Popular Destinations in Turkey for Paragliding

Popular Destinations in Turkey for Paragliding

What is Paragliding?

Paragliding is one of the extreme sports most preferred by nature enthusiasts. The pleasure of parachuting, which puts the whole world under your feet while the wind caresses your hair, is a source of adrenaline and happiness . When Turkey's most beautiful landscapes and sloping slopes are added to this, paragliding turns into a dream activity.   

Most people who dream of a pleasant and exciting holiday research questions such as what is paragliding before going on holiday. Paragliding, also known as paragliding in English, may seem like a touristic activity, but it can also be described as a lifestyle. Freestyle parachuting, which is considered a very light aircraft , is the ancestor of this extreme sport . Paragliding, unlike free jumping, is done on inclined slopes. 

Run on the slope, jump and let yourself dance with the wind! Paragliding consists of a few basic steps like this. Once you leave yourself in the lap of nature, you may never want to go back to land again. However, you need a few techniques to protect you from accidents on the way back. Of course, if you are doing this activity as an amateur, you will definitely have an instructor with you. Just listen to his words and enjoy the view! 

What are the physical conditions of paragliding?

Paragliding, indispensable for action and adrenaline enthusiasts, is also a must in holiday regions. Colorful parachutes, which offer a perfect visual feast to those on land, are a unique passion for those who practice this sport. We are sure that you will look forward to doing this extreme sport, which seems like a few minutes at first, dozens of times. 

You must have a few physical attributes to run along the slope and immerse yourself in unique views and freedom. Paragliding allows you to learn to dance with the air while surrendering yourself to nature. However, a certain weight is needed for the parachute to provide ideal balance and orientation while resisting the wind. To paraglide, especially with an instructor, the participant must weigh between 40 and 105 kilograms 

In terms of safety and health; People with epilepsy, fear of heights, heart, waist, asthma and pregnant women are also prohibited from parachuting. The minimum age limit for participants is 16. You should keep in mind that many companies do not accept participants under the age of 16, and some require parental permission. There is also an upper age limit of 55 for paragliding. 

The Most Beautiful Paragliding Spots in Turkey

Turkey is a perfect location for paragliding with both its weather conditions and unique views. It is flocked by local and foreign tourists with its magnificent nature; Aegean, Mediterranean, Black Sea and Marmara ranks first in paragliding. However, there are also parachute locations inland that offer both clean air and unique views. If you are wondering where to go paragliding for a pleasant and purifying holiday after a busy work year, we have the answers! 



Babadağ, the first paragliding region of our country , offers a good opportunity to feel the adrenaline in your bones with its 3 types of jumping tracks. Moreover, all three tracks are fun with different difficulty levels. After a pleasant flight, the landing pad is Belcekız beach, located on the coast of Ölüdeniz. Located 7 km behind the coast, Babadağ is a perfect location to watch Ölüdeniz beach from a bird's eye view. The parachute track, which can be reached in just a few minutes from Ölüdeniz, is crowded between April and October.

Mount Asas/Kaş

Kaş is one of the most preferred holiday destinations with its natural beauties and wide activity areas. With its clear blue sea, this is the ideal location not only for water sports but also for paragliding. Asas, which has the most important nature sports tracks, gives the opportunity to watch all Antalya views from above with paragliding. Asas paragliding trips,  where landings are made at Kaş port , can take up to 40 minutes.


Although paragliding is mostly done in the Mediterranean, how about watching the rough waves of the Black Sea from a bird's eye view? You can watch the most beautiful views of Ordu with an adrenaline-filled flight from Boztepe, at an altitude of 530 meters . Moreover, this is one of the most preferred tracks due to its ease of transportation. Boztepe track, which is extremely qualified with its ground and width, is among the first choices of adrenaline enthusiasts. 

Talas Ali Dağı

Talas Ali Mountain/Kayseri

If you want to have a pleasant parachute experience, the secret is in Ali Dağ, which even hosted the Olympics! The place where the World Paragliding Championship was held in 2004 is a favorite of local and foreign tourists with its perfect nature. You can immerse yourself in the clean and natural views of Kayseri with a short, breathtaking journey from the track located at an altitude of 1750 meters. You can also watch Erciyes and the city views from the most beautiful angles. 



Paragliding is not just a touristic activity but a passion for many people. This being the case, it would not be possible to abandon adrenaline enthusiasts in a metropolis like Istanbul. If you want to take a short break from the tiring city life and leave yourself in the compassionate embrace of the wind, Ormanlı is waiting for you with its paragliding track. Moreover, Ormanlı, located in Çatalca, is a center of attraction with both its beach and paragliding . Ormanlı, which hosts both professional and piloted tandem flights, is extremely suitable for weekend getaways with its proximity to the city. 


Tahtali Mountain/Kemer

Kemer, the pearl of the Mediterranean; A perfect option for sea, sand and sun holidays. So, how about adding a little more movement to this calm and peaceful holiday? Because this place is famous not only for its nature and nightlife, but also for paragliding. Tahtalı Mountain, which is a frequent destination for adrenaline lovers at all times of the year due to its weather conditions, offers unique views under your feet with paragliding. The adrenaline-filled flight starts from one end of the Taurus Mountains and ends at the most beautiful beaches of Kemer. 



Tekirdağ, which attracts great attention with its proximity to Istanbul and natural beauties, is also very suitable for paragliding. Located at an altitude of 260 meters, Uçmakdere makes you feel as free as a bird with its most beautiful natural views. This runway, which can be reached in an extremely short time, is suitable for tandem and professional flights. Moreover, you can also attend the Hıdırellez and Uçmakdere Paragliding Festivals held here in May .

What should we pay attention to when paragliding?

Paragliding is one of the most preferred activities by nature and adrenaline lovers. Paragliding, which can be done in two styles: tandem and professional, takes place within the framework of certain rules. There are a few things you need to pay personal attention to for this sport, which has physical limitations for safety reasons. 

  • In tandem flights, you should trust the pilot's knowledge and experience. 
  • During flights, you should follow your pilot's instructions and not engage in any behavior that restricts his or her range of motion. 
  • To be comfortable throughout the flight, you should choose light clothing that does not wrap you around. 
  • You should not be insistent when choosing among different tracks. Pilots, with their experience and knowledge, choose the runways that are most suitable for both the participants and the weather conditions. 
  • In paragliding, which is a two-person extreme sport, you should not insist on a second passenger other than the pilot. 
  • Regardless of the degree of difficulty, you must wear a helmet with chinrest and a life jacket depending on the regional conditions on all flights 
  • You should not do paragliding with or without a pilot after drinking alcohol. 

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