Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey Travel Guide

Where to Go When You Travel to Turkey?



Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in not just Turkey, but the world! With a rich culture that dates back over thousands of years, beautiful ancient architecture and a vibrant nightlife to enjoy, it’s not hard to see why this city is one of the most visited places in all of Turkey. From the famous Blue Mosque to the winding streets of the modern city, there are tons to do and see when you visit this beautiful metropolis! When you travel to Turkey, be sure to make a stop in Istanbul and see all of the amazing sights that this city has to offer!



Kapadokya is one of the most famous places to visit in Turkey, and if you have ever seen the pictures of the beautiful landscape covered with hot air balloons, you would have more than likely been looking at Kapadokya! The beautiful landscape is dotted with spectacular and unique fairy chimneys that rise up out of the earth, making this region look like something out of a book! This region is considered one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world and if you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy some time with your partner, look no further than Kapadokya! When you travel to Turkey, visiting Kapadokya could be a once in a lifetime experience, so be sure to add it to your Turkey travel guide!



Located along the coast of Turkey, Bodrum is considered to be one of the best places to visit if you want to soak up all that the Turkish coast has to offer! The vibrant blue water of the Aegean Sea and the stunning sandy beaches have a ton to offer those who visit this vibrant seaside city! There are many different kinds of accommodation to suit the variety of travellers who make their way to this city! If you travel to Turkey and are looking for the perfect seaside city to enjoy, Bodrum should be at the top of your list!



Many who venture to Turkey come to see the famous calcium travertines in Pamukkale and the gleaming whiteness of these natural wonders will not disappoint! These white mineral basins have been formed thanks to the large amounts of calcium in the region and they create spectacular white mounds that can be explored by those who visit the region! This place is incredibly unique and offers a once in a lifetime experience for those who make their way to this region. If you are a traveller who is looking to enjoy something unique, exploring these ‘Cotton castles’, as Pamukkale directly translates, look no further than this spectacular part of Turkey to enjoy! When you travel to Turkey, be sure to include a stop in Pamukkale!



With tons of different ancient ruins to explore, spectacular mountain landscapes and beautiful beaches, it is no wonder why Antalya is considered to be one of Turkey’s most beautiful coastal gems! With so much to do and see, this coastal city is perfect for a number of different travellers, offering a vibrant shopping scene, fun nightlife and tons of different historical sites that will make your jaw drop! Get the chance to see and experience historical monuments that have been around for thousands of years and explore some of the most beautiful sites in the world!

What is The Climate and Weather of Turkey?

Turkey has a very different climate depending on the time of year that you visit this beautiful country. When you travel to Turkey, it is important to consider the different things you want to do and see and then decide which time of year would be best to visit this stunning country!

What is The Hottest /Coldest Month in Turkey?

Turkey is located in the northern hemisphere and it, therefore, experiences the summer months of June, July and August while winter occurs over December, January and February. The summer months are hot, making Turkey the perfect destination to visit if you are looking for some fun in the sun! The beautiful stretches of coastline are among some of the most beautiful in the world and the warm water of the Aegean Sea offers spectacular swimming opportunities!

If you are after a cooler climate to enjoy all that Turkey has to offer, or perhaps even a white Christmas, visiting Turkey during the winter months also has a lot to offer! The stunning landscapes, cold weather and amazing sightseeing opportunities ensure that a visit to Turkey during any time of the year would be amazing! When you travel to Turkey, you should be sure to look at the different things you want to do and see and then decide what time of year would be best to go!

What are The Top Things to Do When You Travel to Turkey?


Dolmabahce Palace

If you are interested in learning more about the Ottoman empire and the effects that this reign had on Turkey, you should be sure to visit the beautiful Dolmabahce Palace! When you travel to Turkey, learning about this spectacular palace and the Ottoman empire would be an amazing experience. The reason why this monument is a preferred place to visit is that there are different tours that a visitor can go on to explore the beautiful building! This allows for up close and personal experiences with one of the most monumental buildings in all of Turkey! When you travel to Turkey, be sure to include a tour of the Dolmabahce Palace on your itinerary!



If you are planning on making a stop in Ankara when you travel to Turkey, you should be sure to stop and enjoy the beautiful monument of Anıtkabir! This beautiful structure is an extremely significant monument in Turkey as it is the mausoleum of the first president and founder of the Republic of Turkey! This magnificent building is both historically significant and beautiful to look at, showing off the Turkish design known as the Second National Architectural Movement.


Another great spot to visit if you are lucky enough to make your way to Antalya is Kaleici. This old part of this beautiful town and the magnificent architecture, cultural significance and history of the region is a sight to be sure to see! There are many different tours that travellers can look into going on and they each give an in-depth look into the history of the region, highlighting the significance of particular time periods!


Hot-Air Ballooning over Kapadokya

Hot-air ballooning over Kapadokya has to be one of the most amazing experiences that Turkey has to offer! These balloon rides are typically done in the early morning or early evening so that you are able to experience the sun rise or fall over the beautiful landscape. When you travel to Turkey, Hot-air ballooning over this spectacular region is on many people’s bucket lists, and being able to experience one of the most amazing sights of the most beautiful landscape would truly be an adventure to remember!



Ephesus is an ancient city that has been preserved for thousands of years, truly allowing travellers who venture to this site to take a step back to ancient times. There are many significant monuments and excavated remains of this region that make it an exciting place to tour and see for yourself. For those who are into learning about history and the ancient times, Ephesus is a must-see spot to make sure you include on your itinerary when you travel to Turkey! There are different tours that you can book that ensure that you will be able to enjoy a guided tour of the area, and have everything explained to you!

How Many Days in Turkey is Enough?

Turkey is a vibrant and beautiful country that has tons of different sights to see and things to do. It is vital that you come up with a turkey travel list that can outline what you most want to see and do on your trip. When you travel to Turkey, the amount of time that you spend exploring this beautiful place depends on how many cities you plan on seeing and also how you plan to get to them! While there are many modes of transport that consist of quick travel, it is important that one considers sustainability and sustainable transportation routes. Taking a bus or train as opposed to flying is a great way to contribute to sustainable tourism in Turkey!

What do You Need to Know About Turkey Before You Go?

Turkey is a beautiful and vibrant city that has tons of different things to do and see. It is important that you note the requirements to travel to turkey before you book your trip as you may have to sort out specific tourist visas, depending on the amount of time that you plan to spend in the country! Our advice to travel to Turkey is to look into any one of the various travel to turkey packages as these different groupings of various tours and sights can offer the best way to travel and move around the country! So long as you follow the rules to travel to Turkey, you should have the very best vacation in this spectacular country!

Sustainable Tourism in Turkey

When it comes to sustainable tourism, Turkey is known as a country that strives to contribute toward creating sustainable travel routes and helping ensure that tourism does not negatively impact the environment. By considering the modes of transport that you are using and also doing a bit of research on where and what to eat, you can help ensure that your visit will not have negative consequences for the beautiful environment in Turkey! One of our travel to turkey tips is to use sustainable products while you are in the country as this can help to lessen the effects that tourism has on the environment. Doing a bit of research on the best brands to support when in Turkey can go a long way to helping increase the amount of sustainable tourism within the country!

What are The Most Famous Local Foods to Try When You Travel to Turkey?

Turkey is a country that is known for its rich history, culture and amazing ancient sites, but it is also a region that is known for the delicious cuisine that one can find! From street food to some of the best restaurants in the world, there are many ways and places where one can enjoy Turkish delicacies! One of the most popular dishes to enjoy is Manti, otherwise known as Turkish Ravioli. These small lamb or pork stuffed dumplings are combined with unique Turkish flavours that will have your mouth exploding with pleasure! They are enjoyed both in restaurants and also commonly sold at vendors on the streets, so be sure to try them at least once when you are visiting Turkey!

If you are after something a bit sweeter, you will have to be sure to try the famous baklava! This delicious sweet treat is made of phyllo pastry that is combined with nuts and soaked in either syrup or honey. This delicious treat can be found in both Turkey and it is also commonly found in Greece.

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