What is Air Pollution, How Can We Prevent It?

What is Air Pollution, How Can We Prevent It?

What is Air Pollution?

The air we breathe in is made up of an accumulation of different particles that enter the atmosphere in many different ways. The majority of what makes up the air we breathe is natural and necessary for life, and substances like oxygen are necessary for all-natural organisms, from the smallest microorganisms to humans. Air pollution refers to instances where the air and atmosphere are contaminated through the release and production of harmful chemicals which pollute and enter the atmosphere through different industries. These types of harmful gases come from both the natural environment and through man made industry, so low levels of them in the atmosphere are not harmful to the health and well-being of humans. When these particles, however, reach dangerous levels, this kind of pollution and the accumulation of these gases in the air we breathe can be extremely dangerous and even lead to death. The effects of air pollution can be seen all over the globe, as more and more polluted particles enter the atmosphere and are breathed in by humans and animals. 

What Are The Types of Air Pollution?

There are two different types of air pollution, both categories and types being incredibly harmful to all life on earth. The following are these two different types of pollution and a brief explanation on how each one can be dangerous to humans, animals and entire ecosystems.

Invisible Air Pollution

Visible Air Pollution

Visible pollution refers to the pollution in the air that we can actually see in the atmosphere. Things like smog and smoke are good examples of this kind of air pollution and they can have detrimental effects on both the environment and the overall health and well-being of humans. The majority of visible air pollution comes from human activities and from natural disaster like volcanic eruptions.


Invisible Air Pollution

Pollution that you cannot see in the air is referred to as invisible air pollution. Though you may not assume so, often invisible pollution is more dangerous and deadly compared to air pollution that we can see, with negative impacts having far-reaching consequences. One of the most common instances that can lead to illness and even death is when invisible air pollutants get into water sources that are then consumed. These harmful and toxic gases are then ingested by both humans and animals, inducing severe effects on physical health. 

What Are The Sources of Air Pollution?

There are many different sources of air pollution, both natural and those that are made and produced by humans. The following is a brief explanation of how each one can have profound impacts on the atmosphere.

Anthropogenic (human-made) Sources


Anthropogenic (human-made) Sources

The main source of air pollution comes from human activity, and as industries that produce harmful gases increase at unprecedented rates, so does the overall amount of pollution in the atmosphere. These kinds of harmful gases are being released at astronomical rates, with increases in production happening each and every year. One of the most unfortunate facts about air pollution is that due to the fact that these kinds of gases are not meant to be within the quantity that they are being produced, there are no natural solutions to solving these kinds of issues. 

Natural Sources

Air pollution is not just made through human activities and there are a number of natural sources that can lead to an increase in the amount of pollution in the atmosphere. One of the main sources of natural pollution comes from the decomposing of organic materials, and as plant life and even animal carcasses break down, organic gases are naturally released into the environment. When it comes to this natural pollution and the effects that it has on the environment, the results are often very minimal, with only a few catastrophic events, such as large volcano eruptions, leading to excessive amounts of harmful gases being released into the atmosphere. 

What Causes Air Pollution


What Causes Air Pollution?

There are many different kinds of air pollution causes ranging from man-made to natural. Just one of the most common air pollution examples that can have far-reaching and detrimental effects is the release of dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere from human activity. These gases cause issues like global warming and they can also lead to determinate and dangerous chemicals and toxins being ingested by both animals and human beings. The cause of pollution leads to horrific and deadly consequences that can only be stopped through the reduction of air pollution causes. 

What are The Effects of Air Pollution


What are The Effects of Air Pollution? 

What are The Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health?

Air pollution health effects can be extremely harmful and even deadly, to many different organisms, both animal and human. The air pollution effects on humans can greatly impact one’s ability to breathe and many types of lung conditions have increased as pollution has become a bigger issue with human industry. 

How does air Pollution Affect Earth’s Climate?

There are many air pollution effects on the environment that can impact the way that humans and animals are able to live. When it comes to looking at air pollution and climate change, one of the largest factors to consider is how pollutants and greenhouse gases affect the climate of the planet. As gases accumulate in the atmosphere, the way sunlight reflects back into space is disrupted, leading this heat to build up in the atmosphere and slowly heat up the temperatures on earth. This increase in the number of greenhouse gases blocking these rays of sunlight from leaving the atmosphere is referred to as global warming and it is one of the biggest issues to plague the 21st century. 

How Can We Prevent Air Pollution


How Can We Prevent Air Pollution?

Air pollution solutions involve reducing the number of harmful gases that are released into the atmosphere by human activity. The natural sources of air pollution are a necessary part of life, and they cannot be stopped, but through changes in the standard practises of industries, we can reverse the detrimental effects that air pollution is causing throughout the world. 

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