What is Sustainable Energy?What are Examples of Sustainable Energy?

What is Sustainable Energy?What are Examples of Sustainable Energy?

What is Sustainable Energy?

Energy is an incredibly important part of the modern-day world and life as we know it would not be the same without being able to switch on the lights in our home or start a car. There are many different ways that energy is produced, some in ways that have large negative impacts on the environment and others that are more sustainable. Sustainable energy is the production of energy in a way that meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of future generations. Using sustainable energy sources reduces the impacts of the high level of energy consumption that our modern world requires. So what is sustainable energy?

In short, sustainable energy comes from sources that are not going to run out, like using the sun’s rays or the power of the ocean. These sources will never be depleted and can continue to be used for thousands of years to come. These types of resources are referred to as renewable energy sources and using them is far better for the environment compared to non-renewable resources. Energy and sustainability are therefore two concepts that need to be developed alongside one another.

Why Does Sustainable Energy Matter?

The development of sustainable energy sources is incredibly important because nonrenewable energy sources are going to eventually run out, leaving future generations with no way to live as we do today. Sustainable energy is therefore extremely important when it comes to conserving the chance that future generations will have when it comes to access to energy sources. Finding sustainable energy sources and promoting sustainable energy development can help ensure that future generations have access to the same energy supplies that we do today and also makes sure that the earth is a clean and safe place for these generations to live. This is why it is so vital to find sustainable energy solutions when it comes to energy production.

What are The Types of Sustainable Energy?

The following are a few sustainable energy examples and how each of these types of energy can be used in ways that are both good for the environment and good for sustaining the future of energy production.


Solar Energy

Solar energy is energy that is produced by the sun. Energy in this form refers to the heat that is produced through the sun’s rays, and as objects heat up, this energy that is captured can actually be stored and then used later. The items that are used to capture this form of energy are called solar panels, and these kinds of sustainable energy technologies have come a long way in recent years, supplying cities and homes with power that is generated through sunlight and heat! Solar power is a great form of sustainable energy for regions that experience a lot of sunlight, so this should be considered when thinking about adding solar panels to a region or home.

Wind Energy

Wind energy involves the processing of power by capturing wind and using it to turn large turbines that then generates power. As the wind is a natural force that will never simply stop, it is a great form of sustainable energy and a greater renewable energy source. The issue with wind energy comes with the availability of the natural force and only areas that experience a lot of wind for the majority of the year will be able to sustain wind farms.


Hydro Energy

Hydro energy refers to the energy that is generated by using water that is fast flowing or falling to generate power. The power is generated through the water turning turbines that then store the power generated from this action. Hydro energy is a great solution for regions that have a continuously flowing water supply. Many dams and rivers however only have certain times of the year that they are fast-flowing, and this may restrict the amount of water that can generate power. To ensure that hydroelectric plants are able to keep up with supply and continuously create and generate energy, it is important to place these types of power plants in regions where water flows year-round!

Tidal Energy

Tidal energy uses the waves of the ocean to generate power. Waves and the force of the tides are not something that is ever going to run out and so this form of sustainable energy is a great way to create power! The one restriction with this kind of power supply is that the power plants need to be located near to the ocean, and inland regions or countries would therefore not be able to benefit from this kind of power.

Geothermal Energy

The earth’s core creates heat constantly, and the heat that is created by the earth makes its way up through the earth’s crust and onto the surface. This is where things like hot springs get their heat from! Using the power that is generated through this heat to create steam that will then turn massive turbines and store energy is a great way to create a sustainable power source! Finding these pockets of energy where the earth has the most amount of energy and heat being pushed through to the surface will ensure that a geothermal power plant is able to function optimally!

Biomass Energy

Biomass energy refers to the energy that is produced from using organic matter, dead or alive, to produce energy. This form of sustainable energy has been used since cavemen were burning sticks and logs to cook for or keep warm, and the same theory still applies to biomass energy today! As this organic matter is burnt and produces heat and energy, this energy can be then stored and kept to use later!


Why Should We Use Sustainable Energy?

There are many different reasons why the use of sustainable energy is an incredibly important part of our lives. As we use up more and more of the renewable resources that are available to us, the less that future generations have of these different materials. If we rely on these forms of energy to supply power, we are eventually going to reach a stage whereby there is no more of this source to supply power.

Fight Against Climate Change

Non-renewable sources of energy have many negative impacts on the environment and to fight against issues surrounding climate change, we can increase the amount of renewable energy sources we use! Sources of energy like coal release very harmful gases into the atmosphere, and as they burn, carbon dioxide is released in massive and uncontrollable amounts, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide and harmful gases in the atmosphere.

Inexhaustible Source of Energy

Non-renewable resources are exactly that, forms of energy that once used up will be gone forever. Having exhaustible forms of energy supplying power grids is incredibly risky because eventually, we will run out of them. Sustainable energy systems will never run out, the sun will never stop shining and the wind will never stop, so if we are using these different forms of energy to supply power, we will never have to worry about them running out or depleting.

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