What are the places to visit in Marmaris?

What are the places to visit in Marmaris?

As the summer holidays approach, places to visit and see are among the most searched things on the internet. Marmaris, one of the favorite holiday regions of our country, is always at the top of the list of places to visit. This place is a dreamland with its magnificent nature and deep blue sea . The region, which stands out with its historical beauties and cultural heritage, is a frequent destination for many people.

This natural wonder, located right in the middle of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, is one of the lifeblood of tourism. This region, which is the first place that comes to mind when Muğla is mentioned, is an ideal location for both long holidays and short weekend getaways. Moreover, Marmaris attracts a lot of attention from local and foreign tourists thanks to its beautiful places and fun-filled activity areas. This place pleases its guests not only with its natural beauties, but also with its entertaining nightlife and adrenaline-filled sports activities. Marmaris is a town with a lot of places to visit.

Marmaris Castle

Marmaris is a town that is included in the lists of places to visit thanks to its historical destinations. You should not forget to visit Marmaris Castle to get to know the history of this magnificent port city. Moreover, this place fascinates those who see it not only with the cultural heritage it contains, but also with its huge architecture rising right next to the sea.

The history of this huge structure, located behind the Marmaris Port, dates back to three thousand years before Christ, according to Herodotus of Halicarnassus. It is reported that the city, which was called Caria at that time, was located on the trade routes and had an important location. 

According to Evliya Çelebi, the castle was built by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1522 . This structure, which contains different memories in every stone, enchants its visitors with its magnificent view. Archaeological finds are exhibited in the Marmaris Museum, located inside the castle.



Marmaris is a must on the list of places to visit. One reason for this is Dalyan in the region. This is one of the meeting points of natural and historical beauties. Dalyan, which amazes everyone who sees it thanks to its stunning view, is a complete therapy center. This holiday resort, with every shade of green and blue, is located just 80 kilometers southeast of Marmaris. You can visit this region, which is flocked by local and foreign tourists, with peace of mind.

Dalyan is a perfect location for sea holidays with its clean beaches among lush green forests and unique landforms. This place offers a relaxing holiday opportunity as it has facilities such as hot springs and mud baths. Moreover, Dalyan is one of the habitats of caretta caretta turtles. On the other hand, there are also Kaunos rock tombs and ancient city ruins in the region. Many holidaymakers who are interested in history prefer Dalyan to make a cultural trip.


Icmeler, one of the most beautiful places in Marmaris, is a location that can be preferred for a peaceful holiday. This place is among the popular tourism regions thanks to its lush green vegetation and sea with all shades of blue. İçmeler, an old fishing village, still appears as the meeting point of nature and peace. The holiday destination, which is extremely popular especially in the summer months, is only 8 kilometers away from Marmaris. You can choose this location, which you can reach within 8 to 10 minutes after setting off from the city center, to both socialize and be in touch with nature.

Marmaris is famous for its places to visit, and one of the reasons for this is the unique beauty of this location. Bringing together the most beautiful views of nature, İçmeler is among the favorites of those who want to get away from city life and have a peaceful holiday. Thanks to Marmaris' crystal clear sea, it becomes possible to have a delicious holiday. Moreover, you can enjoy the view and weather on the golden sands of İçmeler, as well as reach unique swimming spots by participating in boat tours . 


The places to visit in Marmaris Turunç are very popular. This place is an indescribable natural wonder. Located in an untouched bay, Turunç is covered with pine forests in every shade of green. This region, which is suitable for both sea and peaceful nature holidays, is a frequent destination for many people. Moreover, Turunç, located right next to Marmaris, has a blue flag beach.

Turunç, lined with unique places along the coast, is a small paradise on earth for a romantic holiday. On the other hand, this place can be preferred by families with children with peace of mind. Especially Amos Bay and Amos Ancient City reveal the dazzling history of this natural wonder. You can also visit Turunç to experience unforgettable moments. 

Kleopatra adası

Cleopatra Island and Beach

Marmaris offers many different alternatives for those looking for places to visit. One of these is Cleopatra Island. This place is famous for its beach where you can spend pleasant time with your loved ones. Surrounded by golden sands and deep blue waters, this island has made a name for itself thanks to the ancient ruins it contains. The region, which has hosted countless civilizations , is one of the places frequented by local and foreign tourists. 

It is believed that Queen Cleopatra lived and swam here for a while . For this reason, this region, whose original structure has been preserved, is a perfect alternative for a peaceful and enjoyable stroll. Moreover, you do not have to watch the natural beauties of this place only from land. By joining boat tours, you can reach different parts of the island or immerse yourself in the cool waters. Especially individuals who want to spend their summer holidays in peace can choose this region with peace of mind.

What are the Most Fun Activities You Can Do in Marmaris?

Muğla is a center of attraction with its places to visit in Marmaris as well as the activity opportunities it offers. Moreover, adrenaline-filled sports are accompanied by the most beautiful views of Marmaris. For this reason, many people from all over the world prefer this region to do sports activities. You can experience fear, excitement, passion and happiness at the same time by paragliding.

You can easily relieve the stress and fatigue of business life by doing activities that bring nature and fun together . In this way, it becomes possible for you to have different experiences during your holiday. Especially activities such as underwater diving allow you to witness the beauty of nature with your own eyes. Among the activities we will share shortly, you can do whatever suits you best while you are in Marmaris. In this way, you will have a holiday that is both fun and productive.


Marmaris is one of the perfect destinations that can be preferred for a peaceful holiday with its magnificent nature and historical texture. On the other hand, this place appeals not only to those who want a quiet and isolated holiday, but also to adrenaline lovers. Especially if you want to watch the whole of Marmaris from a bird's eye view instead of spending time quietly in this unique region, you can choose to paraglide. 

Paragliding is one of the extreme nature sports identified with Marmaris. It is even worth remembering that this location is Turkey's first paragliding center. You can also paraglide here to observe nature closely and feel free like a bird. At this point, you can choose any of the many tracks with different difficulty levels. While you are floating in the sky, you can enjoy eye-catching spots such as Ölüdeniz, Saklıkent and Tlos Ancient City .

Underwater Diving

Marmaris stands out not only with its lush green vegetation but also with its clean and clear waters . The activities carried out here to add some excitement to holidays surrounded by nature attract a lot of attention, especially from people who want to have different experiences. If you are curious about the atmosphere under water and the life of living creatures, you can dive in Marmaris, which is famous for its clear waters.

You do not need to obtain any additional equipment to dive in this region. All the equipment you may need during diving tours, which are usually taken with 15 - 20 people, is on the boat. You may need to plan ahead to participate in these tours, which are generally held between April and October. You can search for the doors of the underwater world by stepping on a diving boat that sets off in the morning.


Marmaris is one of the places that can be preferred for a calm and peaceful holiday with its crystal clear sea. On the other hand, if you want to do an adrenaline- filled sport during your stay here, you can choose windsurfing. To carry out this activity, which will allow you to have fun in the deep blue waters, all you need to do is contact the relevant people.

In order to do this sport, which allows you to move forward by jumping on the waves, you first need to receive some training. Otherwise, you may have difficulty controlling the sail. You can learn how to windsurf for just a little while during your holiday. In this way, you can both improve yourself and have a unique experience.

Daily Boat Tours

Marmaris is a holiday paradise that stands out with its places to visit and activities. This region, which is even the subject of postcards thanks to its crystal clear waters, has become a favorite of the whole world. This being the case, it is not possible to get enough of Marmaris during a one- or two-day holiday. If you want to see all the beauties of this place closely while enjoying nature, you can join the organized boat tours.

Boat tours, which visit different bays and allow you to visit points that are not possible to reach by road, are among the indispensables of many people, thanks to their affordable prices. By taking advantage of this service, you can immerse yourself in the clear waters and spend time with your loved ones accompanied by a unique view.


Another reason why Marmaris is one of the places frequented by many people is its geographical structure suitable for water sports . You can also choose to do these activities with your loved ones. So you can have different experiences during your holiday.

Rafting, which you can do in the Dalaman Stream, which stretches between Marmaris and Fethiye, allows you to have a very enjoyable time. Thanks to this activity, which you can choose especially during your summer holiday, you can see the natural beauties of the region much more closely and experience adrenaline-filled moments. 

What are the bays you can visit in Marmaris?

Marmaris is a town famous for its places to visit. Among these locations, bays and beaches attract attention. Especially those who dream of a peaceful holiday away from the crowd and noise of city life can choose to spend time in the bays of Marmaris. You can have a holiday experience in touch with nature by visiting the bays in the region with your loved ones.

Since Marmaris is famous for its places to see, many people wonder where the bays in question are. Marmaris bays, where you can have peaceful moments accompanied by bird chirping, are among the favorites of visitors who want to renew and gather energy. You can visit these locations with peace of mind, especially if you want to return to business life invigorated.

You can also choose to join boat tours to reach these bays. Thus, you will see the natural beauties of Marmaris much more closely. These tours visit many bays in the region in turn. In this way, you can discover the beach you like most. You'll want to visit many of these bays, especially if you enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

Cennet Island Bay

Located among untouched forests, Cennet Island has a stone beach and a unique atmosphere. Cennet Island, one of the places to visit in Marmaris Selimiye, is only 8 km away from the city center. Since this bay is an archaeological site, it is home to many different species. It is also possible to come across the ruins of important civilizations in the region, which dates back to the Paleolithic age .

Cennet Island is connected to land by a small barrier, the Yalancı Strait . In this way, it becomes possible to reach the bay in question both by sea and land. The bay, which fascinates its visitors with its natural beauties at any time of the year, is also frequently visited by nature photographers. If you want to swim in clear waters and spend time in a peaceful environment, you can visit Cennet Island.

Kumlubük Bay

Since Marmaris is a town with a lot of places to visit, it is flooded with holidaymakers, especially in the summer. One of the bays that attracts great attention is Kumlubük. Moreover, this bay, which brings together the most beautiful views of the sea and nature, is located only 20 km away from Marmaris center. Located among untouched forests, Kumlubük offers a peaceful holiday opportunity thanks to its sparkling sea  .

After spending a pleasant time in Kumlubük Bay, you can enjoy delicious fish dishes with your loved ones. The restaurants here are among the places frequented by people who enjoy consuming seafood. If you want to experience fish dishes whose taste will remain on your palate for a long time, you can visit Kumlubük.


Bördübet Bay

Many people who visit Marmaris dream of a quiet and peaceful holiday. The historical and natural beauties in the region are often overlooked by people who stay in hotels or at home. Bördübet Bay, which has become very popular especially recently, is a location that individuals who want to calm their souls in a peaceful environment can visit with peace of mind. 

Marmaris is a location famous for its places to visit. One of these, Bördübet Bay, allows its visitors to spend time with a unique view. This region, also known as the Amazon Bay, is among the favorites of people who want to have a holiday experience in touch with nature due to its turquoise waters and dense forests. You can also visit this spot to spend peaceful moments with your loved ones.

Ciftlik Bay

Ciftlik Bay is visited by many people thanks to its peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty. Located only 30 km away from Marmaris , this bay is among the favorite destinations of holidaymakers, especially those who want to do underwater diving. You can also witness the life of sea creatures up close by visiting this location.

Ciftlik Bay, whose history dates back to 1200 BC, hosts the cultural heritage of countless civilizations. Marmaris may be a town that is always on the list of places to visit, but this situation also has something to do with the historical and natural beauties of Çiftlik Bay. You can also visit this region, which is visited by countless tourists throughout the year.

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