What Kind of Materials are The Bath Towels Made Of?

When purchasing any one of the stunning bath towels produced by Green Petition, you can be sure that each product is designed and made using only recycled materials. Having been created using 100% recycled materials, these towels have not only been sourced from sustainable materials but our customer base can be sure that each one of the products on offer within the bath towel range will provide long-lasting use!

70% of the bath towel composition is made from recycled cotton products, specifically coloured yarm from the leftover materials of around three T-shirts. These products are received from reliable sources and customers can be certain that they are receiving only the best when it comes to the towels they are purchasing. The remaining 30% of the towel is made from using seven consumed plastic bottles, which are turned into coloured cotton yarm through a recycling process.

Along with being created using 100% recycled materials, customers can be certain that the materials used to create these beautiful high-quality towels are free from any chemicals or dyes. The colours of each of the different towels rather come from the colour of the different T-shirts used in the production of the products. This is just another way that we are hoping to reduce our consumption while still creating and designing beautiful bath towel products. 

Made from sustainably sourced and 100% recycled materials, when purchasing a Green Petition bath towel, customers can be sure that they are purchasing not only a recycled product but one that is of the best quality and design! For the perfect bath towel and addition to your home bathroom, look no further than the bath towels from Green Petition!

What Are The Environmental Benefits of Using Recycled Bath Towels?

Here at Green Petition, we are fully dedicated to creating, producing and designing environmentally friendly textiles. As an industry that uses a large amount of natural resources, it is for the benefit of the communities that we serve that we contribute to the environment by using recycled materials to make our products. We are committed to growing our brand in a sustainable way so that the benefits we enjoy today can also be enjoyed by our children and the future generations to come. 

Made from 100% recycled materials, 70% of the materials that are used are from recycled cotton products and the further 30% being from 7 consumed plastic bottle products, our bath towels help to decrease the amount of waste that fills up landfills and it is also a contributor to reducing the amount of water used to produce textiles. A whopping 3500 litres is saved for every towel that is produced and purchased by our customers, ensuring a better future for all! 

Not only are our products dedicated to reducing waste and consumption but the shipping materials that cannot be reused are fully compostable, ensuring that they will not end up in landfills or leave a lasting negative impact on our world. To make a difference and contribute towards our goals and ethos, consider purchasing one of the beautifully designed and eco-friendly bath towels!  

What Are The Features Of Each of The Bath Towels On Offer?

Each of the bath towels on offer has similar features that contribute to the effectiveness of these towels. When purchasing a product from Green Petition, it is important that our customers know exactly what they are receiving. The following are just a few of the most important features to note that is the same across each of the bath towel products on offer:

  • They dry quickly: Due to the unique texture and material composition of each of the bath towels, each of the towels on offer dries quickly and easily, taking half the time to dry compared to a regular bath towel. This quick dry bath towel feature ensures that bath towels do not get damp if hung up and stored properly. Gone are the days of bathrooms smelling damp and towels seeming to remain wet all day long with the new quick-dry formula used to design our Green Petition bath towels! 

  • The towels are sand resistant: For those customers who are hoping to use their bath towels as beach towels to enjoy a day by the sea, each of the bath towels produced by green Petition is designed to be sand resistant! Each of the bath towels is two-sided; one side of it is resistant to sand whereas the other side is quite soft and has a luxurious feel. With this dual side feature, bath towels can be easily used to layout on the beach or even remove sand from your body when you get back. Any one of our fashionable peshtemals would also be the perfect addition to any beach bag! 

  • The size and weight of each towel: Each of the Delmor Fit bath towels are sized perfectly to be used and stored within a bathroom. With specifications that range from extra small to 2x extra large, there is sure to be a perfectly sized towel to suit your body specifications. Each of these towels can be easily hung up or folded away, depending on how each customer prefers to store their towels. Along with being perfectly sized, the bath towels are also lightweight with a weight of 350 gr/ 12 oz per bath towel. This lightweight ensures that these products can be easily transported and moved.

  • Recycled and reusable packaging: Not only are the products you receive from Green Petition recycled, but the packaging used to transport your items are also designed and made from materials that are sustainable and recycled. Customers are free to reuse the recycled Delmor Fit bath towel pack that the towel comes within. This packaging measures only 28×16 cm ensuring that you are able to can carry it anywhere you go quite easily.

  • Towels are made from eco-friendly materials: One of the main features that Green Petition is dedicated to ensuring is that each of the bath towels produced is made using eco-friendly methods and materials. By sourcing each of the products used through sustainable means and using recycled products, when purchasing any of the Green Petition bath towels, customers can be certain that they are contributing to ensuring the future of our planet. The textile industry is one of the largest contributors to the filling up of landfills and this industry is known to use methods that are not environmentally friendly. We here at green petition are dedicated to converting this system into one that uses up the items that are usually left to fill up landfills by creating new designs and helping our planet recover, one bath towel at a time! When purchasing a bath towel from Green Petition, you can be sure that each of the products has been sourced sustainably and has been created using recycled materials. It is estimated that every time a towel is produced and purchased, a total amount of 3500 litres of water is saved!

What are The Different Bath Towel Sizes?

Each of the bath towels on offer has been sized using the specifications and measurements that have been throughout out and designed by our professional team. We here at Green Petition have determined that these sizes are the best suited to many different situations and environments. With six different bath towel sizes with measurements that fit different parts of the body uniquely, these bath towels are not only good for the environment but are also certain to provide long-lasting use and be perfectly sized to you and your home! Whether you are folding them up or hanging them over a bath rail, the size of each of the bath towels is sure to suit your home perfectly.

Not only are each of the bath towels on offer sized perfectly to suit a variety of different body types, but they are also designed to be lightweight, only weighing 350 gr/ 12 oz per bath towel. This lightweight design has been incorporated to ensure that moving and transporting bath towels is easy, whether you are taking your bath towel to the beach or are staying over at a friend, your Green Petition bath towel is sure to be the perfect weight and size to add to your bag.

How Absorbent are The Bath Towels?

The high bath towel quality ensures that each of the towels offered and sold by green Petition will be super absorbent! The absorbent capacity of each of the bath towels on offer ensures that customers will have a luxury experience every time they run the bath towel over their body, and the soft composition compliments this absorbancy perfectly! While the look and texture of each of the bath towels are extremely important, ensuring that the bath towel is functional is our main aim! With super absorbent powers, customers can be sure that their bath towels will be able to quickly and effectively absorb water and with the quick-dry feature, this absorbed water is quickly evaporated, leaving your towel feeling dry and looking fresh! For a super-absorbent and stylish bath towel to suit your bathroom needs, look no further than the sustainably produced bath towels sold by Green Petition!

What are The Different Bath Towel Models?

There is an assortment of different bath towel types that come in a variety of different colours to suit your specific home. Whether you are after light and bright or more conservative, Green Petition has a number of different styles and offers for customers to choose from! While the function and the texture of each of the products are extremely important, we also understand that if it doesn’t look good, you won’t feel good displaying them. This is why we have become dedicated to supplying you with recycled and environmentally friendly products that not only feel good but look good too. 

The design philosophy of Green Petition as a brand rests on the ideals of timeless simplicity. The bath towels are produced using stylish and elegant design, with different vintage colours and cabana strips. With a design and production philosophy that is based on simplicity, you can be sure that the bath towels that you are purchasing will be able to be used for years to come, never going out of style! We are not just focused on creating designs that work today but rather something that can be used over a long time and with many different colour pallets and in many differently styled bathrooms. This is our secret of simplicity and if the style of your bath towel is just as important as its function, then you should choose a simple, vintage and timeless design such as the ones used to create our beautiful bath towels here at Green Petition.

How Much are The Bath Towel Prices?

The bath towel sets that are designed and produced by us here at Green Petition are sourced through sustainable means and made from converting other materials and products into our designs. This process is not easy and the entire process can often be extremely time-consuming at expensive. Nevertheless, Green Petition is a brand that is fully dedicated to supplying our clientele with the best and most affordable products around! Our elegantly designed and produced bath towels are each sold for the same price, no matter your colour preferences and we aim to always keep our product range below $30. To better gauge the prices between the different countries, the prices are offered in Turkish Lere, British pounds or US dollars. For the most affordable, stylish and environmentally-friendly bath towels on the market, look no further than the fantastic offers supplied by Green Petition!