterfly Valley has been put out to tender and sold several times in the past. At that time, huge mulberry, citrus and various fruit trees were cut down. The region, which was later taken under protection and afforested, is today operated by taking into account the concepts of ecological agriculture and tourism.


Kayaköy is one of the alternatives among the places to visit in Fethiye. The village, which has a history of five thousand years, is located 9 km south of Fethiye. The region is called by this name because it is built on slopes. The houses lined up on top of each other in Kayaköy have a magnificent view of Ölüdeniz and receive the same amount of sun. However, there is no one living in these Greek houses that were abandoned years ago. 

The stone streets hiding the interesting architecture of Kayaköy, which is called the ghost city, are like a museum. The abandoned houses, churches, fountains and gardens you will find next to these narrow roads are worth seeing. Since Kayaköy is not an active living area, it has not been polluted as a result of public transportation, fuels used for heating, and waste generated by factories . This is one of the areas with the cleanest air around Fethiye. 

Dodecanese Islands

When it comes to places to see in Fethiye, one of the first places that come to mind is the Dodecanese Islands. This location consists of a total of twelve islands and bays. These natural areas; They are listed as Yassıca Islands, Hamam Bay, Kurşunlu Bay, Tersane Island, Bedri Rahmi Bay, Yavansu, Göcek Island, Boynızbükü, Göbün Bay, Domuz Island, Zeytin Island and Kızıl Island. 

Yassica Islands consists of five islands of different sizes. Hamam Bay is also known as Cleopatra's Bath by many people. There is a Byzantine Monastery buried under the sea in this region. Bedri Rahmi Bay is called by this name because of the fish paintings painted on rocks by the famous painter. The Dodecanese Islands have become a frequent destination for many people thanks to their natural beauties.

Fethiye Museum

Following the devastating effects of the earthquake in Fethiye in 1957, reconstruction works began in the city and the movable works unearthed from the foundations during these activities were exhibited in and around the port. Fethiye Archeology Museum first included these artifacts from the foundations of collapsed buildings in the city in its collection. In 1962, efforts to establish a museum accelerated.

 As a result of the increase in the number of works, the construction of the building started in 1982 and this work was completed in 1987. Some of the historical ruins in the museum date back to 3000 BC and some from the Ottoman Empire. Ceramic works, trilingual or bilingual inscriptions and votive offerings to the gods are just some of the pieces in the museum. If you are going to visit the region, you can add this building to your list of places to visit in Fethiye.

Ölüdeniz Shores

There are countless places to visit in Fethiye Ölüdeniz. The region is called by this name because not a single moss grows on the seashore and the water is quite calm. Ölüdeniz, the pearl of the Mediterranean, offers a magnificent view with its white sandy beach and turquoise to blue sea. 

So much so that in 2006, it was chosen as the most beautiful beach in the world in the internet survey of Bild, one of Germany's highest-circulation newspapers . Ölüdeniz shores; It is home to many natural beauties such as Kumburnu Beach, Ölüdeniz National Park, Babadağ, Hisarönü Town, Patara Beach and Patara Ancient City, Saklıkent Canyon and the Lycian Way. 

What are the activities to do in Fethiye?

This region stands out not only with its natural and historical beauties, but also with the opportunities it offers to visitors. Many activities you can do in Fethiye will make your holiday much more enjoyable. While some of these appeal to adrenaline enthusiasts, others attract the attention of people who want to experience the beauties of the underwater world. Here are the activities you can do in Fethiye.

Fethiye Paraşüt


In addition to places to visit, Fethiye also has areas where many different activities can be done. Paragliding is among the favorites of many people because Muğla's Fethiye district is among the few centers of this sport . Especially Babadağ, with an altitude of 1965 meters in Ölüdeniz neighborhood, attracts a lot of attention from local and foreign tourists who are interested in paragliding or just want to have an exciting experience. 

People who ascend to the sky via paragliding from Babadağ are left alone with the magnificent view of Ölüdeniz. Fethiye's mild climate conditions allow visitors who want to do paragliding to experience this experience until the last days of November. Paragliding in Ölüdeniz is very safe as it is an activity performed by experienced professionals. 

Underwater Diving

There are many bays in Fethiye where underwater diving can be done. The most famous diving spot is the Fethiye Turkish Bath, which was also known as the Mexican Hat for a while. This region, which offers magnificent views especially for underwater photographers, also hosts many marine creatures and migratory fish. For those who are new to diving, Dalyan Bay , which is not too deep, is ideal. On the other hand, this location is also suitable for night diving and is very rich in terms of living population. 

Kızılada Lighthouse, whose undersea topography resembles an amphitheatre, is suitable for intermediate and advanced divers. Afkule is called the best diving spot in Fethiye with a depth of up to 50 meters. Of course, this place can only be preferred by advanced divers. The diving experience that starts inside the Afkule cave allows you to experience unique moments.


One of the extreme sports and enjoyable activities that can be done in Fethiye is windsurfing. Çalış Beach , which has favorable weather and sea conditions , is frequently visited by people who want to do this sport. With the strength you get from the wind, you can make fast slaloms and high jumps over the magnificent sea of ​​Fethiye. You can also choose to do this activity to make your holiday much more enjoyable.

Daily Boat Tours

One of the most practical ways to see the places to visit in Fethiye is to join a boat tour. The reason for this is that it will take a long time to visit the unique coasts of the region one by one. Visitors who want to see all the bays and islands can choose daily boat tours, which start early in the morning and end at sunset. 

Boats departing from the port stop at Knight's Island and then pass one by one to the Dodecanese Islands region. Thanks to this service, many places that cannot be reached by road can be visited. Daily boat tours; Apart from the Dodecanese Islands, it is also preferred by those who want to see natural beauties such as Gemile Island, Cold Water Bay, Blue Cave, Butterfly Valley, Camel Beach and Aquarium Bay. During these tours, which last approximately 8 - 9 hours, you can find yourself alone with the fascinating sea view. 


The geographical conditions in Turkey have created many ideal spots for rafting. Dalaman Stream , located between Fethiye and Marmaris , is extremely suitable for doing this sport. Those who want to experience adventure in cool waters, especially in the summer heat, can choose canoe-rafting activity.

Dalaman Stream originates from Koçaş Mountain near Dirmil in Burdur province and stretches for 229 km before flowing into the sea 8 km south of Muğla Ortaca. This stream is stuck between giant rocks and pine forests. White foamy, high flow and cool waters attract the attention of people who enjoy rafting. Thanks to state-of-the-art boats, life jackets and helmets, anyone can kayak-rafting.

What are the most beautiful bays of Fethiye?



Perhaps the most famous place to visit in Fethiye is Ölüdeniz. The beach and lagoon in this area offer visitors a unique view. You can also come to this area to sunbathe, swim and dive. Ölüdeniz coasts, with their beautiful bays, are among the places frequented by holidaymakers and travelers. Here you can paraglide and fly like a bird over a unique landscape. 

You can also take an ATV trip in this region. Camping enthusiasts and people who enjoy hiking can also choose Ölüdeniz bays. You can watch the natural beauties and immerse yourself in the cool waters by going on a tour by boat. If you wish, you can also take a cultural tour along the shores of Ölüdeniz, which hosts ancient cities and old buildings.

butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is among the places to visit in Fethiye. Since this valley is surrounded by steep cliffs, it is not affected by the adverse weather conditions of hot summer days. In the region, where you can cool off with a light breeze during the day, air currents from the mountains dominate at night. While autumn is like summer in Butterfly Valley, the winter months are not challenging. This place can be visited in every season. 

You can spend a day in Butterfly Valley or camp in this unique area. You can choose any date you want, from the beginning of April to the end of September. In fact, it is sometimes possible for this period to extend until the end of October. Those who want to spend the night in Butterfly Valley can choose bungalows or tree houses.


Kabak Bay

Kabak Bay was actually discovered quite recently, in 1987. This region is located in Faralya Village in the south of Fethiye. You can reach Kabak Bay on foot or by tractor from the village, which is located on a slope sloping towards the sea . This area, which leaves visitors completely alone with nature, is ideal for those who want to relieve the tiredness of city life and have a serene holiday away from the crowds.

Zucchini dark; The environment is not affected by sound and air pollution. The length of the beach is 200 meters. It is located at the point where a canyon-shaped valley surrounded by slopes on three sides meets the sea. The waterfalls and ponds formed by Aladere in the bay create a unique view.

Gemile Bay

Among the places to visit in Fethiye is Gemile Bay, which can be preferred by those who want to make a cultural trip. This region, also known as Hagia Nikola, still bears the traces of history. Especially the old church ruins and the tunnels opened to provide passage between buildings attract the attention of visitors. There are also cistern ruins on the seashore here. As a result of the great earthquakes in 240 - 241, the ruins on the coast were submerged, but these wrecks can be seen with the naked eye today.

Thanks to its magnificent beach, this is an ideal bay for those who want to enjoy the trio of sea, sand and sun. In addition, thanks to its rugged and mountainous structure, it is also suitable for nature sports such as trekking. Gemile Bay is surrounded by pine and olive trees. The region is one of the places frequented by boat tours and picnickers.

Kıdrak Bay

Fethiye is a distinguished town with places to visit around. Another one of these is Kıdrak Bay. The first thing that greets people who visit this region is pine trees. You can feel very peaceful in this region, which has a turquoise sea and a clean beach. 

Due to its large green area, this place has become a preferred picnic area not only for local people and local tourists, but also for foreigners. Kıdrak Bay, one of the places to visit in Fethiye, is also home to many living species. It is possible to see partridges, swallows, woodpeckers, starlings, tree sparrows, hawks, hawks, owls, crows, wild boars, foxes and rabbits in the region.

Katrancı Bay

Katrancı Bay is one of the regions preferred by people who want to camp in Fethiye. Katrancı Bay, which is also a nature park, is divided into three different regions by an imaginary line . The 1st bay is a frequent destination for those who want to benefit from the clear sea and enjoy the beach for a day. Those who want both a seaside holiday and camping prefer the 2nd bay. The 3rd area is a frequently visited spot by those who choose to use Katrancı Bay as a picnic area. You can also have a holiday surrounded by nature in this area.

Soğuksu Bay

One of the coolest places to visit in Fethiye is Soğuksu Bay. This place is located in Kayaköy. A cold and fresh water spring emerges from the rocks in the sea-facing area of ​​the village. For this reason, the sea temperature in the region where the bay is located is 10 - 15 degrees lower than in other regions. Despite this, many people prefer this place for swimming. Soğuksu bay stands out as a natural cooling area, especially in the scorching summer heat. You can visit this place via boat tours or choose it for camping.

Belcekiz Bay

Belcekız Bay is located in Ölüdeniz. It has a long and golden sandy beach. Belceğiz Beach, also known as Belceğiz Beach, is ideal for enjoying the trio of sea, sand and sun, and is also a landing strip for paragliding enthusiasts . You can visit this location to swim, sunbathe or do water sports such as sailing, jet skiing and surfing. Belcekız Bay, which has a very interesting natural view, allows you to experience unforgettable moments during your holiday.

Cennet Bay

Another location that comes to mind when it comes to places to visit in Fethiye is Cennet Bay. As the name suggests, this is one of the beautiful places in Fethiye. To reach Cennet Bay, you must first pass through Kabak Bay. You can complete this journey by boat or on foot. On the other hand, Cennet Bay is an area frequently preferred by those who want to go trekking with a sea view .

Günlü Bay

Günlü Bay is located on the Gölcek highway. It is quite easy to reach this location. The name of the bay comes from the sweetgum tree that is abundant in this region . This living species has a unique, pleasant smell. This plant, which is frequently used in medicine and perfume making, is the source of the sweet smell that surrounds Gunlü Bay from the first light of the morning until sunset. You can also relax by visiting this region and return from your holiday much more vigorous.

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