Calm Granite Bath Towel
5001 Calm Granite Set
5001 Calm Granite 3-min
Calm Granite Bath Towel
Calm Granite Bath Towel
Calm Granite Bath Towel
Calm Granite Bath Towel
5001 Calm Granite 1-min
5001 Calm Granite 4-min
5001 Calm Granite Çanta
5001 Calm Granite Askı
Calm Granite Bath Towel
Calm Granite Bath Towel
Calm Granite Bath Towel

Calm Granite Bath Towel

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Embrace eco-friendliness with Calm Towel—crafted from 100% recycled materials, including 70% recycled cotton, and free from any chemicals or dyeing processes. It's your all-in-one comfort that cares, whether you're working out, enjoying a day at the pool, or to your daily routine.
Product size: 40”×70” (100 cmx180 cm)
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LENGHT (IN.) 70 56 70
WIDTH (IN.) 40 30 35
LENGHT (CM.) 180 142 180
WIDTH (CM.) 100 76 90


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Eco-Friendly Roots: Calm Towel embodies eco-luxury, fashioned from 100% recycled materials. Revel in the mix of 70% recycled organic cotton (equivalent to approximately five t-shirts) and 30% reimagined plastic bottles, artfully transformed into vibrant cotton yarn.

Ideal Size, Effortless Touch: Calm Towel at 40”×70” (100x180 cm)  is perfectly tailored for any bathroom space. Its light design ensures it's a chic companion for daily activities.

Drying Brilliance: The Calm Towel dries in half the time compared to regular towels, making your post-shower experience stress-free and quick

Chemical-free: Behind the scenes, we craft the Calm Candy Towel with nature in mind, using recycled materials like old bottles and cotton leftovers, without any extra dyes. No nasty chemicals - just a towel that's good for you and the planet. 

Aquatic Wisdom: Calm Towel not only dries fast but also saves 5000 liters / 1400 gallons of water per towel, offering you a sustainable touch of luxury. Each use is a mindful step towards water conservation and a commitment to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Striped Elegance: redefines everyday style with its minimalist design. Beyond a towel, it's a modern touch of elegance that complements your daily activities, making it a sleek and enduring addition to your collection.

Chic Sustainability: Calm Towel stands as a symbol of luxury without compromise. Its 100% recycled nature doesn't compromise quality. Every material is meticulously sourced from reputable origins, with no harmful chemicals or dyes used in the creation process.

Soothing Sensation: More than a towel, Calm introduces a moment of serenity into your daily routine, elevating your spa experience.

Elevate your spa aesthetics with the Calm Towel — where sustainability seamlessly intertwines with opulence. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of a towel that not only pampers but also honors our planet.


We have principles we are committed to keep intact and develop constantly in our process. They simply constitute our design philosophy. Please, have a look at them and share our care about the basics as well as so-called small details.

A principle is etymologically defined as the “origin, source, beginning” as well as the "rule of conduct; axiom, basic assumption; elemental aspect of a craft or discipline".

A set of principles guide one all the way through from the first step to the last. This is why it is important to have principles and to keep them safe and alive on the road. For a responsible and sustainable manufacturing, principles are not only necessary but also indispensable.

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Discover our range of 100% recycled towels and loincloths made from plastic bottles and waste fabrics. Each product is carefully crafted to be sustainable, eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals and dyes.


We don’t waste. You and us, together, we don’t waste! Our products come with their own special reusable bags. Please, use them! They are produced from 100% recycled yarns as well. Recyled with zero waste, undyed without chemicals!

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The hangtag is equipped with a QR code that offers a glimpse into the transparent production
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The hangtag is equipped with both GRS and OEKE-TEX certificates.



This gift box is crafted using upcycled paper, adding an eco-friendly element to its design. A sustainable choice, this gift box is showcasing its commitment to environmental consciousness. Saving energy, water, reducing waste and environmental impact.

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