Viva FIT Bath Towel


The vibrantly coloured 100% Recycled Viva Fit beach towel has many fantastic qualities that ensure it would be a great welcome to your beach memories.
Viva Beach Towel is undyed with a vintage color and cabana strips, it’s light, absorbent and quick dry.

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A very special gift for your loved ones. You can buy your personalized embroidered towel with its own special bag for only 4$ extra.
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    What are The Features of Viva FIT Bath Towel?

    The vibrantly colored 100% Recycled Viva Bath Towel has many fantastic qualities that ensure it would be a welcome addition to any home or bathroom. The following are just a few of the best features that this bath towel has to offer.

    • Quick-dry: The Viva FIT Bath Towel takes around half the time to dry compared to regular towels, the lightweight and absorbent materials of the towel providing the perfect addition to any bathroom. This unique quick-dry feature ensures that this bath towel will never remain damp for long periods of time, meaning that your bathroom will always smell fresh, with no musty odors corrupting your space!
    • Chemical and dye-free: The Viva FIT Bath Towel has been made using only the finest materials, and with no dye or chemicals added. The colors that appear on this bath towel have come from the recycled materials used to produce it. This reusing of dye ensures that this sustainable Viva FIT Bath Towel is eco-friendly.
    • 100% Recycled Reusable packaging: When purchasing the Viva FIT Bath Towel, the packaging used to transport your items are also designed to be reusable. You are free to reuse the recycled Viva Fit bath towel pack that the towel comes within and carry it anywhere you go, making the transportation of your Viva FIT Bath Towel easy!

    What Materials are Viva FIT Bath Towel Made Of?

    The Viva FIT Bath Towel has been produced using 100% of recycled materials, with 70% of the bath towel being recycled 100%cotton that was taken from three t-shirts and the other 30% having been produced using polyester yarn from 7 consumed plastic bottles recycled. The production and design of this bath towel have been developed using sustainable materials as well as sustainable processes, with around 3500 liters of water being saved for each towel produced!

    What Sizes Are The Viva FIT Bath Towel Offered In?

    The Viva FIT Bath Towel comes in a very compact size as 76×142 cm (30”x56”) Perfect for travel, sports, beach, pool and bath. This vibrantly colored and beautiful bath/beach towel would be a welcome addition to your sustainable life. So be sure to purchase your stunning and colorful Viva FIT Bath Towel from Green Petition today!

    size Lenght(in.) Width(in.) Lenght(cm.) Width(cm.)
    OVERSIZE 70 40 180 100
    FIT SIZE 56 30 142 76
    LIGHT TOWEL 70 35 180 90

    Additional information

    Weight 400 g
    Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 cm


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