Prague Travel Guide

Prague Travel Guide

Where to Go When You Travel to Prague?

When you travel to Prague there are tons of different things that tourists are able to do and see. The vibrant city landscape holds a ton of history and many mesmerising views that will ensure your trip to Prague is an amazing experience. One should look to follow a Prague travel guide to ensure that you are able to see the most notable sights, but you should also venture off the beaten path and enjoy some of the local spots, to get a true and authentic feel for the city! The following is a look at some of the most notable attractions and places to visit when you travel to Prague!

Charles Bridge

As the second oldest bridge in all of the Czech Republic and the oldest bridge that crosses over the Vltava river in Prague, a visit to Charles Bridge when you travel to Prague is a must! As it was built in 1357, the architecture and structure of the bridge is an amazing sight to see and it represents the style of the city as it was over 600 years ago. Being able to see and walk across a bridge that has been around for so long is amazing, and something that can be done in so few areas around the world. It is definitely worth adding in a stop to see and walk across the Charles Bridge when you visit the beautiful and vibrant city of Prague!

Prague Astronomical Clock

Built-in 1410, the Prague Astronomical Clock is another amazing old monument to visit and see when you travel to Prague! As the third-oldest astronomical clock that is still in working order today, seeing this monument is like touching and experiencing a small piece of a long history! The beautiful gothic statues that were later added to the clock tower are amazing pieces of architecture to see, and represent the history of the region and how architecture has developed!


Dancing House

If you are into unique older architecture and seeing a different kind of building, you should definitely consider adding in a stop to see the Dancing House when you travel to Prague! This uniquely designed and oddly shaped building almost seems as if it is dancing, having been designed to represent modern architecture within the old city. The building was designed in 1996 by architects Vlado Milunić and Frank O. Gehry, and it includes a hotel, offices and even a restaurant that offers 360-degree views of the beautiful city!

Lennon Wall

Also known as the John Lennon Wall, this wall has been at the centre of Prague history since the 1980s, when people began writing John Lennon inspired graffiti quotes and Beatles lyrics which still appear on the side of this beautiful and vibrant wall! Though Lennon never actually visited the wall, or the city, the youth of Prague in the 1980s began this masterpiece shortly after Lennon’s death as a sort of memorial to the great singer. It is a beautiful site to visit when you travel to Prague, and if you are a John Lennon fan, you should not miss out on the opportunity to see this masterpiece!

Memorial To The Victims Of Communism

This series of different statues that are lined up represent the lives of those who died during the communist era. This period is represented through the missing pieces of anatomy in 6 of the 7 statues, highlighting the injustices of communism and those who died due to the inequalities faced through this regime. For those history buffs, when you travel to Prague, a visit to this monument would be an amazing addition to your itinerary!


What is The Climate and Weather of Prague?

Prague has a moderate continental climate that offers warm summers and cold winters. If you are venturing to the beautiful city to enjoy some of the many sightseeing opportunities, it is recommended that you travel to the region during the summertime. Prague is a city that is located in the northern hemisphere, the summer months are from around June to August while the winter months are from around November to February. If you are hoping to travel to Prague out of the busy tourist season, spring and autumn both offer mild weather and great sightseeing temperatures.

What is The Hottest /Coldest Month in Prague?

January is the coldest month to visit Prague and you are more than likely going to experience snowy and frigid conditions if you visit over this period. While this may make sightseeing a bit harder, and colder, it is a beautiful time to visit the city! For those who are hoping to visit the city during the hottest time of the year, you would probably find that the warmest temperatures are in late July and early August, and though temperatures do not get that high, you can be sure to enjoy warm weather, which is perfect for sightseeing and walking through the beautiful city! When you travel, it is important to consider things like the weather, as this can impact the different activities you will be able to do and the sights that you can see! When you travel to Prague, you should take these weather conditions into consideration!

How Many Days in Prague is Enough?

When you travel to Prague, you should ensure that you visit for long enough to enjoy all of the major sights! Prague is a big city and there are tons of different things to do and see when you visit this spectacular region of the world. To get the full experience out of your trip, Prague travel advice says that travellers spend no less than three days exploring all that this city has to offer. While it is recommended that you spend no less than three days exploring all that the city has to offer, you could spend anywhere from one week or even two without running out of things to do and see!


What Do You Need to Know About Prague Before You Go?

One thing to note before you travel to Prague is that the public transport routes are well-connected and you more than likely will not need to hire a car or use cabs when you are visiting. Public transport is a great, and more sustainable way to travel around the city, and many of the most notable sights can be walked to from the public transport drop points! Travellers should consider this before you decide to hire a car or use a cab to get between sights, as this affordable way to get around the city is much more preferred!

Sustainable Tourism in Prague

Thinking about sustainable tourism when you travel to Prague is an important part of any tourist’s trip. Visiting a beautiful city like Prague and ensuring that the actions and things that you do are not impacting the sustainability of the region will ensure that you are travelling responsibly and not harming this beautiful environment. There are many things that you can do as a traveller to be more suitable, from the restaurants you visit and the food that you eat to how you get around! By only eating foods that have been produced in a sustainable way and using public transport routes when you travel in and around the city, you are well on your way to being a sustainable tourist on your travels! Also, be sure that you follow all Prague travel rules when it comes to discarding any rubbish that you may collect while sightseeing through the city.


What are The Most Famous Local Foods to Try When You Travel to Prague?

Along with stunning historical sights to see, Prague is also a hub for foodies who are looking to try some of the most delicious food in the world! Prague is home to some of the most unique and delicious dishes that are sold all throughout the city! One thing you should make sure to try is Czech roast duck, which is a famous local dish in this region! The succulent meat is often served with potato dumplings that are drenched in a divine sauce and topped off with cabbage! This local delicacy is enjoyed in all types of restaurants, from street vendors to five-star restaurants!

Another historical dish that is well-known in the city is bread dumplings! These divine dumplings have been a constant in the city since around the 13th century, and many households pass down the recipes through generations! The succulent bread dumplings can also be found anywhere in the city, ensuring that you can easily get a taste whether you are in a restaurant or even purchasing street food! When you travel to Prague, be sure to enjoy all the cuisines offered in this spectacular city!

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