What is Bioplastic? Is It Better For The Environment?

What is Bioplastic? Is It Better For The Environment?

What is Bioplastic? Is It Better For The Environment?

Plastic production and consumption is one of the leading causes for concern in the 21st century, with the production of these harmful products polluting the land and sea in just about every country across the globe. As issues and fears around plastic consumption grow, it is vital that new and inventive ways be thought of to reduce the amount of plastic produced. One of these inventive creations has been the creation and production of bioplastics, which are materials that are created with biodegradable substances, used as plastic products! These products are made from a variety of different biodegradable substances and are the perfect solution to replace plastics with! 

What Materials Are Bioplastics Made From?

Bioplastics are made from products that are 100% degradable, meaning that they are broken down by microorganisms and fungi, ensuring that they do not pollute the environment. they are also made using renewable sources, meaning that they will not run out! These types of bioplastics are made from a variety of different things, but mainly they are created by turning agricultural waste into alternative plastic products. Bioplastics could be the future of plastic production as the impact that they have on the environment is minimal, especially compared to its counter product of standard plastic. 

Where Can Bioplastics Be Used?

The number of different uses for bioplastics are extraordinary, and the amount produced can help to curb the need for standard plastic products! Bioplastics can be used just as normal plastic products are, and they are expanding into new sectors at a rapid pace. As these products and materials become more popular, the production of plastic decreases as the demand does, ensuring that fewer plastic products will pollute the land and sea. Bioplastics can be used in toys, to transport food products and they are even becoming a staple part of the textile industry! 

What are the Advantages of Bioplastics


What are the Advantages of Bioplastics?

Bioplastic products are the way of the future and there are tons of advantages to using these materials as opposed to normal plastic. The following are just a few of the reasons why using bioplastics is advantageous! 


  • Biodegradable: Bioplastic products are biodegradable, meaning that they can be broken down and eventually disappear. They are broken down by fungi and microorganisms that use these kinds of products as their source of food. This means that the products that are degraded down eventually form part of the soil again, helping to provide nutrients to future plant life that may grow in an area. 
  • Made from renewable resources: Plastic is made from non-renewable resources, meaning that it is made from a material that will eventually run out entirely. Bioplastics are rather created using renewable resources that will grow back! This means that the supply of bioplastic will never be an issue or a negative factor to consider with regards to this material. 

Are There Any Disadvantages of Using Bioplastics?

There are tons of bioplastic advantages and disadvantages to consider when thinking about switching from normal plastic to bioplastic. One of the most prominent disadvantages of using bioplastics is that these products are extremely expensive. Due to the fact that not many bioplastic factories exist, many of these products are made and distributed in smaller amounts, which causes the price to become infrared. This problem will however dissipate as larger factories and wholesalers become involved in the production process, streamlining the creation of these products and making them far more affordable for the everyday consumer! 

Can Bioplastics Save the Environment?

Yes, bioplastics are designed to be used as alternatives to plastic products, which are detrimental to the environment. As the demand for bioplastics grows and there is less and less need for plastic products, the plastic industry will begin to lose steam, slowing down production for the first time since the 1950s. This slowing down of production will lead to fewer plastic products being discarded, left to pollute whatever environment it is in, both on the land and in the sea. Bioplastics are a solution to ensure that future generations are able to produce clean plastic-like products that curb the need for harmful and unsustainable plastic materials. With the development of bioplastics, and similar inventions like it, the future of the earth and the environment will not be compromised due to human arrow, and we can ensure a greener and cleaner tomorrow!  

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