The Most Beautiful Countries to Visit Without a Visa

The Most Beautiful Countries to Visit Without a Visa

What is Visa-Free Travel? How to Do it?

Visiting important places abroad is the dream of many people. You can create your travel route by choosing one of the countries that can be traveled without a visa for a fast and economical overseas vacation plan. There are a number of rules that you need to take into account to visit points of unique beauty in different countries. The visa, which stands out at this point, is the most important document that must be kept during travel between countries. In order to have the document in question, certain conditions must be met.

Although visa is an important document for traveling between countries, there are also visa-free travel opportunities to many countries. Visa-free countries allow people to have a pleasant and affordable holiday experience. Among the countries that do not require a visa are historically important regions such as Macedonia, Ukraine, Kosovo and Albania. You do not need to obtain various documents months in advance to travel to countries where you can enter using a passport or ID card. You can travel visa-free to any of these countries, which have stunning beauties from each other.

Each country has a different climate, social structure and economic conditions. You should pay attention to the planning process to have a safe and comfortable vacation in living conditions that you will witness for the first time. There may be some conditions set by countries where you can travel without a visa. You can consider the following information before traveling.

The validity period of your passport must be between 6 months and 1 year. This requested period varies according to the countries.
You must have a hotel reservation for accommodation during the trip.
You should have the amount of money you can spend during your vacation in your bank account.
A return ticket showing your departure date from the country will make the entry process easier.
You can get travel health insurance. Although this document is not mandatory, it is requested by some countries.
Considering the information above, you can enter the relevant countries without any problems. The conditions set by each country are almost similar, but there may be exceptions. In addition to all these, you can take a look at the travel tips we have prepared for you before you set off. Thanks to these tips, your vacation will be much more enjoyable and comfortable.

Which Countries Can You Travel to Without a Visa?

There is more than one answer to the question "Which countries can you visit without a visa?" that people who want to plan an affordable vacation wonder. There are many countries all over the world that offer visa-free travel from Turkey. You can choose the most suitable region for yourself by reviewing the list of countries to visit without a visa.

The concept of sustainable tourism, which emerged after the climate crisis in the world, has led to a series of measures in countries. Visa-free travel countries have started to build holiday regions within the framework of the concept in question. When determining your accommodation in the country you will travel to, you can choose the facilities that have adopted this concept. In this way, you will have a pleasant and environmentally friendly holiday experience.


North Macedonia

Macedonia, which is among the countries to visit without a visa, has no coastline. The currency of the country, whose capital is Skopje, is the Macedonian dinar. Although the majority of the population living in the region is Macedonian, the number of people of Albanian, Turkish, Bosniak and Serbian origin is also quite high. Macedonia is a country that should be visited at least once with its unique natural and historical beauties.

Every point of this country where different ethnic groups live together is worth seeing. Having hosted different civilizations throughout history, there are many points within the borders of the country that can be described as cultural heritage. During your trip, you can see the Stone Bridge built by Byzantium and Skopje Turkish Bazaar intertwined and experience the multicultural structure of the country. The authentic Macedonian village in the capital invites you into a time warp with its special architectural structures.

Macedonia is a country with unique natural beauties as well as important historical points. There are many important points such as Matka Canyon, Mavrovo National Park and Lake Debar in the region, which offers excellent alternatives for those who want to experience different vacation experiences together. By making a comprehensive travel plan, you can find the opportunity to visit many important points even in a limited time period.

How long can you stay in Macedonia without a visa?

Macedonia is among the countries that can only be traveled with a passport. Having a green or burgundy passport is sufficient at this point. If you have these documents, you can stay in the country for up to 90 days.



Ukraine is one of the most visited countries to visit without a visa. Welcoming people from different countries for education and work, the country has a cosmopolitan structure. Ukraine is neighboring Russia and Russians are the ethnic group with the largest population after the people of the region. There are 18 different languages used by minorities in the country whose official language is Ukrainian.

During your visit to Kiev, the capital of the country, you can see many historical buildings from the Soviet era. Although Ukraine is a European country, it has its own streets and social structure. There are also many local delicacies that have emerged as a result of the influence of different ethnic groups in the country. During your trip to Ukraine, you can make your trip appealing to your palate by tasting foods with special flavors.

During your visit to Ukraine, you can visit the Chernobyl Museum, which reveals the extent of the nuclear disaster. In addition, you can take a journey through history by visiting the ancient city of Khersones and enjoy the unique view at Cape Fiolent. The only thing you need to do for your unforgettable Ukrainian vacation is to prepare the travel and accommodation plan. It is sufficient to submit the documents requested for visa-free entry to the country.

How long can you stay in Ukraine without a visa?

People with a valid passport can enter the country without a visa. The new chip ID is also one of the documents required for travel to Ukraine. You can stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days.



Kosovo, which is located in the Balkans and whose capital is Pristina, draws attention among the visa-free countries. Albanian and Serbian are the official languages in the country whose currency is the euro. While traveling around the region, you can hear many languages spoken such as Turkish, Romanian and Bosnian. You will not feel foreign while traveling in Prizren, where the Turkish population is densely populated.

There are many important points to see in the region, which dates back to the Roman Empire. Once ruled by the Ottoman Empire, there are many historical mosques, baths and different types of buildings. You can visit Kosovo to see the cultural heritage left by the empires that lived in the region after the ancient period. Among the buildings in the region, it would not be wrong to say that the Serbian Orthodox Monastery of the Patriarchate of Silk, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, stands in a special place.

How long can you stay in Kosovo without a visa?

You can only travel to Kosovo with your passport. Entry to the country every 6 months is free of charge. You can stay in Kosovo for a maximum of 90 days.


Neighboring Montenegro and Kosovo, Albania is a country where different cultures have left their mark from the Middle Ages to the present day. The currency of the country with a rich cultural heritage is the Albanian lek. The official language of Albania, whose capital is Tirana, is Albanian. You can visit the country bordering the Adriatic and Ionian Seas throughout the year.

Albania, which stands out with its geographical structure among the countries to visit without a visa, is one of the places frequented by nature lovers. It is possible to come across examples of Ottoman architecture in the country. You can also taste delicious foods while traveling in the country where most of the population is Muslim. Albania is one of the must-see countries with museums, ancient cities, beaches, parks and lakes.

How long can you stay in Albania without a visa?

You can only travel to Albania with your passport. Just like Kosovo, Albania allows visitors to travel for free every 6 months. You can stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days.



Serbia is one of the most preferred countries to visit without a visa. The currency of the country whose capital is Belgrade is the Serbian dinar. Serbian, Hungarian, Bosnian, Bosniak, Roma, Yugoslav and Turkish ethnic groups live together in the region where 8 different languages are spoken. You can experience unforgettable feelings while vacationing in Serbia, which has a cosmopolitan structure.

The country, which is located at an extremely important geographical point, is home to settlements dating back to the Old Stone Age. There are many important historical ruins in the region where Byzantine, Frak, Hungarian and Ottoman civilizations ruled at different times. You can choose spring and summer seasons to visit this country where winters are harsh. On the other hand, if you enjoy skiing and snowboarding activities, you can visit Serbia in winter and enjoy winter sports to the fullest. Kopaonik National Park in the country can be an excellent choice for a winter vacation.

Serbia also stands out with its natural beauties. Drevengrad, Tara National Park and Fruska Gora Park are notable natural areas in the country. Nature lovers can have a peaceful and relaxing experience in front of unique landscapes by visiting this country.

How long can you stay in Serbia without a visa?

You can visit Serbia once every 6 months without a visa. It is enough to have your passport with you to enter the country. You can stay in Serbia for a maximum of 90 days without a visa.


Northern Cyprus is among the first places that come to mind when it comes to summer vacation. The holiday venues within the borders of the country offer pleasant opportunities where you can enjoy the promises of this season to your heart's content. The official language of the country is Turkish and the currency is Turkish lira. You can use the air or sea route to reach Northern Cyprus, which is among the countries to visit without a visa.

Northern Cyprus is a country suitable for visiting all year round. In the region where the Mediterranean climate is always in effect, temperatures do not usually drop to low levels. Although the country is among the first regions that come to mind when it comes to sea vacation, it is also frequently preferred for cultural trips. Kyrenia Castle, Othello Castle and the Icon Museum are among the prominent places at this point.

If you want to have a vacation in a different country but not feel out of place, Northern Cyprus may be ideal for you. While visiting Famagusta and Kyrenia, the largest cities of the country, you can taste the local flavors of the region. You can also enjoy the sea, sand and sun trio during your TRNC trip.

How long can you stay in Northern Cyprus without a visa?

It is possible to enter Northern Cyprus without a visa by using a passport or ID card. Those who will enter the country using an ID card are issued a one-month visa at the airport. The maximum visa-free stay in the country for citizens of the Republic of Turkey is 90 days.



Bosnia and Herzegovina attracts attention with its rich cultural texture among the countries to visit without a visa. The official language of the country, whose capital is Sarajevo, is Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian. In the country, whose currency is the Bosnia-Herzegovina mark, there are many important points where visitors can travel back in time. In the country, which was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for a long time, you can see historical buildings that have survived until today.

The oldest settlements in the country date back to the Upper Paleolithic Age. You can see historical artifacts from different periods in the country where uninterrupted life has continued from the earliest ages to the present day. While visiting the country, you can witness the religious and cultural monuments built by civilizations in the region as well as the traces left by the Balkan Wars. The tunnels built for food and ammunition aid may be of interest to visitors to the country, especially those who are interested in history. The bridge where the Austro-Hungarian dauphin was killed, which is considered to be the reason for the start of World War I, is within the borders of Bosnia-Herzegovina. You can have an experience that will stay in your mind for a lifetime by experiencing different emotions while visiting the country, each point of which bears traces of different eras.

How long can you stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina without a visa?

Bosna-Hersek, yalnızca pasaport kullanarak ziyaret edebileceğiniz bir ülkedir. Ziyaretçilere 6 ayda bir vizesiz seyahat hakkı tanır. Ülkede maksimum 90 gün kalabilirsiniz.

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