Our Green Mission

At Green Petition, we are dedicated to creating sustainable and eco-friendly textiles for a greener future.

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Green Living

This is not only about us. This is about all of us, about our responsibility towards the planet. As to our part, we simply produce beach towels and peshtemals. This is what we do. For you to DRY RESPONSIBLY!

Our commitment is to produce the highest quality and elegant beach towels and peshtemals with the least possible damage our planet.

From the very first beginning of our supply process to packaging and post-purchase services, we work hard to ensure an eco-friendly and smooth experience for you. We know that it is not easy but necessary!


By 100% Recycling

%100 Recycling is the basis of our production process. It’s the beginning of our story. Here we go: Collected plastic bottles and leftover fabrics turn into fibers, and fibers to yarns. Sustainable yet elegant beach towels and peshtemals.

With Zero Waste

To minimize carbon emissions, we do anything we can. We don’t consume clean water for production, nor do we waste anything. None. Zero. Instead, we use what is considered waste as an ingredient of our product. Decisive in the principle of zero waste, we are following our footprints with a great care.

Undyed Without Chemicals

Thanks to leftover fabrics’ color, which we use in production, your beach towels and peshtemals are undyed and produced without any chemicals. The recycled fibers from plastic bottles and leftover fabrics are blended with nothing but organic cotton.



In all our processes, giving less and less damage to our planet is our top priority. This is why we do care about all of our sustainable and eco-friendly policies as well as style, elegance and quality. You can purchase any of our products confidently and then, dry responsibly.


Regularly and properly taking services of monitoring, testing and certification, we are assured and proud of our transparent production and service processes. As anyone have every right to know about what they have purchased, we are anytime ready to open our sources transparently.

Customized hangtag with QR code

The hangtag is equipped with a QR code that offers a glimpse into the transparent production
behind the product.

Hangtag with Certification

The hangtag is equipped with both GRS and OEKE-TEX certificates.

In terms of third-party certification of recycled content, chain of
custody, environmental practices
and chemical restrictions, we are a
Global Recycle Standard (GRS)
certified company. The GRS is an
international, voluntarily prepared
guide that sets the standards
required for a recycled production

OEKO-TEX® standards enable
everyone to make responsible
decisions and protect natural
resources. Driven by
sustainability and a dedication to
transparency, grounded in proven

GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria,
backed up by independent
certification of the entire textile
supply chain.