Spain Travel Guide

Spain Travel Guide

Where to Go When You Travel to Spain?



Barcelona is one of the most popular cities to visit in all of Spain and a trip to this beautiful country would simply not be complete without having an adventure in this stunning part of the country! From the historic old town where one is able to marvel at the beautiful architecture to the famous nightlife scene that takes on a persona of its own, there are many different things to do and see when in Barcelona! One of the reasons why this country is so famous is also because of the stunning stretches of beach and the warm water of the crystal clear ocean! Whether you are planning on exploring the sea or just relaxing on the beach, do not miss out on an opportunity to enjoy the stunning beaches of this region when you travel to Spain!



For those who are travelling to Spain to enjoy an experience in the city, Madrid is the place for you! The vibrant streets of this central city are constantly a hive of activity, with locals and tourists alike making their way along the beautiful old streets! One of the main reasons why people venture to Madrid is to enjoy the history of the region, and with tons of different historical spots and landmarks to learn about and explore, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do! When you go on holiday in Spain, be sure to think about including a stop in this beautiful city!



For those who are looking to travel to Spain to have a party, a trip would not be complete without visiting Ibiza! The small island off the coast of Spain is a quick ferry ride away from Valencia and it is well known around the world for the spectacular parties that are held on this island! Along with enjoying the famous beach clubs, where you can dance until the sun comes up, Ibiza has beautiful beaches and a stunning small town for tourists to enjoy and explore! Whether you are hoping to enjoy a luxury experience or are hoping to find a local backpackers to stay at, Ibiza is a great place to experience!



As one of the biggest port cities in all of Europe, Mallorca is a top destination to ensure you visit when in Spain! The beautiful beaches and crystal clear water of this island make it a great destination to include in your itinerary, and if you are looking for an experience on some of the best and most beautiful yachts in the world, you are definitely heading to the right place! With a beautiful little city centre and tons of smaller towns and regions littered throughout the island, Mallorca is a beautiful place to be sure that you visit if you travel to Spain!



Another popular city to visit when you travel to Spain is Seville, which is located close to the southern region of the country. This beautiful city has a lot to offer the tourists who venture to it, and with so many different sights and attractions, it’s no wonder why it is considered one of the top places to visit when in Spain. Seville is a city that has a rich history and travellers are able to explore the different landmarks and enjoy the beautiful city landscape, whether they are venturing to the city in summer or in winter. Whether you are visiting the city with friends or are maybe looking for the perfect destination for a family holiday, a trip to Seville would be amazing!

What is The Climate and Weather of Spain?

What is The Hottest /Coldest Month in Spain?

Spain is located in the northern hemisphere and therefore it has its summer months during June, July and August and experiences winter in December, January and February. Many people choose to visit Spain during the warm summer months and if you are hoping for a beachside vacation, this would definitely be our advice! The beautiful blue ocean, the stunning stretches of sandy beach and the fun beach clubs all make it a summer paradise just waiting to be explored! While summer is the preferred time to visit, if you are hoping to avoid the crowds and experience Spain during the colder months, the cities are great for a winter holiday! Roaming through the beautiful streets and enjoying the chilly weather in one of the most beautiful countries in the world is definitely not a bad idea! Make sure you consider all that you plan to do and see when you travel to Spain when deciding on the best time of year to visit!

What are The Top Things to Do in Spain?


Granada: The Alhambra

When you travel to Spain, ensuring that you manage to see all of the most beautiful sites and monuments is an important part of having the very best trip! Alhambra is one of the most prominent places to visit when you travel to Spain, and the ancient structure holds hundreds of years of history! This monument is one of the most well-preserved palaces in the historic Islamic world, making it a sacred site to visit. The beautiful architecture can be toured and with guides to show you the prominent structure, you are sure to learn a ton about the structure and the period in which it was constructed.


Valencia: City of the Arts and Sciences

Another popular city to be sure that you visit when travelling along the Spanish coast is Valencia! This beautiful city is rich in culture and heritage, but is most well known for the city of the arts and sciences complex that is known to be one of the 12 treasures of Spain! There are many different events, performances and even concerts that are held within this complex and many people travel from all over the country to experience it for themselves! When you travel to Spain and venture to Valencia, be sure to include a stop at the city of arts and sciences!


The Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are made up of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, and they each sit off the coast of eastern Spain. These beautiful islands are some of the most spectacular regions to visit, with tons of amazing things to do and see. Travelling between these different islands is generally very easy, though during the most popular times of the year, during summer, in particular, the ferries and flights between these different islands do tend to fill up quickly! For the most spectacular island getaway with the perfect amount of Spanish charm, look no further than the Balearic Islands when you travel to Spain!


Córdoba: Great Cathedral and Mosque

One of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world is the Córdoba, also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption. The architecture and sheer size of this monument make it a tourist destination that is visited by thousands each year, with the resounding beauty and brilliance of the design having been noted to be one of the most brilliant ancient structures in the world. When you travel to Spain, ensuring that you visit and explore this monument is a must-do activity to be sure that you do not miss out on it!

Barcelona: Church of the Sacred Family

La Sagrada Família is one of the most famous churches in all of Spain, and since it is still unfinished, the massive Basilica has made quite a name for itself over the years. This amazing monument has been under construction since 1882 (and no, that is not an error) and it is still estimated to need some time to complete. Though it is not yet complete, it is still one of the most profound spots to visit when you travel to Spain, and if you find yourself roaming the streets of Barcelona, you should be sure to include a stop at this beautiful church!

How Many Days in Spain is Enough?

The amount of time that you spend in this beautiful country is dependent on how many cities and islands you plan to venture to. Many holidaymakers who travel to Spain choose to visit three different cities and can spend anywhere from two days to seven exploring all of the most popular sites and landmarks in each of the cities that are visited. There are tons of different things to do and see when in Spain and ensuring that you have set aside enough time to visit the most prominent landmarks and places in each of the cities you visit is extremely important. One thing to note is that those who travel to Spain should have a scheduled itinerary that sets out all that they want to do and see within each city they visit, this will ensure that you manage to see all that you wanted to on your trip! Having a checklist to travel to spain with that outlines all that you want to do and see can help to ensure that you are not missing out on anything! Having this checklist is important, and when looking at guidelines to travel to spain, this will be highlighted!

What do You need to Know About Spain Before You Go?

Spain is a stunning country with tons of different things to do and see when you visit! It is important to consider how you plan to get around, particularly if you have a few different cities that you want to visit. There are many different types of ways that you can travel when in the country, from booking flights to even seeing the country by train! It is recommended that travellers identify the best modes of transport before they travel to Spain, to avoid any confusion or unnecessary stress! Having a Spain travel guide handy will ensure that you know the various routes and best ways to get where you need to go quickly and hassle-free. Another thing to consider is the requirements to travel to Spain, and ensuring that things like visas are secured before travelling is incredibly important! Having the correct documents to travel to spain will ensure that you have no hassles while travelling!

Sustainable Tourism in Spain

When you travel to Spain, it is important to consider your own impact on the country and how you can mitigate your contribution to unsustainable practices when visiting this beautiful country! Following advice when you travel to Spain and knowing and understanding the various rules and regulations surrounding what you can and cannot do and the best ways to ensure that you are promoting sustainable tourism and sustainability though your travels are very important, especially considering that Spain is a country that is trying to reduce the impact that tourism has on the environment. Finding and using sustainable products while also ensuring that you are doing things like using public transportation and not overusing water can help to ensure that you are contributing to creating a more sustainable way for tourists to see and experience this stunning country!

What are The Most Famous Local Foods in Spain?

As a country that is almost all surrounded by the ocean, you would not be surprised to learn that seafood is a predominant source of food, and you would more than likely find more than a few seafood dishes on the menus of the places that you visit. One of the most famous seafood dishes in Spain is Paella, a delicious dish that combines Spanish spices with an assortment of delicious fresh seafood all on one plate! If seafood is not really your favourite thing, not to worry, there are tons of different types of delicious foods that can be found almost anywhere in the city! When you travel to Spain, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the different cuisines you encounter!

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